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As a large number of solid wood composite use of adhesives, formaldehyde and other environmental concerns is also a major reason, accounting for nearly 30%. [url=]composite wood plastic for outdoor benches[/url] Product quality and characteristics of the three-tier parquet is not the choice of the other two main reasons. (C) the rights of consumers on the three-story knowledge and understanding of flooring flooring decoration channels to investigate: online advertising, recommended by friends and decoration companies recommended as the three major ways. All three accounted for more than 20%. [url=]price per square foot of wood fence[/url] Consumer complaints rights links: complaints directly to the business stores, seeking to resolve the majority of consumers have been unanimously approved. Three layers of solid wood flooring in the consumption of links, improve service quality is three layers of solid wood flooring manufacturers and distributors need to consider an important part. Three layers of wood flooring consumer rights process, prevarication more, the product information asymmetry understanding and the process of long is the difficulty of the three rights.[url=]wood plastic composite cheaper than natural wood[/url] Three-layer parquet as a high-tech flooring category in the promotion and product promotion to be greater efforts.
Solid wood flooring from the Nordic, with solid wood flooring flexibility, warmth and ornamental and other advantages, while abandoning the strengthening of the lack of composite floor, but also saves a lot of natural resources, subject to a large number of solid wood flooring, International consumers love,[url=]buy plastic deck boards in in india[/url] even in Europe and the United States accounted for 70% of the total floor sales. Can be a big one small to explain: a large environmental protection,[url=]cedar exterior composite panels[/url] that is, manufacturing process can save forest resources followed by small environmental protection that formaldehyde emission limit is an environmental protection, [url=]building ground level decks[/url] to bring health and environmental protection to the family there is a big . Because the three-tier wood processing technology is more advanced, so it's product performance is very stable, solid wood than the stability, so it can do great,[url=]rice husk composite wood[/url] in most countries in Europe with the floor, the general living area is relatively large, A large floor will look more stylish. So the European consumers a soft spot for three layers of solid wood flooring.
After years of development, the flooring industry has become more mature, the original "floor Spark", has now become a Liaoyuanzhishi, has touched some of the more developed towns. With the country for the construction of urbanization continue to strengthen, three or four lines of the city floor of the rising demand, [url=]build a popular deck plans[/url] industry channels gradually subsided, the floor to the 34 enterprises into the city has become a trend. In the developed modern network,[url=]interlocking plastic wall cladding[/url] flooring business investment is no longer subject to geographical restrictions, many well-known brands of flooring outlets have been all over the country, but many of the three or four lines of the city's blank area is also very much,[url=]lakeside lumber treated 2x4[/url] the flooring brand market battle is still carry on. But in this three or four line market battle, many flooring companies in order to seize the market, and eager to develop dealer outlets, this quick success of the way left a series of problems to be improved. Many flooring distributors in the industry frequent replacement of the flooring brand,[url=]build cheap composite slat bench[/url] but a second-tier cities of the floor dealer dealer network relative to the three or four lines of the city is more stable.
No-name flooring death when the data show that China's flooring market size of about 10 billion yuan, the annual sales of only about 1. 600 million square meters.[url=]composite deck product cheap price[/url] "But the whole industry as much as more than 1,000 brands, thousands of manufacturers.General condemnation of the market environment will inevitably lead to more intense competition, the result must be strong Hengqiang, the weak constant weak, survival of the fittest. Card history node has come,[url=]outdoor patio floor deck colors[/url] "China Timber Distribution Association, vice president of high Zhihua told reporters. Gao Zhihua that the national macroeconomic policy control early results, the national real estate market began to cool down,[url=]free wooden deck railing design plans[/url] its direct impact is listed in 2007 the number of properties for sale will be less than the previous two or three percent, so the market demand for the floor will be substantially reduced. In addition, the wood flooring production license system will be formally implemented in 2007, a large number of small workshop-style factory will face "off, stop,[url=]7 porch column wrap faux stone[/url] and turn" the outcome.
For consumers, it is best to buy well-known brands to strengthen, solid wood and parquet products, its production technology, product quality, environmental performance, after-sales service and other aspects of protection. Therefore, the purchase of wood flooring, not only consider the price factor regardless of the other,[url=]low maintenance pvc deck[/url] blindly cheaper, the inferior products to buy home, or suffer the final oneself. Reporter Wang buriedIn this regard, the Chinese wood flooring board chairman Li Jiafeng remind enterprises "head": diversified business model is often easy to derive some contradictions,[url=]build a can be nailed back to a bench[/url] short-term but not conducive to long-term development of enterprises, can not ignore the main business development. "For diversified operations, flooring companies must understand their own position, remember blind expansion, to promote diversified development, professional management,[url=]outdoor tiles for porch[/url] involved in the field to create a professional team," Li Jiafeng said.Therefore, from the floor of the mouth I observed, solid wood flooring is a complete piece of wood flooring, and solid wood flooring, whether it is multi-layer composite floor or three-layer composite floor, there are obvious layers.
