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Fourth, store popular. Almost all of the flooring business business model is the store, from the store decoration quality, style, [url=]pricing on veranda composite decks[/url] these businesses more stringent implementation of the flooring company store renovation requirements, better publicity of the floor brand of professional aspirations. Most residents improve their living environment have a more urgent desire, a considerable number of consumers have Xinxiang locking surface [url=]green decking on porch[/url] decoration materials wood floor above, due to the strengthening falling price of wood flooring market has been gradually approaching the middle and low tile market price, but also by ordinary consumers. Xinxiang floor rapidly expanding market capacity, which is also evident from the rapid expansion of Xinxiang [url=]pergola with roman pillars[/url] floor operators on population size. Two years ago,[url=]how to build flower box with bench for deck[/url] Xinxiang flooring market is concentrated in the Central Plains Road Road area of ​​labor, but also the whole together only a few thousand square meters, the way reporters outside the market saw only a brand Xinxiang flight floor signs.
Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest that the current flame retardant, bactericidal, anti-static type, moisture-proof waterproof,[url=]composite decking need to be spaced[/url] geothermal heating type noise noise type and type-specific stadiums and other wood flooring new products constantly. our future wood floor industry will be along the scale, standardization, science and technology-oriented development, improve product quality through high-tech, [url=]composite timber beams wpc platform[/url] the adjustment of product structure.Editor: In recent years, with the rise of China as the world's workshop and a strong, exports to China and Chinese manufacturing [url=]balcony wooden weather proof decking[/url] companies around the world and the impact of the challenges is getting stronger. US International Trade Commission against Chinese flooring industry launched the "332 investigation" of the floor is the latest challenge [url=]brand fence cost calculator[/url] facing businesses in the process of internationalization.

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Laminate flooring level of domestic production will also be greatly improved, from the current average level of domestic product less than 50% to over 80%. [url=]Timber Decking For Swimming Pools[/url] The wood floor of the future will be to develop along the following directions: first, to scale, standardization, science and technology direction. The second is to gradually increase through the use of scientific and technological means wood floor function, improve the dimensional stability of the wood to the opposite, [url=]deck posts like dock moors[/url] to make the wood more resistant, smoldering, water, and static electricity. Third, the surface processing of solid wood floor will appear in various forms,[url=]timber tech composite decking planks[/url] such as the use of high wear-resistant surfacing wear-resistant paint or transparent material cladding. Fourth, composite wood flooring (laminate flooring and parquet collectively) will become the trend of the development of wood floor,[url=]best outdoor wood tile for concrete patio[/url] wood flooring composite future main methods of complex composite wood and other materials, high-quality and fast-growing hardwood material, quality hardwood scraps and trails through wood and composite materials processed into specifications to the floor.
"Nanxun par with Jiang Su Henglin as China's largest laminate flooring capital also seems uncontrollably wood floor in winter, but the year before high-profile market rising star Auron wood there is a good performance. 50% growth in Nanxun Nanxun difficult to reproduce Flooring Association president Jiang Xuelin introduction, more than 400 Nanxun wooden flooring company had annual [url=]high adaptability to climate neo deck[/url] sales income of 12 billion yuan, of which paint wood flooring production accounts for more than 66% of the country, but 50% to 65% the growth rate in the last two years or [url=]decking kits northern ireland[/url] even longer difficult to reproduce. Nanxun wood floor for many years engaged in the business of Xu boss told reporters: "Now is the best time to play the role of core competitiveness of enterprises,[url=]composite fencing price vs vinyl[/url] but also the best time of strong expansion, this time if or 'feeling the stones' or wait 'spring'. then this enterprise will fade out of our sight in the near future, "Jiang Xuelin said frankly:" now Nanxun flooring brand crowded, '400' this figure should be natural decrease in the financial crisis, and finally integrated into Nanxun floor industrial clusters.[url=]backyard garden beige fence[/url] "he believes that 2009 may be the flooring industry, very difficult year, but" the sand sparkle gold ", the final or to create a" stronger and stronger "Nanxun wooden flooring company.
