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Perhaps the flooring companies now need to do is to in-depth understanding of people's values ​​and consumer attitudes [url=]how do you use composite tiles on a deck[/url], with their own special product design and design style to impress consumers. Faced with the current floor of the living conditions of enterprises [url=]outdoor furniture in uk plastic fence boards[/url], Kofi flooring Li Guosuo to give reporters a vivid example. China is the world's largest export watch countries [url=]composite decking brand comparison[/url], but it watches the average value of $ 2. The Swiss imported into our domestic watches, its average value of about 360 US dollars.
Flooring Industry Ltd., Unilin Flooring N.C. filed an application to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for 337 investigations, alleging that the companies listed in the [url=]outdoor deck veneer[/url] application Manufacture and sale of laminate flooring products to the United States violated the applicant's patent rights, and to investigate this. "This is the core of the letter. According to the data provided by the Association, "the alleged total of 30 companies in 17 Chinese companies," and other domestic enterprises, such as Shengxiang Group impressively arranged. Not long ago just by the nature of the floor to unfair competition on the grounds of prosecution, [url=]veranda traditional gray decking[/url] and now because of E0 trademark infringement was Rhine Sun sent to court. Old wound healed, add a new pain in the next step will be how to deal with the Rhine Sunshine E0 trademark legal action, let us wait and see. The use of Rhine Sunlight to obtain the copyright [url=]45 foot of custom hand railing[/url] E0 blue circular sign, you must circle the outer ring of the "Kono create" in English words into the use of the name of the enterprise.
The enterprise how much money out of 3 million yuan, and finally the trademark owner did not sell him I do not know the name of the enterprise In short, the trademark owner told me that I know exactly that a total of 15 companies in our industry try to buy the trademark, and the whole talked about 90 days to July 29, the trademark all [url=]flower pots made of composites[/url] the talent to determine her E0 Trademark sale ... ... ", about this matter Peng Hongbin is very interesting:" two days ago I told the National Testing Center Director Lu Bin exchange time, said that if I registered this trademark many years ago, there may be 500 million in revenue. I do not have this Girls smart, so I am still working hard today. "Dekor shot, messed up their own size to promote the cost of 40 million yuan to drop into the registration application [url=]external decorative composite wall panel[/url] submitted and shouted out, did not expect to be the first gain. The biggest worry is that at the outset, like the Rhine sun, to promote the concept before the first to spend a small 50 yuan to the Trademark Office to search whether anyone registered a trademark. Rhine Sunshine manufacturers Connaught transferee E0 registered trademark of the fact that greatly stimulated the brother of the city elephant. In the Rhine Sunshine issued "E0 trademark [url=]environmentally friendly composite solid floor[/url] rights Declaration" only two days, November 2 in the new Beijing Dadu Hotel held a no theme of "E0 seminar", by an expert mouth denounced Kono China violated the public Right, speculate that the motive of its transferee is exclusive of public resources.
Wood floors are generally hard cold. The above is on the wooden [url=]dampproof pvc garden fence kits[/url] of the relevant instructions, we can find that the wood floor is a floor with many advantages. Whether in the past, present or future, all walks of life are linked to production and life [url=]the best price on laminate flooring made in china[/url]. The construction industry as a leader in the country ranks first in the industry. Of course, will also lead to the conduct of many industries. But everything has a primary and secondary points, the construction industry is no exception [url=]garden fences ideas designs[/url], in the construction process will use all kinds of materials, steel, cement, concrete and so on.
We fancy the NBA is the case, NBA influence in China is growing, through cooperation between the two sides can promote macro-resistant and NBA shared health, beyond the concept of innovation;[url=]plastic timber decking prices[/url] also, we hope that macro tolerance with the giant's shoulder , Can be easier to break through the confusion in the industry brand chaos macro resistant to stand out. Some people say that the entrepreneurial character determines the characteristics and fate of the enterprise. Li Wei love sports, the courage to challenge the character also determines the macro-resistant characteristics of the enterprise. At present, the flooring industry has a small [url=]horizontal composite fence panels[/url] workshop from the past ushered in the production of large capital to enter. Macro resistance and strategic partners to invest 100 million euros in Danyang, Jiangsu to establish a production base, covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, has been put into production. How to make here the production of macro-resistant floor spread into more families, is Li Wei can not avoid the challenges and aspirations. When the pressure becomes fun when [url=]wooden boat garden bench[/url] the hands of such a big stall, Li Wei's time is very tight, almost all day on the laptop open the table, far apart as early as he became a "air Trapeze ", but he said with a smile, work is now his greatest interest is: macro-resistant floor. When the hard work became interested, then the harvest will be the work of happiness.
