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Warm heat is transferred through the wooden floor to the surface, there must be heat loss,[url=]simple deck plans for mobile homes[/url] ideal flooring can minimize these losses. The floor should be how to buy geothermal heat resistance and moisture it stronger:? Requirements for wood to warm the floor of particularly stringent, and the wood is specially treated, even if it is immersed in 100 degree water will not crack, unglued, deformation and warped due to warm the floor planks for long periods in high temperature environments. so the environmental protection requirements are also requirements, formaldehyde emission requirements must meet international standards, or baked in a high temperature more easily than ordinary sheet the release of toxic substances out. Material stability is better: to heat the floor using a complex environment,[url=]No deformation newest garden fencing[/url] especially in the south, the non-heating season ground to withstand moisture, while heating surface temperature suddenly rises again, the floor is bound to bear the "temperature", "humidity" in double change. So geothermal floor must buy the material good stability. In general, the smaller the thickness of the wood floor,[url=]discount plastic deck boards[/url] the greater the heat flow. Wood floor thickness 6.5-8.5 mm to ensure that the wooden floor with good breathability and heat dissipation. But the impact of the wooden floor thickness of the heat conduction is not great. But the temperature rises,[url=]compare hardness of wood floors[/url] the wood flooring formaldehyde release rate accelerates, should try to choose low formaldehyde emission wood floors.

Cast wall panels cast concrete structure walls, floor using prefabricated housing structure or the cast. The main advantage is a good seismic performance. Compared with the hybrid structure, a significant reduction in the amount of wall plaster, reduce the labor intensity, less employment; and prefabricated panel structure is relatively simple construction, and therefore the rapid development, China has become the main form of multi-seismic area with high-rise residential structures one.Wood Panel For Walls

Wall materials and construction methods cast wall panels can be divided into interior and exterior structure of the entire in-situ concrete wall and transverse and longitudinal inner wall situ, precast wall with a large plate (referred to in the pouring plug) or brick, block ( pouring referred to within the outer masonry) categories, in-situ wall can be shaped template (formwork, combination templates, template tunnel mode) or using sliding construction, improve construction molding fence plastic Denmark

Floor Adopting concrete slab, precast panels or strip the entire plate, floor plate should be made continuously to improve the integrity of the house. Pouring inside the outer wall of masonry structure should build walls, after pouring concrete walls, to ensure that the interior and exterior good combination.Best Buy Composite Deck

Darling owners to engage in tree planting, production and sales of MDF, wood flooring production and sales, cabinet doors and sales. flooring company had also counting on exports to make up for the lack of domestic market, but since the 2008 financial crisis,[url=]building wood railing on concrete steps[/url] export market shrinking dramatically. "this year the flooring industry exports only a little better than in 2009, when the worst. "Tang group said Zhao, general manager of the beautiful island of floor Zhuhong Yao told the newspaper, after the 2008 economic crisis, due to the restrictions on exports and the appreciation of RMB,[url=]composite decking no skid[/url] production capacity forced to move, so that domestic sales inversion occurs, the whole is greater than the market demand processing According to Tang Zhao Qun. flooring industry is very competitive, the industry production license currently receive more than 2,000 companies, while the real-known brands in less than 100, [url=]picket fencing stockists ireland[/url] senior industry analyst told the floor above, plus No statistics of small companies, flooring industry, currently estimated at around 5,000. "Some smaller companies have been discontinued, the industry has begun to reshuffle.
wood floor will facilitate the integration of big brands, big companies to seize more market share. At the same time, large companies can be more fast development of high-tech content of new products, to obtain a reasonable profit. industry experts remind consumers, [url=]best composite non slip deck stairs[/url] with a global forest protection efforts continue to strengthen. rising timber prices is an inevitable trend in the future, the use of laminate flooring, wood flooring, less solid wood floor should be a consensus [url=]flame retardant deck patio ideas[/url] that consumers should also reverse the preference for wood products consumption habits.The latest statistics this year China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee show that China's annual production of solid wood flooring has reached 70 million square meters, but also to an average rate of about 7% per year increase. As a solid wood floor has a natural, [url=]8x10 outdoor decking tongue and groove[/url] comfortable, easy-care floor covering plate kind people and excellent visual effects and other unique properties, popular part of consumers. But the industry must clearly see, [url=]pvc ceiling panels suppliers south Canada[/url] from Earth's major environmental concept, after all, is to consume a large amount of solid wood flooring forest resources (and high-grade precious or species) as consideration.

