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British media, 'Daily Mail' broke the news, leaving the FIFA 16 ultimate team after Torres, Chelsea FireWire fifa coin finalized his double to eight million pounds price signed from Queens Park Rangers Lodge - Remy. The FIFA player who is very close to the move to Liverpool, but the physical examination, but off and fizzled in his contract, there is a liquidated damages clause, for the Premier League: Champions League FIFA 16 ultimate team liquidated damages of 800 million pounds, the top six FIFA 16 ultimate teams to 11 million pounds, the other FIFA 16 ultimate team liquidated damages of 15 million pounds. British media, 'Daily Mail' disclosure, Chelsea Remy transfer agreement with Queens Park Rangers, but also to meet this French striker 80,000 pounds weekly requirements; Remy, 27 years old, height 1 meter 83 , January 2013 from Luying Lun, joined Queens Park Rangers, played 15 times and scored six FIFA goals in the league; last season, Queens Park Rangers relegated, Remy came on loan to Newcastle, played in the league 26 AC Milan announced the two-year fifa 16 coins lease in 2016 is expected to Torres free to join AC Milan officially announced Torres joined Sohu Ticker on August 30 morning,
If the situation is not good, then we will not let him play, leaving the issue to make a decision fifa coin tomorrow. 'Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho changed the subject, talking about Torres, he said the FIFA 16 ultimate team needs at least three strikers next season, and said T9 is his plan one. 'He did not communicate with me before, we know that the FIFA 16 ultimate team needed to cope with a season three strikers, Torres is one of them as individuals and FIFA players, I am very fond of him, even if he wants to leave. Currently, he did not want to leave and I said thing, so he was one of us, if he wants to leave, then I think he wanted to try a new life, a new club, a new league, wanted to have a happier life than in the past few years. 'needs pointed out that Mourinho had just finished speaking, he announced Torres joined Chelsea AC Milan. According to Mourinho's statement, Chelsea need to cope with a season three strikers, currently remaining Diego - Costa and Didier buy fifa coins Drogba, especially the two who still hurt, so that Chelsea before the transfer window closes, must be to sign a striker down.
In addition There is also a person might come to Chelsea, that person is melon forest, although Mourinho before the introduction of fifa coin Colombia declared that he will not star. Evidence from the British media are mainly Indonesian international master Xituoxier Mira. The Indonesian businessman said recently, melon forest are far more likely in the winter transfer window to leave Inter Milan. Tuoxi Er said that when there is a large FIFA 16 ultimate team of quotations always come when we should seriously consider, we liked melon forest , want him to stay, but the actual situation is probably not as difficult for us to retain a heart was not in the FIFA 16 ultimate team's FIFA players. coach Jose Mourinho had repeatedly emphasized 'Buy 0 0 Buy'? The answer is very likely NO fut coins Mata is within , Michael Essien, David - Lewis are likely to leave, even though like Higuain top striker has missed this snare, but Mourinho was eyeing another big shot !
then I think it is no problem. For example, you have FIFA players like Frank Lampard and Adjara, you do not need to worry too much fifa coin about scoring problems. Fernando now know that we will not introduce a new striker in the market, he knew we still trust him. 'In this regard,' Daily Mirror 'joked Mourinho this news is a' happy ', Torres heard the news certainly feel very happy, but Chelsea's rivals Liverpool and Arsenal will feel happy. But even In the forward position who does not intend to buy the Blues in other positions also need to add staff. According to the 'Daily Mirror newspaper,' said the former Serbian played for the Blues midfielder Matic transfer is now nearing completion It said the British media presentation, Chelsea and Benfica soon reach an fifa 16 coins agreement on the transfer Matic, and may even be completed within 24 hours, and again returned to Chelsea Matic probably worth around 21 million pounds.

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