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BASELWORLD 2016 calendar Patek Philippe REF. 5396-- 22nd model for 20th anniversary

www.fashion-chrono.com.In 2016, Patek Philippe patent calendar, only needs to be corrected once a year to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, making the introduction of a new model of this convenient and user friendly complications.
This is not a limited anniversary edition, but logically complement the 21 previous model since 1996 has been submitted to the subtly redesigned and improved version, not to mention different dial design eclectic variations of gold and platinum. The new Patek Philippe reference calendar. 5396 is available in 18K white gold and dark gray sun dial 18K rose gold and silver opaline dial.

The literature two models. 5396 familiar but at the same time seems to be brand new. Familiar because have realized for years, new style elements because these elements never before in this way binding. The first element is its own unique personality Calatrava,wholesale replica watches, another shape can be traced to the reference plane exquisite fine case. 961 932, when the Bauhaus "form follows function" principle watch remembered. Its success was so convincing today Calatrava is considered all the classic round watch prototype. In the new reference. The case also with the 5396 calendar wheel strap lugs elegant fusion of smooth polished bezel and dial. Cambered sapphire crystal glass highlighted, given the volume and highly modern look watch.

Glass display the dial, this watch perfectly embodies the eternal: it has already been familiar subtly refining and restructuring elements. One of them is online a few holes in the week display on the part of the left and right sides of the month dial. The date of the document is displayed. 5396 at 6 o'clock in the large aperture. Coupled with double aperture, frame it, 24 hours subdial at the lower half of the dial points moon phase display to ensure balanced configuration visually. This layout is reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s Patek Philippe perpetual calendar, at auction, regularly get the highest price. The main difference: the reference face. 5396, date scale simulation of a 24-hour dial historic vehicle position, which doubles as a day / night indication now occupied.swiss replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT GMT watches

Time stamp crisp clear classic fashion: a small gold-minute mark peripheral circle outline shape Breguet numbers 18K gold. They gracefully coordinated with the ninth-style hour and minute hands as well as an elongated second hand. As a stylish and distinctive Dove's hand may appear, they rank as to craft one of the more challenging style. Their sharp ridges and polishing center bevel side tapers to a tip will forgive neither produces the slightest tolerance, not when the hands were fixed in a tree mistakes.

New REF heart. 5396 full year calendar is displayed correctly self-winding mechanical movement calendar information. Date and month indications need to be manually corrected only in February-March in a transition year, but this task only a few seconds, thanks to a small correction in the housing zone. buy cheap Hublot Masterpiece Watches online.Once this is done, the calibration calendar year. Moon phase display requires less attention. Due to its precise reduction wheel chains need to be adjusted once every 122 years to the day. This bias is irrelevant in the generation process. But it does suggest the movement is how to elaborate. Most of the 324 S QA LU 24H caliber finesse is visible through the sapphire crystal on the back: rhodium-plated bridges with Geneva stripes, round chamfered edges and gilded prints, large rotor in 18K gold engraved with Calatrava cross Geneva circle pattern, perlage in the center, flanked by ramps and Geneva snailing (colimaçons), red and sparkling jewels. Velocity accuracy by the Patek Philippe patent Gyromax® balance made Silinvar®, silicon derivatives revolutionary patent Spiromax® gossamer assured. As Patek Philippe stamp specified, the speed deviation range must be less than 3 and +2 seconds per day. This exceeds the reference list of all the traditional mechanical chronograph.

Both models new Patek Philippe Ref. Under the 5396 calendar of the situation, not only different dial colors, they also predicted two distinct different personalities. With its silver dial and white milky color coordination numbers, markers and hands, 18K rose gold version is the epitome of classic elegance. It is equipped with a 18K wearing shiny chocolate brown alligator strap rose 金卡拉特拉瓦 folding clasp. Selected 5N rose gold nuances, because it's a little deeper red hue echoes the traditional aura. In 18K Platinum has a very modern and technical look with black-gray dial with mysterious luster to produce a complete sun. It emphasizes the charm and 18K white gold Breguet numerals, markers and hands. Grand Place and scale matt black alligator leather strap secured to a Calatrava 18K white gold folding clasp. Gentlemen: Make your choice.best price Richard Mille RM 007 watches