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Corundum castable is a kind of high-grade unshaped refractories based on fused corundum as the main raw material, adding binder and other materials. According to different parts and temperature, there is different choice of corundum castable: Chrome corundum castable, zirconia corundum castable, brown corundum castable, composite corundum castables and so on. Chrome corundum castable is mainly used for carbon black reaction furnace, coal slurry gasifier lining, which the temperature is generally above 1700 degrees. Zirconia corundum castable is mainly used for glass industry furnace, it has strong anti-glass erosion ability. Brown corundum castable has good wear resistance, generally used for power plant coal injection pipe, boiler lining, rolling furnace slide rails. Composite corundum castable is based on different temperature and environment, adds specific material and get composite corundum castable, it is generally used for cement rotary kiln, nonferrous metal melting furnace, steel and other industries. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Such as Magnesia Carbon Brick, fire brick for sale, refractory raw material and other refractory products. Article source:
Al2O3-C submerged entry nozzles, take corundum and graphite as the basic raw materials, add metal silicon, silicon carbide, molding in the isostatic press, and then sintering. This nozzle, with uniform structure, low infiltration to molten steel, strong erosion resistance, so it could be used for casting of most types of steel. A12O3-C submerged entry nozzle must be preheated to use, otherwise, the nozzle has the risk of cracking. In the preheating process, there will be graphite burning (decarburization), the nozzle surface layer apparent porosity increases, reducing its anti-erosion. Another disadvantage of the submerged entry nozzle is poor slag resistance, good thermal conductivity, and thus the slag line is serious erosion and the inner wall of the nozzle is easy to condensate steel. It is necessary to take effective measures to protect submerged entry nozzle: such as add refractory fiber protective cover outside of the submerged entry nozzle, smear anti-oxidation layer on the surface, slag line with composite ZrO2-c material to improve slag erosion resistance and blow argon gas into the porous refractory layer on the inner wall of the nozzle. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory, such as refractory fire brick, refractory nozzle, refractory raw material and other refractory products. Welcome to view our website to know more information about refractory products. Article source:

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