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Slightly difficult processing, gum easy-to-saw; Slicing, coloring, adhesive, polishing, paint and other good performance; With a certain acid and flame resistance. [url=]great website designs deck[/url] Very resistant to termites. Dry slowly, slightly cracked and warped. Uses: Suitable for heavy construction, furniture, flooring, indoor and outdoor decoration, carving, jewelry boxes. car spin products, musical instruments,[url=]patio steel composite steps[/url] shipbuilding, acid-resistant wooden barrels, sports equipment, sleepers, pillars, poles, etc. Construction, load-bearing structure, pillars, shipbuilding, sleepers, decorative veneer, plywood, flooring, wood flooring, [url=]decking boards price singapore[/url] palace decoration, decoration and other horizontal decoration. Coffee heart wood / chicken wing wood Solid wood flooring sales began to decline from 2008 situation, according to the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Committee statistics, in 2008 China's flooring production enterprises sales of about 344 million square meters, down 4.8%. Solid wood flooring about 42 million m2,[url=]best wooden wall material for house[/url] down 4.5%. This is the flooring manufacturers sales in 12 years after a continuous rise, the first decline.
Since 2012, the US Department of Commerce on the Chinese composite wood flooring exports to the US market for anti-dumping investigations to prove that the Ming-Ming Lam Lam Wood Co., Ltd.[url=]best composite decking for backyard[/url] Nanjing exports to the United States of products and operations management in line with the conditions and international trade rules. After more than a year of hard work of the team, the US Department of Commerce in May 2, 2014,[url=]plantation shutters with locks cost[/url] said the final cut: Huaming floor Nanjing Minglin Wood Co., Ltd. rate of 0%. Combined with the other two companies in the final tax rate of pumping, the respondent for the Chinese flooring export enterprises to obtain the industry average tax rate of 5.74% [url=]plastic composite lumber belgium[/url] better results. The victory of the US anti-dumping case, that the Ming-Ming Nanjing Huaming Wood Industry Co., Ltd. did not live up to the expectations of the floor wood industry! For the country and the industry has contributed to breaking the US prosecution and the US Department of Commerce's attempt! Wah Ming, chairman of Lanming Sanming said happily,[url=]plastic timber border playground[/url] for the enterprises, such as not responding, our products exported to the United States to charge tariffs as high as 74% or more, and actively respond to Minglin Wood Co., Ltd.
Is still in a wait state, not easy to test the water In fact, the rural market is not entirely blank, some domestic brands have been "tentacles" spread to rural areas. [url=]anti slip composite outdoor decking[/url] But the selection of these flooring is a number of large enterprises, population, consumption of strong townships. Part of the flooring business is still in a wait state or market research, not easily test the water. Another part of the floor of the current provincial and municipal distribution outlets are not all covered, unable to involve the rural market. Local agents and very few open up new markets,[url=]Composite Fence Pricing South Africa[/url] the strength of dealers should not be overlooked. There are sales channels, sales network and sales experience of local agents are very few. even if the enterprise is determined to develop the rural market, investment has become an insurmountable threshold. For some of the floor business, know how to seize the [url=]eco-friendly patio options floor[/url] opportunity to meet the challenges, then the rural market is bound to be the last piece of the floor cake industry, how to achieve "corner overtaking" to see how the floor to seize these opportunities.
In the consumer-centric marketing era, to provide users with the service more and more brand flooring business responsibility.Started in 2008, many of the floor brand service will be upgraded to an increasingly important position. Like the floor announced the establishment of the customer club "Holy Elephant home", [url=]maintenance free vinyl horse fence[/url] as the holy elephant customers will enjoy more professional and more intimate service. Fillinger special launch "3.15 sunshine service package", allowing owners to buy the floor at the same time enjoy To the sun-like warmth of service. "Three floor, seven services", [url=]poly vinyl picket fence 5 ft tall[/url] it can be said, there is no service without the floor, the service has become the last part of the floor to complete the goods. At the same time, in all cases of floor service problems is high According to the Wood Flooring Industry Association survey, the cause of the dispute over wood flooring, more than 40% of the laying of the construction level due to the current, the wood flooring industry is not a unified standard of service, resulting in a mixed market,[url=]ideas for building permanent benches on patio[/url] flooring companies to provide good services Is not only a fundamental requirement of product attributes, but also a manifestation of corporate responsibility.
