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in some extent, which further exacerbated the new standard for consumers in the purchase of flooring products concern for businesses,[url=]composite decking or concrete[/url] how to guide consumers to clearly defined environmental, health parquet is a priority Niyue Zhong said:. " Gree air conditioning as equal quality, we hope that the World Friends 'net aldehyde E0' is the new standard for environmental health parquet flooring. Consumers can clearly identify the 'net aldehyde E0' equal environmental protection, health parquet. This is the result we have to achieve.[url=]installing concrete border for fence[/url] "Currently, most consumers prefer solid wood flooring,[url=]outdoor wood furniture lumber[/url] solid wood flooring primary factor because of health and environmental protection and real textures. If you have a wood flooring in the above two points at the same time, but also to achieve relatively inexpensive, it would promote more consumption by changing consumer attitudes, choose parquet. parquet will also release huge potential market demand.[url=]interlocking timber decking tiles gold coast[/url] it is a huge challenge for many flooring industry, or that do not have a lot of strength of the manufacturers will be the impact of competition.
In order to prevent rights have been infringed, Acheng a consumer is buying the [url=]building materials composite decking fence[/url] floorboards and furniture dealers in the business management in the city signed an agreement. Business assurance, one year warranty period, if the product quality problems, businesses unconditional refund. Unexpectedly, floorboards covered two weeks after cracks appeared. At a time when businesses are not to return, and tell consumers, "sign the agreement just to give you a comfort." 7, the reporter met Mr. A quarter of the city. According to Mr. Ji speak, January 8, he was in Furniture City G District 18 [url=]waterproof wpc wall panel[/url] floor shops, spend ten thousand dollars to buy a 50 pack purple wooden floorboards. 9, 2009, workers at the shop floor and found 17 packages floorboard cracks of a different degree. Immediately, Mr. Ji and businesses to get in touch and request a return. After the red flag Furniture City industrial and commercial coordination of the business in question floorboards were replaced. In order to continue later this quarter, Mr. floorboards, the Trade and Industry, under the proven business staff, businesses and Mr. Ji signed a "letter of consumer disputes." It read, "If in one year warranty period, Mr. quarter purchased floorboards, there are 10 or more [url=]wood plastic composite floor in uk[/url] floorboards show surface cracking, tilt phenomenon, businesses unconditional refund," Trade and Industry is also covered with a a red stamp. But Mr. season so did not think that just put the floorboards less than a month they have appeared cracks and tilt phenomenon. To this end, Mr. Ji repeatedly find a dealer for a refund, but the businesses to be able to maintain the grounds, refused to fulfill its commitments. According to the person in charge of this solid wood [url=]wood composite plastic panel for building park[/url] flooring distributor Mr. Zhang, the consumers have numerous experiences of finding them, then promised to give him repair business, but consumers do not agree, request a full refund, the person in charge of contact with the manufacturers , the manufacturers do not agree to a refund. The Zhang said: "I have no idea, industrial and commercial consumers in the agreement signed, the consumer is only a consolation."
In 2006, the problem of raw materials will most solid wood flooring manufacturers into a quandary. From the world fashion trend to replace wood parquet flooring and laminate flooring flooring industry both contributed to the overall upgrading of product structure,[url=]how to build a outdoor wooden bench[/url] but also make our production from the production of power to a power forward. Engineered wood flooring originated in Europe in 1941, Sweden Kang tree Group pioneered the world's first research and development to produce a three-layer parquet,[url=]adding a railing to an existing deck[/url] opened a new field from the flooring industry development. In three solid wood parquet, represented by virtue of foot feeling good, [url=]18mm engineered oak flooring[/url] easily deformed. unique seamless flooring products have become the mainstream of Europe and other developed countries, and increasingly popular worldwide.[url=]interlocking deck wholesale costco[/url] Kang Tree Group to enter the Chinese market after the same score a lot of money, especially after the Civil Power Dekor Group and, in fact, wooden flooring with excellent value for money has occupied the mainstream of high-grade wood consumption.
Surface densified wood floors, commonly known as "low-carbon wood floors" to achieve the fast-growing Caineng used in ordinary wood floors,[url=]exterior wood deck threshold reducer[/url] high value-added solid wood flooring geothermal utilization of its physical and mechanical properties much higher than the hardwood timber (such as water song Liu, [url=]garage flooring prices[/url] Yu-core fiber skin, chestnut wood, etc). Color beautiful patterns compared with ordinary solid wood flooring products with precious species of solid wood flooring, high stability,[url=]non slip stair treads residential canada[/url] corrosion resistance and good weather resistance, environmental health, comfort and other characteristics, it can be widely applied to heating and other home environment. particularly as applied to home and the family of the elderly. In order to better the existing national distinguish solid wood flooring,[url=]plastic product manufacturers Rochester[/url] to protect new products, especially organized World Friends staff prepared a "densified wood floor surface" corporate standards.