1, after the purchase of wood flooring in place, long-term use in the course of routine maintenance is the most important, direct impact on the life of the floor. Although laminate flooring with wear, corrosion resistance, compressive strength, impact resistance, easy to clean, care, good dimensional stability and many other advantages, but still can not ignore the use of scientific maintenance. Because there are quite a lot of problems because of improper maintenance polywood furniture

2, keep the floor dry and clean, do not rinse with plenty of water, pay attention to the floor to avoid long-term local flooding. If the floor with grease and stains, attention should be clear, you can use mild household neutral detergent warm water is treated, preferably with the floor supporting the special floor cleaning liquid to clean protection. Do not use lye, oxalic acid, soapy water and other corrosive liquid contact with the floor surface, but do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the floor. Solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood floor waxing regularly to maintain gloss and reduce the wear and tear of aging paint.Pvc Fence In Australia

3 ,. recommend placing kicking at the door rub pad, to prevent dust into, damage to the floor; overweight items should be stable resting place; do not drag when moving furniture to lift move appropriate.

4, uninhabited home, pay attention to the ventilation fence plastic Denmark

5, such as special circumstances make the floor soaked in water, the water should be promptly cleaned up promptly inform the dealer floor, split by hand from the floor, to be so on the ground and wall dry before flooring installation.

6, such as customer use at home to warm, in strict accordance with the requirements of geothermal heating to warm the ground, in order to avoid improper temperature regulation, have an impact on the floor.