affordable price, the basic It is based on the 120-150 yuan / m2 based, suitable for working-class consumption levels. Quality standards of Chinese wood flooring parquet products has reached or even better than the European flooring products. China has formulated [url=]inexpensive ways to cover a concrete patio[/url] and promulgated the GBT18103 wood flooring national standard, which the advanced nature with the European standards, some indicators also higher than in Europe. Under this standard, qualified parquet rate of 70%. Solid wood flooring product mix trends of products more scientific and conducive to further improve the performance of the product; the wood to save more in the direction of higher resource utilization;[url=]market wpc decking japan[/url] surface wear resistance will be further enhanced in the future; good wear resistance other decorative materials will replace the paint finishes; with modified subsequent fast-growing wood as a parquet surface, in the direction of greater economic development; the functional direction, such as geothermal, antibacterial.[url=]horizontal and vertical wood panels[/url] Development of flooring has the following six major trend: the brand development; to large-scale development; to develop diversified product mix;[url=]poly lumber suppliers ohio[/url] to the international market development; to standardize product development; to develop standardized service.

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A few years ago, China's wood flooring market due to product homogeneity and disorderly price competition and a bit weak, now in Central Asia and was life,[url=]plastic rolled exterior floor covering[/url] mainly due to: the Central Asian countries in recent years, with economic development, people rising living standards, changes in consumer attitudes. residential buildings and interior decoration industry also will heat up rapidly, thereby increasing the demand for wood flooring; other Central Asian countries and China's Xinjiang region,[url=]temporary floors for outdoors[/url] adjacent to convenient transportation, compared with the corresponding costs low. some of our visionary wood flooring manufacturers in recent years, specifically to the western investment direction, and even set up factories in Xinjiang,[url=]Lattice Enclosure Ideas For Mobile Homes[/url] to seize business opportunities,[url=]easy install plastic deck seating[/url] expand the Central Asian market. In short, China's wood floors can also clearly life in Central Asia, in fact, can be said to reap the climate, geography, and the various elements.
According to insiders, in recent years, substantial growth in exports and domestic wood flooring the following factors have a direct relationship: the lower one is the cost of domestic wood flooring, with a clear price advantage. Through interviews with domestic [url=]composite decking swimming pool[/url] flooring manufacturer informed that the current quality of exports to Canada of excellent home-made laminate flooring prices 5 to $ 6 per square meter. lower quality goods and small and medium manufacturers is only $ 3 to $ 4 per square meter, even if the domestic wood floor abroad increase [url=]cover concrete patio with composite deck[/url] by the local dealers to sell more than $ 20 per square meter still has obvious price advantage.[url=]exterior wooden cladding[/url] Many Western consumers cheap, diverse species. environmental indicators guaranteed in domestic wood flooring soft spot, there is no doubt become the European family of renovation and upgrading of choice. The second is "government subsidies" under the special policy became attractive "official told us," [url=]how to build handrail outside steps[/url] to attract a large number of small and medium enterprises to join the ranks of the production of wood flooring.
For pure solid wood flooring formaldehyde-free argument, the industry sources, the actual test results show that natural wood may also contain 0.1 milligrams per liter of formaldehyde trace substances. Reporter survey found that the current flooring brands on the [url=]easy ways to decorate a fence[/url] market when there is one concept suspects to promote its products without formaldehyde, they will "add aldehyde-free" products of the production process as "formaldehyde-free products." In other words,[url=]opaque acrylic panels for deck privacy[/url] manufacturers propaganda "using formaldehyde-free adhesive", only that it does not add formaldehyde substances in the production process, but it does not mean that the product itself does not contain formaldehyde. Therefore, the market's so-called "formaldehyde-free floor", in fact,[url=]discount outdoor composite floor tiles[/url] is the use of formaldehyde-free additive process produced products. Formaldehyde-free floor there is no standard to follow It is understood that various types of floor for the countries currently have introduced the relevant standards, including GB / T15036-2009 "wood floors", GB / T18103-2000 "parquet", GB / T20240-2006 "bamboo flooring",[url=]north brook farms plastic wood fence usa[/url] GB / T18102-2007 "laminate flooring" and so on.
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