Coincidentally, who lives in Zhifu District, Yantai District, Ms. Wang in Zhifu District, a decorative materials shop floor to buy a "Dragon" solid wood flooring,[url=]plastic stain Free deck furniture[/url] the product quality problems often occur, Ms. Wang complained Zhifu Trade and Industry Branch. "New solid wood" is solid wood for the composite floor and the recent emergence of the market, "the new solid wood flooring," the concept is to allow consumers to confuse.[url=]how to attach composite post to cement[/url] As the name suggests, the new solid wood flooring should be "new types of solid wood flooring", then this floor exactly "new" where? Reporters to buy solid wood flooring as a consumer of the identity of the floor [url=]build wood retaining wall with fence post[/url] store conducted unannounced visits. The store clerk told reporters that the brand new solid wood flooring, including three and multi-layer solid wood flooring. When the reporter is this floor is solid wood flooring or parquet,[url=]staining wood composite materials[/url] the clerk vague, did not make a clear answer. Reporters learned from the floor Association professionals, the so-called new solid wood flooring, refers to the three-tier and multi-layer parquet.
Multi-layer solid wood floor to criss-cross arrangement of plywood for the substrate to high-quality precious natural wood chips or wood chips for the fabric of Science and Technology,[url=]simple hand railings for outside steps[/url] has a good easy deformation characteristics and good stability. Surface material and 200% of the wood processing and comfort foot feeling inferior to solid wood flooring, also slightly better than the elastic one chip; in the selection of a greater choice of space, but also to maximize conservation of timber resources. In terms of price, the price of solid wood flooring is generally between 290-400 yuan per square meter, but the multi-layer wood floors have to be much cheaper. [url=]no leak composite panels[/url] Reporters visited some of the Shenzhen factory floor, the overall situation reflects consumers multilayer wood insufficient understanding of the psychological acceptance of the product is small, so manufacturers now offers multi-layer solid wood flooring to make money. Although some manufacturers understand is parquet market cultivation is not enough, resulting in industry too slow to react. On the current situation, the entire floor in the low-end market competition. In the present mode of production can survive, slightly offset operation, the manufacturers can not survive,[url=]manufacturing process of plastic wall panels[/url] we can only follow the crowd, flawless culture market. This Shenzhen floor their own health are inseparable.
Shanghai Aosheng Wood and Sweden's well-known flooring manufacturer Berg & Berg in Shanghai Flooring Exhibition A.S proud Sheng booth held a formal signing ceremony. [url=]wood composite pergola canada[/url] To explore the Nordic fashion in China's development of new paths; 5 years after the "80" will become the main buyers of the Chinese flooring market, while the Nordic-style flooring will become the market darling. Will be proud to win the wood industry into a leading model, technology leadership, quality leadership, leading service industry leader in the flooring. [url=]plastic roofing on balcony[/url] The production of traditional Swedish multi-storey wood flooring is known. In order to create the world's best floor. Has consistently adhered to high ecological standards, won the Nature Plus certification and FSC certification. Ao Sheng Wood - the global floor-maker Shanghai Aosheng Wood established 16 years ago,[url=]4x8 plastic composite alternatives[/url] with amazing production capacity and superior product quality, became the rare international competitiveness of large-scale wood enterprises, and among the global floor Chi-maker of the column. Proud of the production of parquet, laminate flooring,[url=]composite decking color options[/url] is selling the world more than 80 countries and regions, and in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other mainstream markets by local partners, a good family of consumers welcome.
In fact, which is very demanding, handled badly or avail will affect the life of the [url=]composite deck veneer review[/url] floor. First, select the floor should be carefully observed, in general, a little longer bite would be more solid. Secondly, look at Bump slot bite is tight, some floor Bump slot die is not enough precision, punch and notch groove Songkuang large, so the floor is easy to install, the installation is temporarily not see the problem, he gave after leaving risks. Some construction workers in order to caulk the [url=]cheapest wood balcony railing[/url] floor, look for a way to install more --- with glue, it will instead help a disservice. Because the floor using thermal expansion and contraction to go through the process of expansion and compression, multi-purpose glue so blindly lose expansion space between the floor, the floor will be faster but unglued cracking, affecting life. The correct installation method should only apply glue protruding above the floor of the groove, the groove bottom of the groove and the projection can not wipe plastic, in order to avoid cracking of [url=]composite decking supply and fit in scotland[/url] floor expansion, in order to wipe less plastic, and from the surface of the floor can not see the gap would require the floor itself good quality, punch and bite tight groove, which is repeatedly stressed to check the punch groove flooring reason.
[Topic]: "Shanghai Huajing floor Limited, Beijing Forestry University postdoctoral workstation" was established Moderator: Leaders are welcome to attend today's Shanghai Huajing floor Limited, Beijing Forestry University postdoctoral opening ceremony, the following Please Shanghai Huajing flooring Co., Ltd.[url=]wood composite decking Suppliers[/url] chairman Xie Ming speech. [Xie Ming]: Dear leaders, distinguished guests. Chun card in this big day, on behalf of Shanghai Chun licensing Wood Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huajing floor we come to a warm welcome! For leaders at all levels has been the support and concern the development of brand Chun express my sincere thanks! [url=]wood effect floor tiles Ostersund[/url] Through the establishment of post-doctoral workstations, under Beilin big support at all levels of leaders and experts, Chun licensing floor elevate to a new level in technological innovation, science and technology plant will, I believe Chun brand will be better tomorrow. Shanghai Huajing Flooring Co., Ltd.[url=]armstrong vinyl flooring free Sample[/url] Chairman Xie Ming Moderator: Leaders of the agenda of our meeting to continue. Here are your Chinese Wood Association executive vice president, Chinese flooring industry to broaden, and also the floor of our Chinese origin Gao Zhihua creator gave us a classic statement.
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