"Guerrilla board" in Beijing, Shanghai for "five bad board" a search relatively stringent conditions, to enter the small cities, small urban consumers use "five bad board" relative lack of knowledge, seize secondary and tertiary markets. In fact, in the last year, led to Dekor laminate flooring brand alliance strong blow naked "five bad board" in the market (especially in big cities of the retail market) have been subject to a considerable degree on the blow,[url=]outdoor wood planks[/url] with the country's fight against the "five bad board "propaganda of self-identification and to strengthen consumer protection and awareness, five bad board has lost considerable market areas turned to more subtle and more [url=]resin picnic table ireland[/url] deceptive practices continue to find their way to walk the lakes. In fact, shoddy nature "five bad board" did not change and new forms to those described above continue to start into the market, early detection and to eliminate the "new five bad board" for the industry and consumers against this year to strengthen the primary wood floor one of the tasks. In the presence of the "five bad board",[url=]plastics ceiling panels companies[/url] is a threat to the credibility of the industry as a whole, especially the low-end laminate flooring market due to the impact of the largest and showing a considerable mess. Deputy director of the National Panel Quality Supervision and Testing Center, said Lu Bin, last year's national laminate flooring checks showed, according to sales volume (including five bad board included) statistics, the failure rate was about 20%, by brand count, there are 40 % much inferior brand belongs board. [url=]cheap outside wood patio floor[/url] And this figure, "or some conservative." If we do not inferior to five panels to crack down, the entire industry and consumers will suffer huge losses.
1. On both sides of the door is placed doormat prevent sand or other accumulation of dust. 2. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush cleaning sand and dust. 3. When you want to more thoroughly clean the floor, you can add a small amount of neutral detergent in water, wring out the mop and then rub. 4. If liquid accidentally spilled on the ground, be sure to wipe it dry immediately. Because the coating to protect the surface of the floor is the floor the best protection. 5. There are a stain immediately clear. Stay longer stain on the floor, the more difficult to clean. 6. In order to prevent the floor surface scratches and dents, you can use the pad at the bottom of furniture legs. 7. on the ground at any time remove residual sand or other abrasive materials. the article come from:pool decks above ground maybe you also like: Anti Slip Wpc Flooring Products Price tongue and groove vs plank flooring for front porch Wood Plastic Floor Thermal Properties
"Identify genuine EO is actually very simple," the technician said, "currently on the market circulation of EO grade parquet is divided into three,[url=]plastic covering on houses that look like wood[/url] the first is the most confusing cottage level, is the worst one level, that is, the substrate is EO level, but not necessarily the floor. the second is the official level, that censorship is EO floor level (official inspection reports show that the brand is EO floor level, [url=]wpc decking or planking sale[/url] but not every piece of floor is EO level). the third is the most advanced that every one on the floor and are printed with EO, an official report has not only proven,[url=]building a wood playground border installation detail[/url] but also to ensure that each piece is EO floor level, which is the most advanced standard EO - EO whole truth EO, currently only the World Friends of the floor can do With this in mind. "it is understood that the World Friends" net aldehyde E0 "parquet far exceeds the industry standard with its low formaldehyde emission is known,[url=]composite decking suppliers newcastle upon tyne[/url] the brand through strict control of raw materials, choose environmentally friendly types of plastic, scientific adjust the production process comprehensive testing process, so that formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg / L, reached double E0 class standards;
WorldFriends US giant JOHNSON floor joint venture, in 2005, officially put into use in research and development centers, joint venture [url=]proper spacing for composite decking[/url] partner with strong technical support to boost domestic floor of the Friends of the World leader in technology innovation on the road to go further. Cooperation with the international flooring industry giant JOHNSON company, has opened a new chapter in the world of Friends, Friends of the World 2006, [url=]examples of murals painted on wood fencing[/url] the brand value of 1.327 billion yuan for the first time appeared in the "500 most valuable Chinese brand"; in 2007, Friends of the World Release the world's first scratch-resistant titanium crystal surface flooring, solid wood floor is not completely solve the [url=]flooring to cover wood decks[/url] traditional anti-scratch of the historical problems of the same year, the World Friends and Nanjing Forestry University to build a postdoctoral contract;
Increasing forest coverage, the global low-carbon environment to contribute! Scientific research shows that: the growth of forest per 1 m3,[url=]composite lumber bay area[/url] an average of about absorb 1.83 tons of carbon dioxide and release 1.31 tons of oxygen. "Poplar wood flooring technology industry," fast-growing wood used in fast growth rate, timber cycle is short. regeneration ability,[url=]composite decking be used near pools[/url] high carbon sequestration capacity, is 7-8 times that of ordinary wood floor wood, carbon reduction is the main force. Fast-growing wood as a short production cycle,[url=]plant lorry decking Vietnam[/url] large acreage of renewable resources, full and effective use of the flooring industry is the country-specific actions to respond positively to low-carbon economic adjustment. Third, the promotion foresters economic development, protection of the natural environment. Fourth, the global floor master the core technology, so Chinese floor to the world is the key raw material flooring business development, [url=]ultra deck end caps[/url] especially after the enactment of the Lacey Act, pay more attention to the legitimacy of the international market of raw materials.
November 5, the World Friends of the floor China (Hangzhou) Exhibition Center in Hangzhou new era of household Square grand opening, [url=]cheap tall planters panel[/url] understand that this opening event held in conjunction with the World Friends of the floor to get the "National Quality Award" press conference. In line with this opening event, the World Friends of the floor held a grand president of signings promotional activities, [url=]deck cable railing Egypt[/url] he WorldFriends floor and Hangzhou new era of strong co-operation, and set an example for the new era of business thanked; WorldFriends Wood Mr. Hu Zao Qi,[url=]hardwood flooring design[/url] deputy general manager of marketing for China's building materials industry trends and Expo Center floor made an important new business model described, Mr. Hu Zao Qi said,[url=]wood plastic fence panels uk[/url] the establishment of the World Friends of the floor China (Hangzhou) Expo Center is WorldFriends floor pioneering terminal channels on, breaking the traditional end stores model, combining the content of products, sales, corporate culture and the history of the development of wood culture and floors, etc.
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