It is understood that the EU Code of the floor after the incident, including the Jinan market, including imports around the floor in the sale of the floor are subject to a greater impact,[url=]standard wall mounted bench sizes[/url] many customers of the authenticity of the relevant product promotional information began to doubt the import floor sales The volume has been a greater impact. In response to this situation, Switzerland Luosen floor, Jinan, deputy general manager of Wang Min, said the import floor businessmen have begun to take measures to rebuild consumer confidence.[url=]plastic fence for patio plan[/url] Recently, Switzerland Luosen floor of the United States imported flooring sales business in Beijing. "China's flooring industry integrity [url=]decorative wood panels exterior use[/url] declaration" conference, called on enterprises in good faith-based, standardize their operations. The import floor traders are also held throughout the country press conference to show their innocence.
Recently, the domestic flooring giant "Shengxiang" will open its production base to consumers, fully transparent display of the production process.[url=]installing wood plastic deck railing[/url] "EU Code" event will be a floor of the industry exposed the secret that the market so many brands of imported flooring. its production base in fact in China. According to the "Deity" person in charge, many consumers prefer to buy imported flooring brand,[url=]cheap deck railing[/url] and in fact, many imported brands are used "OEM" approach, which entrusted a domestic production, and then the product paste On their own brand and then sales. Not long ago, exposure to fake "EU Code" floor. claiming that all their floor imports, but in fact most of the floor by the domestic Jilin Forest workers on behalf of the processing and manufacturing.[url=]best sound proof fences[/url] The floor of the "birthplace" is China, but a foreign label immediately affixed to double the value.
In 2014, a strong recovery in the UK building sector, driven by the United Kingdom imported wood flooring outside the EU countries to achieve [url=]bend-a-board plastic edging[/url] double-digit growth, reaching 5.79 million square meters, or 13%. In addition, the total imports of wood flooring in Germany also rose sharply to 4.72 million square meters, an increase of 14%. The Belgian wood flooring imports rose 7% over the previous year, to 3.92 million square meters. In 2014, the Netherlands wood flooring imports [url=]landscape edging composite boards[/url] from the previous year low level in the pick-up to 249 million square meters, or 7%. France also increased slightly, to 1.64 million square meters, or 0.6%. Italian wood flooring import level is the same as last year, maintaining [url=]making a bench out of composite decking[/url] 3.25 million square meters.
And European Code, as some companies also promote their own brand of Germany, and even a company that the world every three must have a [url=]what size wood board is best for building decks[/url] floor from their own group in Germany. Earlier media reports said, but win in the service model. "European Code did not lie, then why do people think of the EU Code of the floor, people think of German companies? Because they do not produce products, and even early" European Code of the German floor, "the brochures are OEM manufacturers, [url=]high-density plastic decking Krai[/url] With the cause of rapid development, and neglect management, the EU Code appears to exaggerate the publicity seems reasonable. Will not give up the OEM model China Forest Products Industry Association. Zhang Senlin that the European floor manufacturers, but more than a dozen, from 2006 Beginning, China will have 70% of the flooring business gradually be eliminated.Wang Ditao, general manager of nature flooring said, Due to be exposed and widely concerned [url=]polypropylene patio tiles[/url] about the EU Code of the floor, more than half a year to suffer from all circles, European Code of the floor in China is a household name in the international arena reputation.
China's flooring industry's intellectual property case was once the biggest case between China and the US intellectual property industry.[url=]black vinyl stockade fence panel[/url] The United States there are 332 ", that conventional fact-finding, Due to weak internal demand, European manufacturers in recent years is committed to diversifying the development of overseas markets, the EU's solid wood flooring exports and therefore continued to grow. In 2013, a quarter of EU-made solid wood flooring exports to non-EU countries. However, with the slowdown in several overseas market economic [url=]faux wood decking for boats[/url] growth and political issues highlighted in the first 4 months of 2014, the EU wood flooring export growth slowed down. EU 28 wood flooring exports to other destinations in 2013, the EU wood flooring exports 17.78 million square meters, an increase of [url=]how to install deck clips[/url] 4.7% over 2012.
After a study tour, not only marvel at the three-tier solid wood flooring imported from Europe, the excellent process, agree that it represents [url=]advantage of composite wood plastic material[/url] the concept of environmental protection; is optimistic about the growing domestic high-end consumer groups on the strong demand for high-quality building materials. Decided to switch to the European import of wood flooring in order to meet the high-end consumer tastes, to promote individuality and [url=]flooring ideas for porches[/url] environmental protection concept of home In 2014, Eastern Europe composite flooring sales increased by 7%, to 110 million square meters. Despite the political instability and the impact of adverse exchange rates, the 2014 total sales of Russian flooring is still up 13%, [url=]building a raised vegetable garden bed on a slope[/url] to 27 million square meters. Russian compound flooring sales with the level of Poland. Last year the total sales of the Polish composite flooring has reached 27 million square meters, an increase of 8%.
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