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Refractory fire brick manufacturers said that this refractory , high strength, simple construction, wide range of uses, easy to draw, suitable for a variety of industrial furnace masonry, its use and use of different temperatures. 1. Physical and chemical indicators of ordinary refractories clay brick, the size of the allowable deviation and shape products cross-section, should meet the specifications. Ordinary refractory clay brick for the general furnace refractory masonry. Lining materials, furnace wall, bottom, flue and other operating temperature below 1250 ℃. Combustion chamber parts, allowing the use of more than 1400 ℃. 2. High aluminum brick physical and chemical indicators, product size, allowable deviation, etc., should comply with the provisions of the specification. High alumina bricks are used in general furnace high temperature, wear resistant areas or larger load masonry, burner bricks and special requirements of the masonry. The high temperature zone of the combustion chamber of the dome, allowing the use of temperature 1300 ~ 1650 ℃. 3. Lightweight clay brick physical and chemical indicators, product size allowable deviation and shape products cross-section requirements, should meet the specifications. Lightweight refractory clay brick, as not from the high temperature slag and erosive gas erosion of the furnace lining, according to the different capacity, the use of temperature between 1150 ~ 1400 ℃. Zhengzhou Changxing furnace refractory material Tips: You may also on the refractory bricks, refractory manufacturers, refractory bricks prices, high alumina refractory bricks, clay refractory bricks, Henan refractory brick factory, Zhengzhou refractory brick factory, Xinmi refractory brick factory .Welcome to view our web to know more kinds of refractory products . Article source: Types of refractory fire bricks Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd Email: Website: High Alumina Brick

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