So we chose Beijing as the core market of Jilin forest workers. [SouFun correspondent on the floor today to talk a lot, Jilinsengong market and other advantages. In the market planning,[url=]pallet ideas with plans for fence[/url] I heard you mentioned twice about the rural piece of floor sales, how do you intend? Li Fengchun, general manager of Jilin Forest Industry Speaking of the construction of new countryside, the potential of the Chinese market is very large. Now there are blue ocean, the Red Sea to say, the Red Sea competition is fierce, blue sea seems to be found in a new continent, has not yet developed. I mean, China's building materials market, the real estate market, the floor market has a lot of space, because we have 1.3 billion people in China,[url=]composite lumber best prices[/url] including the current urbanization is now under way, some old houses but also to transform, A cycle, which also requires the floor. The central government is now proposing to build a new rural area, and there are still hundreds of millions of people going to the city. The potential of the rural market is very large. This is the next thing, but we should now recognize this. China is now leading the way, stimulating consumption, a large number of exports caused by trade friction,[url=]build wood composite picnic[/url] our surplus is too large, so we have to consider the next step in a rural market, but this market is still in the plan. Flooring based on China's market, there is such a big space, is very promising. [SouFun correspondent] From the development of the brand, now on the brand discussion, development strategies, strategies, etc.
New Sihe, chairman of the ancient ink yesterday, said the company will grasp the upstream industry sources and supply of wood resources, does not rule out the company will go to Russia and other timber-producing countries, the construction of primary processing base, and will enter the domestic market,[url=]cost of composite wood raised beds[/url] and plans in 2009 Domestic A-share listed, and then strive to use 2-3 years to build into the world's leading manufacturer of wood flooring. New Sihetun wood to have their own patented technology of the three-tier parquet-based products, but also one of the largest domestic production enterprises, of course, [url=]plastic replacement bench slats[/url] hope that the share of the domestic market this big cake. From a professional perspective, the permeability of paint, flexibility and adhesion performance, is to determine the real wood floor paint is the only reasonable standard. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of some chain stores, expanding the national distribution, which led to rising rents, sales continued to decline, thus greatly reducing [url=]marine grade vinyl flooring australia[/url] the profitability of space, many flooring companies have a heavy burden on the back, I feel much stores squeeze Of the pain, trapped endless.
The first 10 years of the new century, Lianfeng floor in the continuous integration of resources and adjust the layout of the process ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. Market recognition, the industry's attention, countless heavyweight glory of the Canadian body, are for the rapid rise of the [url=]2x6 benches panel[/url] abundance of floor provides a strong support. The growing maturity of the brand operation and market control, highlighting the floor as the industry leader Feng Feng temperament. In 2011, as the country's opening of the 12th Five-Year, Lianfeng floor re-planning the development of the enterprise layout and direction: to continuous innovation of [url=]corrosion-resistant composite roof tiles[/url] wood products as the core selling point to support the backbone market; high-quality multi-color enhancement, wood composite Series of products to supplement and strengthen market control, the purpose is to always maintain the overall competitiveness of the abundance of advantages. The new solid wood production line can be described as conforming to the market and corporate strategy of the double consideration.Lianfeng is an old floor of the domestic brand, founded in 1985, after years of accumulation, in the production, the channel scale has accumulated a strong comparative advantage,[url=]white mold growing on outdoor composite deck[/url] Shen Wujiang floor wood is also the vice president of Chamber of Commerce, you How to look at this issue? [Shen Jianxin]: Wujiang flooring development time is not long enough,
Chain stores and flooring manufacturers have a win-win situation In fact, the "enterprise + exhibition + chain stores + dealers" model, the floor has been recognized as the mainstream enterprise,[url=]cost of front porch railing[/url] advanced floor marketing model. Many flooring brands are mostly by participating in trade show to find dealers, and thus home stores to establish a "strategic partnership" relationship. And now some of the chain stores, flooring manufacturers in the view, is not tasteless can be described as "rent up every year, logistics consumption, not much money, the consequences of this is the seemingly healthy development of the mall surface, but in fact precarious" , "Floor manufacturers were forced to follow up,[url=]wpc porch flooring available sawing[/url] passive layout, cost soaring, profit dilution, the most painful is the store dealers, expensive rents, harsh regulations, capital occupancy, let it be inattentive will complete exit. Respondents told reporters. In the enterprise to enter the high-end stores, one is selling products, two formed a "high-end brand" word of mouth, the two complement each other -[url=]easy install composite wood flower boxes[/url] "To be sure, early follow the chain stores to go business, is making money." Recognized that the so-called "strategic partner", it indicates that we mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Indeed, this partnership between enterprises, distributors and stores were three great profits.

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