Most of them have said that they did not pay attention to strengthen the floor in the price, only one seems to have heard expressed in the price floor has been,[url=]acid and alkaline resistant wall paneling wood[/url] but what is up in solid wood or laminate flooring up, not very clear. Sketch laminate flooring prices this year prices in two stages Shenzhen laminate flooring base price is divided into two phases. Alternating the role of many factors, so that greatly increased the cost of laminate flooring. An unnamed senior industry sources said, due to the shortage of raw materials,[url=]factory direct pvc deck[/url] base prices is inevitable,[url=]high hardness football fencing[/url] but also increase the cost can not be avoided, so laminate flooring price increases is reasonable. Flooring manufacturers demand coupled with the acquisition of furniture manufacturers, so the MDF has become a seller's market, of course,[url=]composite boards being regarded as market drivers[/url] there can not rule out some substrate manufacturers to deliberate inventory, price speculation suspect. "Currently, only a short version of the density gap faced by major furniture manufacturers in the market rush, wait until after the end of the year.
In addition to all the common floor solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, there are some people "familiar and unfamiliar", such as sports flooring,[url=]modular pool deck idea[/url] flooring anti-static floor network, these people may have heard and seen, but not a certain understanding. Today, it is good to look at them. First, the sports flooring - Life is movement, movement is the use of PVC flooring material specifically for the development of a sports ground floor, specifically, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers , stabilizers, coloring agents and other excipients,[url=]buy composite deck cheap[/url] in a continuous sheet substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process from production. Sports flooring divided into indoor and outdoor sports flooring sports flooring, indoor sports flooring generally have a professional sports flooring, PVC plastic sports flooring, acrylic acid (polyurethane) sports ground, rubber floors. Sports flooring Scope: can be customized according to the production of professional badminton customers to choose the color of the product, table tennis, basketball court, [url=]pvc decking suppliers in scotland[/url] tennis courts, volleyball field, gym, cultural centers plastic venues, sports venues plastic training center, sports center plastic venues, youth activity center plastic venues, trade union activity room plastic venues, fitness activities sports sports floors. Second, anti-static floor - and you do not come, "electricity", also known as anti-static flooring static dissipative floor, [url=]composite decking for basement floor[/url] a floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated to resistance between 9 ohm power 10 ^ 5 to 10 is characterized.
63 by the Yunnan local brand flooring business for the members of the Chamber of Commerce in Kunming, Yunnan Province set up the floor, this is a solid step in the flooring industry in Yunnan to the brand and standardized development step. In recent years, Yunnan floor rising sales in 2005, [url=]synthetic wood for docks[/url] sales of wood flooring Yunnan over 15 million square meters,[url=]composite wood tile[/url] the output value of more than 3 billion yuan, employing more than 100,000 people, but local wood flooring brands the industry has been unable to the brand, which also inhibits the further development of Yunnan flooring industry. Yunnan Provincial Federation of Industry Vice President Lu Zheng think many varieties of Yunnan floor, different standards, affecting the Yunnan flooring brand bigger and stronger, [url=]free plan wood outdoor[/url] the floor set up the Chamber of Commerce will help the province's floors enterprises, businesses join together to form a joint force Foreign showcasing Yunnan floor good overall image, while a strengthening industry self-regulation of the industry regulatory organizations will also further improve the industry in the production of non-standard operating disorderly situation. President of the Chamber of Commerce of Yunnan Province Zhao floor Choi said that the Chamber of Commerce will resolutely crack down on illegal businesses harmed consumers, [url=]composite front porch designs[/url] clean the flooring industry consumer environment, maintaining market order flooring, flooring industry and ultimately to make Yunnan quality standardization and centralization brand, species diversity, consumption rationalization and standardization.
Go to the market to buy on the floor,[url=]installing anti-fungus wood decking[/url] people always feel confused, a variety of specifications, type, model people feel extremely complicated, in fact, choose the floor is not complicated. Currently on the market are mainly common wood flooring: solid wood flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring these types of categories, but the merits of each, consumers can buy from the price, performance, each according to their own needs. Wood Flooring: The floors are wood do not fight, do not take from the processing of floorboards, warm and soft,sound, good foot sense. Consumers can start with textures observed in the purchase, which was judged floor quality standards, to choose nice texture, if the texture is desirable disorganized. Second,[url=]small 2ft high garden fence[/url] observe whether the wood floor surface knots, whether the plane of the floor slightly moth-eaten phenomenon. Wood floors are pure wood structure, wood moisture content by drying is not easy to grasp, if the family uses to heat radiation is best not to use pure solid wood flooring, and floor easily deformed, but the air conditioning or central heating sheet solid wood floor can be considered. Wood flooring: wood flooring anti-distortion stability, good thermal effects, easy to control wood moisture content. But intermediate to high density,[url=]how to install composite timbers for landscaping[/url] so consumers are more concerned about the formaldehyde content. Consumers can obtain a copy of the inspection report to the seller, but also to open one bag box, remove the floor, the floor near to his nose, sniffing its taste. Solid wood flooring, its wear resistance is often so important to observe the surface of the floor when consumers buy paint, floor board can be placed obliquely bright place, [url=]plastic deck chairs cheap[/url] observe whether its film from the end face of the floor fullness evenly, with or without an undulating shape such as indentation.
Wooden flooring processing error is smaller geometries to be structured, slats is smooth, especially in the width direction and tenon tongue and groove size is more important, generally plus or minus 0.5 mm or less. Generally speaking, the shorter the [url=]edging for wood decks[/url] wooden floor was laid, the narrower the more solid and smooth. Strip [url=]composite patio furniture designs plans[/url] flooring, generally about 2 meters long, 80 mm wide as well. With the floor too long, processing bending degree, easy to lay, easy to loose; in addition too long and wide floor, a large amount of shrinkage wet up, prone to warping and cracking. To smooth board: no significant positive marks and negative allow little leakage planing or sawing planing marks, mosaic trough vertebral mouth when appropriate elastic, smooth freely, neither block nor obvious gap. Authentic ruled obvious and should be parallel and reach the "ten no", no festival marks, no insect eyes, no rot, no wane, no cracks, no distortion, no twill. In particular, can not have a blunt edge, so as not to affect the pavement. The strength of wood to local conditions: In general, the higher the density of the wood, the greater the intensity, the better the quality. But the choice of the strength of the floor size, the use of visual parts vary. Living room, dining room, public places, selectable high floor strength varieties, while the bedroom [url=]composite deck stairs railing instructions[/url] floors are advised to select a relatively low intensity of some species, such as ash, beech. Some seniors can choose the intensity of the room in general is very soft warm Meranti, southwest birch.
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