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Chinese flooring industry patent alliance launching ceremony, to win in the international anti-dumping proceedings, to other flooring companies and other industries to enlightenment,[url=]floated patio floors[/url] Chinese national enterprises should take independent core patented technology occupation of the global industry high ground, and grasp the urgency of the global industry the right to speak, importance. June 12, 2010,[url=]composite fence cost more than wood fencing[/url] to Yanjialong Group, Dulwich Wood Group as the leading Chinese flooring Patent Alliance, to achieve China's flooring industry patent sharing, common progress and eventually achieve the ideal of [url=]No deformation horse fence Kuwait[/url] Chinese flooring industry bigger and stronger . The picture shows the Chinese flooring industry Patent Alliance launch site topic: Chinese flooring industry patent alliance launching ceremony,[url=]redwood composite flooring docks[/url] the Chinese flooring industry Patent Alliance launch release site, "hit it off" locking Yanjialong invention patents broke the heart of Europe in the global floor monopoly, especially in favor of the 2010 Yanjialong Unilin raised in favor of this indicates that China's flooring industry mastered the core technology of flooring and flooring manufacture the high ground floor of NCD Dulwich no corner treatment technology is Chinese floor a major innovation of the industry.
In the near future the entire flooring industry will form a very clear brand agglomeration. Nature floor in 2006 in view of the national market share in the first row,[url=]synthetic grass for pontoon boats[/url] Morgan Stanley organized a billion dollars to the nature of the floor, it shows that the industry has been on promoting the IPO is more extensive. The second category is the product to adjust the flooring industry is mainly solid wood flooring, wood flooring, the first is the total amount of wood in the reduction, [url=]ipe decking material on target field[/url] reduced to 3 ten million square meters will be relatively constant, it is now 45 million, from 80 million reduced 6,000, the next hot spot is growing three parquet, [url=]outdoor modern flooring[/url] laminate flooring remain 5% -6% annual growth, uneven floor formed a group, a great market demand scale. June 21, 2008, the national standard solid wood flooring validation meeting hosted by nature, Shunde, the aesthetic needs of the floor has begun to change,[url=]wood plastic composite united states[/url] the original standard surface smooth, smooth is not required now, and now many including Chen total designer selection, will use a lot of antique, uneven surface, the floor doing artificially direction uneven surface.
Experts predict that in 2007 the scale of the industrial flooring industry concentrated in Guangdong, Shanghai, Shenyang, Zhejiang,[url=]mobile home decorative wall panels[/url] Jiangsu and other places inside and outside the country will become a strategic trading floor, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta will become the center of production and sales floor. Now, the great integration bring big upgrade phenomenon is on the rise, it gives us the traditional industry to bring a qualitative leap.[url=]wood shades composite fencing review[/url] Adjust the industrial structure of the industry chain more closely to make solid, [url=]how to make composite stair[/url] industrial scale to further stand out. all of which will create a group with the resources industry tycoon floor, which also heralded the era of integration flooring industry.[url=]composite modular flooring for basement[/url] It is reported that the end of 2006, China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee and consumer guide the work of the Committee China Consumers' Association jointly issued the "China quality laminate flooring White Paper".
Chinese flooring enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, but regardless of company size, the same to survive, to develop, to be effective. Although the road at the foot of the road there are 10 million, but the company has only a clear understanding of self,[url=]cost of decks per square foot[/url] according to their own advantages, the full integration of all resources, the enterprise is actively seeking the right path of development. In China, do the same floor, there are many factions. Chinese enterprises on the floor should be how to go? China will be the floor access to development tools and modes.[url=]exterior synthetic wood deck Dorset[/url] However, the Chinese people "rather when beheaded, not to Pteris" feature determines the difficulty of the league, which means the market needs to adjust. Overall, China flooring business is the lack of funds, personnel, marketing, research and development and other advantages, if you still have to go it alone, but also took Finally, the possibility of injury is your own. Therefore, the proposed Chinese flooring business from the best technology,[url=]composite decking above ground pool plans[/url] capital, talent, channel, product, brand, marketing, and management to review its own; when I do the marketing for a flooring company, found that the company in addition to the design capacity strong outside, recognize whole flooring industry market environment.
