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Rapid economic development in decades, the earth's resources has been developed over such a development so that the ecological environment continues to aggravate and worsen. People are constantly looking for a low-carbon energy-saving resources for economic development and environmental protection in order to achieve balance. Manufacturers hope that more recycled products to replace the current large-scale use of non-renewable products. The company's WPC products is in this exploration of the birth of the raw materials it uses mainly wood processing waste recycling more than expected, fully embodies the "green ecology" low-carbon environmental philosophy. Reduce deforestation, while maintaining the performance characteristics of solid wood has, textured appearance, but also to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood, but also increased the number of wood do not have good performance, and elevated to the category of industrial application and design aesthetics.

Parks or outdoor use wood floor is usually caused by PE material, wood material or bamboo powder materials and other materials, and after adding additives and high speed mixing, granulating them, then use the extruder pellets extruded into profiles. Such floor can be used for landscaping, villas and other outdoor platform. Wood Flooring is actually a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in production, high density fiberboard produced during lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled plastic wood-plastic composite materials, then extrusion group made wood floors.

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WPC floor (WPC) has the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, it can be used as alternative to wood new green materials, used as flooring, decking, and railings. Although WP C rapid development in the world, but many countries do not have the appropriate standards to regulate the performance test methods and evaluation, in 2004 the United States issued a special standard. Wood Flooring major test for the basic properties of composite materials, test methods for wood-plastic composite floor decking and handrails article.

Since the cross-sectional shape of the wood floor is different from the timber and wood floors artificial board, to evaluate water quality control and wood floors bring some difficulties. Its mechanical properties, is one of the important performance indicators of materials and products, is particularly important. Therefore, the author carried out on water WPC decking flexural strength, elastic modulus calculation discussion, combined with the actual usage analysis, designed to wood flooring standards provide a theoretical basis.

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Wood plank performance has five aspects, as follows: 1. Dimensional stability: reducing the temperature and humidity on the size of change is a long time will not cause deformation, scalable and stable floor.wood plastic composite lumber 2. colorful, vivid patterns, personalized interior design style unique color combinations and flexible build imaginative living environment. 3. prominent energy saving effect, even in the cold winter to bring you warm. 4. Sound insulation and sound absorption: the elimination of noise between floors,wood plastic decking balcony to create a quiet living environment. 5. Stain resistance: To improve the stain, stain resistance, easy to clean, maintain a clean living environment. WPC products is the introduction of international green wood cutting-edge technology, product, and in three colors are added and foreign aid as well as stabilizers to prevent discoloration problems caused by the formation of a long time, specially cook on a surface of the product layer UV treatment to prevent ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use up to 20 years, long-term outdoor use, although it will fade a little,Waterproof Floor Boards For Outdoor Decks but will not affect the visual beauty, can be said that compared to other ecological wood construction materials to that is not comparable to other products. Customer nothing to worry about ecological wood and wood product bleaching. In addition, wood products derived from timber and timber superior, more environmentally friendly and healthier than wood. In the first year just completed the installation,composite wood pool deck for sale the product color fades 5-10%, after 15--20 years, there will be no significant change in color, on the other hand, the use of wood products in the whole process has been color change.
Chongqing flooring industry event. Allegedly, as a required accessory floor baseboard using previously presented, consumers can go out and buy a floor, [url=]genova pvc deck board linear foot price sale[/url] businesses will naturally free distribution corresponding baseboard. But this raises the question: skirting the merits of the enemy, the quality is difficult to guarantee. Allegedly, this is the most consumer complaints in recent years, local. To solve this problem the industry, over the years to crack consumption "practice", the initiative of all Flooring Association member units do not sell poor quality baseboard, baseboard and high charges.[url=]plastic deck johor bahru[/url] Allegedly, the main city baseboard flooring brands have begun to charge this year, April 1, district market was late May to the floor skirting charges. Baseboard previous charge, now a separate charge, would not allow consumers to pay for it? In this regard, Peng Jianming said: "Our emphasis is on quality baseboard charge, so you can eliminate poor-quality baseboard, life assurance and quality after floor installation, [url=]4x8 ft pt wood dog ear fence panel[/url] in order to protect the interests of consumers, improve the grade of the entire flooring industry and level. this is the 'Harmonious consumption' is an important part.

1. WPC is now used widely in materials, professional manufacturers of wood on wood summarize the excellent performance of the material. Compared with ordinary wood materials, wood processing stronger, because it contains fiber and plastic polymer materials, in addition to sawing, nailing, planing, nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials, usually wood three times, five times particleboard.

2. WPC long life - moisture, water, acid, corrosion, will not be moth-eaten, so the service life under various conditions are well above the general mechanical wood WPC stronger - fiber and plastic mixed, so wood and hardwood having considerable compressive, flexural and other mechanical properties, durability than the general timber, surface hardness stronger.

3. WPC product is a product recyclable, WPC flexible, can be applied to any field of wood processing, replace the best environmentally friendly materials wood; also be used in wood interior doors, baseboard, overall cupboards, wardrobes, siding, ceiling, decorative wall panels, outdoor flooring, fence post, steel gazebo, garden fence, balcony rails, the fence around the garden, lounge chairs, pool tree, flower, flower boxes rack air conditioning, air conditioning shields, shutters, road badges, transport pallets and ect.

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As the outdoor flooring for outdoor use, you need to experience "the wind and sun," so outdoor wooden floor must be able to withstand outdoor changeable weather, and a strong temperature changes, in the end how kind of outdoor floor before it suitable for outdoor use

Meet several basic conditions are as follows.

