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of match-fixing, he is facing police charges. Campbell, in July this year to get an annual salary of 1 million fifa coin pounds of 2-year contract, but the injury he only played in five FIFA games as Blackburn and frequently dyed performance of its abnormalities early arouse suspicion. Million a year still to go to FIFA game petty manipulation, Campbell really is insatiable. In addition to Campbell, Sawyer brothers and Montano, now retired, had participated in the 1998 World Cup in Jamaica striker Eidur Johnson, also worked for Barclays retired - Stephen Sawyer, also involved in the case were arrested, but some of them people have to pay the bail was temporarily released on bail. Gambling without a break of two UEFA European Parliament calling for legislation to punish dereliction of duty for the case, the British National Crime Bureau spokesman said:. 'Investigation is ongoing, we will work with the FA, Gaming Commission is working closely 6 people criminal detention and questioning officials, at this stage we will not make further comment. 'As for the FIFA players involved or who played for the club effect, the survey said that they would wait and see the developments, but did not do for the FIFA 16 ultimate team reputation Excessive comment. In fact, in charge of Internet gambling legislation in the European Parliament Marc Tara Bella, recently held a hearing of the buy fifa coins European Parliament has already warned of match-fixing in Europe spread like a plague.
Sawyer broke in Sam Soon after, the two brothers in the home in south London, was arrested in the fifa coins British National Crime Agency. British media said, a total of six people involved in the case were arrested on Sawyer's image data unannounced visits to the British National Crime Bureau, the case is under investigation. Manipulation of the suspects threatened Premiership Cup Premiership FIFA players gambling a million a year in addition to handling League also these low-level league, Sawyer even threatened they have established FIFA players gambling network connections, as long as rewarding enough, he can manipulate the top European leagues such as the Premier League and even the World Cup next year is also a cinch. His remark immediately caused an uproar, it seems that Europe and the international football match-fixing has been flooded Indeed, wealthy and powerful gambling group of penetration and spread, has reached shocking degree. Top events such as the Champions League even have been suspected of being manipulated match-fixing, the World Cup naturally can not exclude this suspicion. In addition, the 'Sun' also broke the news that Oldham FIFA player Montano, because in the race on October 22 in the failure to 'agreement' to get a yellow card, while Sam Sawyer to apologize. 'Daily Telegraph' the latest report revealed that 32-year-old well-known former Premiership striker, currently playing for the British crown Blackburn fifa 16 coins Rovers Campbell, also on suspicion of match-fixing, manipulation of match arrested.

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