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Compared with shaped refractory material, and unshaped refractory material have many advantages. For example, easy manufacturing process, short manufacturing period, saving energy, good integrity when using, widely application, and convenient for installation. Though all with same shape, unshaped refractory products have different type. Generally, it is divided into following types: 1. According to porosity, there are compact unshaped material and insulating unshaped material.Compact unshaped material is common product. While insulating unshaped material is light weight castable, which is made according to ISO1927-75 standard. After frying, whose porosity cannot less than 45%. 2. According to different binder, castable is divided into two big molds, which are Inorganic binder castable and organic binder castable. According to Hardening mode , there are air hardening castable, hydraulicity castable, hot hardness castable and others kinds castable. 3. According to Construction characteristics, there are refractory castable, gunning mix, plastic castable, ramming mass, coating material , refractory mortar, vibration material and others. Even with same specification, different function with different manufacturing method, if you need this kind products, please confirm application in advance. Welcome to view our website to know more kinds of refractory products. Such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle, refractory raw material and Magnesia Carbon Brick. Welcome to view our factory to know more details about refractory products. Article source:
1.For tundish with dry vibration mix lining, tundish should be cleaned before sintering, tundish cover should be changed if it is damaged. Under normal working condition, the sintering time for tundish should be more than 2.5 hours but less than 3.5 hours. Please follow the below procedures: Small fire: Not less than 50 minutes; Medium fire: Not less than 50 minutes; Strong fire: Not less than 50 minutes; Make sure sintering temperature is above 900 Deg.C, tundish in red hot condition. 2.Under abnormal working condition(time is not enough), the sintering time for tundish should be more than 2 hours, 60 minutes with medium fire and 60 minutes for strong fire. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Such as fire brick for sale, Magnesia Carbon Brick, refractory nozzle, refractory raw materials and other refractory products. Artilce source:

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