1, strong stability:

(1), Common wood moisture is relatively large, outdoor rain and snow after brushing, will easily deformed, not a permanent solution. To outdoor floor in such an environment can use to get a smooth, wooden floor which requires lower water absorption.

(2), outdoor temperature, and this requires considerable floor must have dimensional stability, not because of the emergence of alternating hot and cold, and so on up the emergence of crack, or deformation.

2, Corrosion-resistant:

Outdoor abundant rainfall, easy to breed fungus and termites, wood will cause corrosion. As with ordinary wood plastic flooroutdoor flooring, its life will be short, but increased the cost of inputs, so choose the floor must choose a high corrosion resistance of the material;

3, compression and strong:

Walking outdoors a lot of people, the floor needs to have anti-stress, while the outdoor floor wear resistance demanding. Through the above analysis, we have some common wood flooring, such as solid wood flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring is not suitable for the outdoors. Now there is a better floor outdoor wood flooring, flooring outdoor wood preservative, carbonized wood outdoor flooring, wood flooring and relatively more competitive, waterproof and corrosion resistance of the wood plastic flooris very prominent, in turn, recycled materials, green environmental protection.

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He said that bamboo is cool wood species, people feel more cold in the winter contact in China's northern region, because most families have heating,[url=]how to build a landscape turtle[/url] so bamboo flooring is relatively more than in the south. In addition, although now mature technology, bamboo flooring is less and less prone to cracking phenomenon, but only for the more advanced production technology the manufacturers, but for most small plants, this is still an urgent need to solve their problems. For the characteristics of bamboo flooring wear green, Wu said the president because this is the embarrassment of bamboo flooring is currently in.[url=]portable vinyl fencing[/url] He said that although environmental bamboo flooring, but compared to solid wood flooring, for its environmentally friendly but also slightly worse. In terms of wear resistance, abrasion resistance index and bamboo flooring can not be compared with laminate flooring, bamboo flooring therefore in a flattening out of the awkward situation. We know that the market price of bamboo flooring is generally between 160 -200 yuan / square meter,[url=]composite timber in malaysia[/url] but at this price consumers can choose less expensive solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and therefore the presence of price advantage is saying one-sided.
Wood flooring row despite a late start, but the development of fast,wood plastic composite in poland in just 20 years has formed a multi-species, multi-standard, from production to sales, laying, service and support, with an occasional scale industrial system. The development of Chinese flooring industry has gone through three stages: First, in the early 1980s to the early 1990s. The first 10 years, the type of wood to the market mainly as unpainted wood floorboards (commonly known as the prime board); this period floorboards smaller size, more flat ground plate. Second, in the early 1990s to 1994. This period appears on the market with a paint of tongue and groove wood floors, there are paint roller, leaching paint two processes; gradually reduce the small size of the floor, leading market share to their specifications for the long floor; In addition,composite decking floor for sale the wood floor market a lot of variety, there has bamboo flooring, three solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Third, since 1994. 1994 Laminate flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring) to enter the Chinese market, starting with imported products, mainly imported from Europe, mostly in Germany, the company's products; in 1996, China began to produce its own laminate flooring; recent years, appeared on the market refers to the new ground plate, timber flooring and bamboo flooring and other products, including bamboo flooring in its infancy yet mass production of other products showed a gradual growth trend. Chinese production of wood to be divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring five categories. First, solid wood flooring including mortise floor (also known as tongue and groove floor), flat ground plate, mosaic floors, refers to the floor, and the anti-land timber vertical wood floors. Solid wood flooring manufacturers scale uneven, mostly smaller, outdated facilities, the overall low level of technology and equipment, more than 5,000 manufacturers in the annual output of more than 50,000 square meters of business accounted for only 3% to 5% of these large most medium-sized imported equipment from abroad,WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE LUMBER and its production and sales spin accounted for about 40% of the market; and most small businesses to species selection, materials and processing technology, due to the quality of personnel, technical equipment and management level is low difficult to control, there is a certain waste of resources. Second, laminate flooring can generally be divided into the medium and high-density fiberboard strong assay wooden floors and laminate flooring in order to create two types of particle board as the substrate. Third, the wood flooring can generally be divided into three solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and joinery flooring three categories. Fourth, bamboo flooring can generally be divided into full bamboo flooring and bamboo flooring two categories. Fifth, China's cork flooring due to resource constraints with,low maintenance fencing uk so a small number of manufacturers. Cork flooring as a rare product, the advantages of diversification has been more and more environmentally conscious attention.
After 10 years of development, wood laminate flooring in China Floor Covering market has become a share of the first category, China laminate flooring overall technological level has been significantly improved, but progress in the industry during the development of enterprises also varies greatly concern,[url=]fire prevention composite decking amazon[/url] in particular the recent market a new laminate flooring quality problems, it is of common concern to industry and consumers. Faced with thick laminate flooring (12mm and above thickness) especially the "imitation wood", "super-wood" laminate flooring specifications, consumers should be particularly careful. In January 2007, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of the jurisdiction 18 building materials market, shopping malls, supermarkets, quality monitoring, with nine brands of laminate flooring product failure. [url=]anti-cracking privacy fence[/url] Concern is the unqualified products mostly 12mm thick solid wood flooring. Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau under substandard goods exit mechanism has forced the nine failed laminate flooring brands out of the market, and sales operators of substandard goods according to law. Poor quality 12mm thick laminate flooring made more "imitation wood" or "super-wood" specifications. In accordance with national standards, [url=]bangalore outdoor pvc panels[/url] the number of revolutions of wear-resistant surface laminate flooring qualified domestic product should be ≥6000 turn (wear this is to strengthen the unique advantages of the wooden floor), fully reflects the overall quality of these companies control level low.
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