Philosopher said: "God wants human beings destroy, they first make mad" Stars endorsement is the last crazy Chinese flooring industry collective unconscious? [url=]humid area products[/url] Save China's flooring industry still bloody from the Red Sea Noah's Ark? Topic: China is a recipe for flooring Various Artists endorsement or opium? "China flooring industry for the stars in terms of" Money "immeasurable." [url=]cheap replacement decking panels uk[/url] Just last week the end of the floor Changzhou China Forum, the industry people such a feeling. Statement is true, from Dell, Fillinger devaluation celebrity endorsements today,[url=]patio over living space[/url] more than 40 large and small, have signed star throne of China's spokesperson floor. These dazzling beautiful guy everybody carries a floor with an attractive smile to people's purse on the manufacturer's promotional materials.[url=]engineered hardwood hardness chart[/url] Celebrity endorsements, looks beautiful Some statistics, broadcast in prime time television advertisements, celebrity advertising accounted for more than 30%.
Second, overseas strategic investors accelerated into wood-based panels and flooring industries, such as IFC investment in Guangxi abundance of trees,[url=]floating deck over partial slab[/url] Goldman Sachs investment Guangdong Weihua, Citi consortium acquisition of Kyrgyzstan as Wood, Carlyle Shanghai Anxin flooring, Legend Capital Shanghai new Sihetun wood, Morgan Stanley IFC Investing in nature floors; third force is China's central enterprises to invest in the flooring industry, as saying Cosco Huili floor "three forces composed of Chinese wood flooring and the climax of wood-based panel industry mergers and acquisitions, has become a Chinese wood-based panels and flooring industry by [url=]recycle plastic stables[/url] the bigger and stronger indispensable step. [url=]natural exterior wood floors[/url] "A mature industry brand concentration is probably the top four industries accounted for 60% of overall market share. the floor is a serious industry concentration is low, not a market share of more than 5%, the arrangement of the top four floors of the brand market share and did not reach a 10% overall share. Insiders believe that the capital will undoubtedly become the focus of the industry's most powerful promoter,[url=]pvc floor import in saudi arabia[/url] with the power of capital, Chinese wood floor relive the situation will gradually break, mergers and acquisitions will continue within the birth of the brand giants, and in the future to form a national leading brand + regional leading brand for the mainstream market.
Part of the small and medium business floor did her best to hold various promotional activities, but significantly lower than the popular Snap, was higher floor popularity. Flooring company attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit and negotiate, [url=]environmental protection veranda decking[/url] which Sihetun Wood is absorbed through the exhibition of orders from more than 50 countries around the world buyers, resulting in flooring industry a strong shock. This is in stark contrast to some SMEs in the booth wants to come, we must succeed on signed orders. Why is there such a market it Matthew? [url=]load bearing wood plastic panels[/url] According to the "Matthew Effect" in social circles to illustrate: a more powerful company make consumers more trust, more consumers trust companies more favored by consumers. Moreover, this situation is showing a gradual trend of expansion. According to vice president of China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Circulation Committee,[url=]do it your self wooden floor backyard[/url] Mr. Gao Zhihua introduction, [url=]fancy wood fences[/url] the floor belongs to the resource industry. In the current flooring industry, intense competition, more competition among enterprises is the game of capital.
