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New big BANG ONE independent independent Italian

cheap HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO ITALIA 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15 watch.Since the beginning of the 2014 partnership, Lapo Elkann and Italia Independent have been creative for the first time to provide women with services.

Hublot Big Bang One Click Made in Italy Made of black ceramic, diamonds and velvet. Delicious and elegant cocktails! By clicking on the versatility of the versatile system with interchangeable systems. The concept of personalization is further enhanced by the material, which is surprising as it is chic: velvet, by the Italian independent house dear fabric. It covers the strap and dial. There are three different colors to choose from: dark blue, blue and purple. And these three can be mixed together to simply click on your leisure!

"Our cooperation with the Italian independent brand has become a very wise choice: Lapo Elkann's unique creativity and watchmaker's extraordinary creativity has led to four special joint models, which we are very It is time to finish this kind of unique alchemy in the women. Now it's done and done well: yes, fashion and watchmaking are perfectly compatible. We are now offering this Big Bang One Click Italia Proof. "www.greatwatcheshere.com

Yu Bao in 2016 fully redesigned, the iconic "Big Bang blow" with its predecessor, male big explosion Unico visual code, while completely asserting its feminine side: it is equipped with a fine bezel, and has Cancel the chronograph. It now also has a one-click system, you can easily and quickly replace the strap, which is developed by Hublot exclusive patent.

This is Hublot and Italia independent company as the basis for the development of the first ladies watch, from 2014 by the Swiss manufacturers and Lapo Elkann brand launch partnership. The 39 mm diameter housing is cut from black ceramic with an automatic manufacturing movement. The big bust of the heartbeat rhythm 28,800 times per hour, there is a 50 hour power reserve. Bezel set with no less than 42 diamonds. Moreover, it seems that the diamond is the best friend of the girl, there are ten of its dial, which includes the Hublot and Italia Independent logo.

Italian independence: three colors, so triple the chance to match your big bang with your style, your wardrobe and your mood!Wholesale cheap watches price



Graham Silverstone RS skeleton

Angus Davies gave an in-depth review of Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton. This chronograph has been mastered by self-recognized watchman for several months, and this extended term has thoroughly understood many of the attributes of this neo-classical watch.

New romantic excitement may sometimes disappear with increasing familiarity. The typical mood of the honeymoon sometimes fades to calm and mediocrity. Fortunately, I am very fortunate to believe that, despite my nearly three decades with my wife, every time I meet, I will continue to feel excited about the excitement of my appetite, especially at work, for a period of time. after that. Unfortunately, divorce statistics show that our relationship is unusual, and most couples do not share this long-term joy.

This situation allowed me to consider the relationship between me and some of the watches I now see. Some watches make me feel beautiful, but then with the familiarity of the increase, I no longer like them.

On the contrary, with other watches, my connection has always been a love-hate relationship. I first succumbed to the charm of the watch and then out of love because it was no longer consistent with my concept of ideal companion. I wore a series of news loan watches that went through a very pleasant summer but often returned to my few months of the young watch bride Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton.cheap Graham Silverstone RS Watches

The usual honeymoon period is over, and I now know every subtle difference in the watch. After a long period of familiarity, the character of each character is exposed. The purpose of my review is to reveal which elements produce deep love and to determine any negative aspects of my new watch companion.

Black skeleton dial with black and white details of the combination, in my version of the case, the blue element to the chronograph and small seconds. I chose the version with blue detail to the strap and box, on the one hand I would be back later. Alternative models can use red or green spoons, and to be honest, I like every version and can easily choose any color provided.

Black feather hour and minute hand, lined with white SuperLumiNova, highly clear day or night. Hands in the restricted light issued under the green light. Hour markers, consisting of simple rectangular baton, sharing the same luminous quality.

The double combination layout usually gives the watch dial the symmetry and balance, however, Graham is interesting to have a small record of 30 minutes in the vicinity of 3 o'clock and a relatively small second hand at 9 o'clock. The resulting results are colorful and are clearly separated from the typical dial layout found on many chronographs.

A key aspect of the design is that the exposed wheels are visible on the dial. For example, under the 30-minute chronograph, you can see the 5-spoke. The free disclosure of the inner mind of the watch is the feeling that keeps me smiling.CHEAP RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC MEN WATCH

Between ten and eleven o'clock, the helical balance wheel is visible, and I spend a lot of time appreciating the pulsating effect of the balance spring. In fact, Silverstone RS Skeleton is a key attribute is that no matter which one you choose, you will find some subtle details. In addition, the ubiquitous exposure of the often hidden microcomponents is a form of visual titration that never stops the joy. The Incabloc shock absorber above the balance wheel, despite its main function, always blocks my attention with a dazzling red eye.

The central area around the dial is a gray drawing board. At first glance it seems to be a ring, but between 10 o'clock and noon there is a missing part to show the balance. In addition, the brand on the dial to start, and more than 6 o'clock carved the name. The drawing plate is located under the ring around the small plate. It highlights the depth of the dial, capturing the light, flashing in the sun, providing a glimmer of glory. These qualities make me like RS Skeleton.

When forming the dial area, a scale is displayed on the black inner flange. It is interfaced with a blue central chronograph second hand that makes reading simple. Sapphire crystal coated on both sides, and painted on its inner surface Graham. Again, Graham cleverly manipulates the depth, white text is displayed below the dial details above. The numerous elements that make up the dial may lead to a risk of a form of chaos. However, this is not the case. The dial is still very simple to read, the details can enhance the Silverstone RS skeleton's visual appeal.cheap ZENITH DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 95.9000.9004/78.R582 WATCH


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