With the rise of wpc ceiling industry, has become a modern wpc ceiling decoration of a new product, very popular with consumers of all ages, many people have chosen to home installation wpc ceiling. So how do we in the daily maintenance and cleaning of the ceiling wpc it? Under normal circumstances, the main ceiling installed in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room. If you want to clean, it must be addressed separately. Kitchen ceiling wpc maintenance and cleaning: When maintenance wpc ceiling above the kitchen, not only to learn how to clean it, and in the normal course should pay attention to indoor ventilation, to ensure that it always remains dry state, so that it will not be easy probiotic. Typically cook room has good anti-oil pinch resistance, usually just with a soft cloth to wipe can be. But the kitchen fumes large, to regularly wipe encountered oil, when the scale, can be soft cleaning unit layout; if encountered when damaged, heavy duty single chip can replace update, but pay attention to color; In addition, the gap at the ceiling anti-oil can also brush on the protective agent. If you do not have time to clean it, then you need depth wpc ceiling cleaning. Use a small amount of detergent, add hot water, absorbent strong, soft cloth after cleaning the bathroom to scrub, scrub intermediate can, but when the edge of the four weeks, hard to light. Particular attention is hard not to cloth and detergent ball is used, a scrub will leave a much smaller yarn immediately in light of the panel, pinch injury, there is little if you are using a kind of cheap difference plate, heavy, then beware, because it has a lot of iron inside the ingredients, not the pinch aluminum-magnesium alloy, then see the water, the more easily rust. After the first time with a soft wet towel to scrub, scrub with water and then the second, the ventilation window can be naturally dry, ventilated if the sun is not good, then use good quality paper wipes once like . the article come from:[url=]Anti-Oxidation Vinyl | PVC Fencing[/url] maybe you also like : [url=]DIY Durable Composite Floor Material[/url] [url=]WPC Manufacturer[/url] [url=]Outside decking floor[/url] [url= ]Handrails for Outdoor Steps[/url] [url= ]Plastic Interlocking Floor Deck[/url] [url= ]Inexpensive Synthetic Decking Products[/url]
Especially in 2004, parquet been incorporated into the Chinese brand evaluation, more accelerated pace of corporate brand building. At present,[url=]anti-mildew decking balustrade[/url] China's annual production capacity of up to 50 million square meters, 5 cork flooring cork flooring has a natural, non-slip, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, no insects, good elasticity. comfortable, sound-absorbing, noise, vibration absorption, insulation, moisture small deformation, ease of maintenance, durability and other characteristics.[url=]composite decking ever grain prices[/url] 1932, the Dutch built the Beijing Library in Beijing,[url=]hollow decking for sale in germany[/url] the first time using cork flooring. In 1991 China's first cork flooring production line in Xian Lin of plant production. 2004 cork flooring production. In 2006 industry standard "cork flooring" LY / T 1657-2006 release. 2007 cork flooring micro chamfer technology successfully tested.[url=]buy vinyl tile in Bremerton[/url] 2009 All catch multilayer wood core cork flooring developed. 2010, "wood floor service standards" and "cork flooring manual" start the development work in Beijing. Now about 50% annual growth rate. 2009 cork flooring has sold more than 1 million square meters.
Outdoor flooring for outdoor use, you need to experience "weathered" and therefore must withstand outdoor wood plastic floor outdoor changeable weather, and a strong temperature changes, in the end how to kind of outdoor floor suitable for outdoor use it Therefore, outdoor floor must meet the following a few basic conditions. 1, strong stability: first��An ordinary wood floor moisture is relatively large, outdoor rain and snow after brushing, will easily deformed, to outdoor flooring used in such an environment, which requires a lower water absorption of wood plastic flooring. Second, the outdoor temperature, which requires considerable floor must have dimensional stability, because of the emergence of alternating hot and cold,will appear split up, or deformation and so on. 2, Corrosion-resistant: Outdoor abundant rainfall, easy to breed fungus and termites, wood plastic will cause corrosion. As with ordinary wood plastic floor outdoor flooring, its life will be very short, so choose the floor must choose a high corrosion resistance of the material; 3, compression and strong: Walking outdoors a lot of people, the floor needs to have anti-stress, while the outdoor floor wear resistance demanding. Through the above analysis, we have some common wood plastic flooring, such as solid wood plastic flooring, wood plastic flooring, laminate flooring is not suitable for the outdoors. Now there is a better floor outdoor wood plastic flooring, flooring outdoor wood plastic preservative, carbonized wood plastic outdoor flooring, wood plastic flooring and relatively more competitive, wood plastic flooring waterproof and corrosion resistance non Often prominent, is itself recycled materials, green. the article come from:[url=]Long Life Composite Railing For Sale[/url] maybe you also like : [url=]Option Of Wood Plastic Deck[/url] [url=]WPC Manufacturer[/url] [url= ]Reconstituted Fibre Instead of Wooden Cladding[/url] [url= ]wood tongue and groove sale price[/url] [url= ]Fence Pannelling That Looks Like Water Feature[/url]
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