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Heat treatment temperature of the reheating furnace is not high, generally its service temperature is lower than 1300℃. For reheating furnace lining, usually we use Al-Si refractory materials which contains alumina 36-75%. The reheating furnace is used for bloom, continuous casting, small steel ingot to meet the temperature needed for hot rolling of thermal equipment. Reheating furnace mainly includes pushing-steel reheat furnace, walking beam furnace and so on.? Walking beam furnace is one type of continuous heating furnace. Its main characteristic is use walking beam hearth (walking beam) to drive furnace charge in the furnace run forward, instead of pushing machine after the furnace charge by running forward. Each part of reheating furnace temperature usually remains nearly constant, which can be divided into low temperature zone, medium temperature zone and high temperature zone, its temperature is 800 ~ 900 ℃, 900 ~ 1200 ℃, and 1200 ~ 1300℃. 1. Plastic refractory(Al2O340%~45%) is used for charging side, exit side, pre-heat period, soaking period and heating period of top, etc. Plastic refractory(Al2O370%) is used for burner parts. 2. Mullite anchor brick (Al2O360% & Al2O380%) is used for pre-heat period, soaking period, heating period of top and other fields. 3. Clay anchor brick is used for loading side barrier, headwall, flue, etc. 4. Heat insulation castable is used for pre-heat period, soaking period and heating period of top. 5. High aluminum castable and precast block are used in walking beam and heating period of top. 6. Low cement combined with high aluminum castable and precast block are used for outlet end wall, and they both use brown fused alumina as aggregate. 7. In addition, the reheating furnace also uses insulation board and other kinds of ceramic fiber insulation materials. Article source:
Woud u like to know more details about sheet plate steel metal? I am willing to introduce one for you. If you also want to know other kinds of refractory prodcts , such as fire brick for sale,refractory raw materials. Welcome to view our website to know more .“S” means S235J0W grade could be used in structural steel projects, 235 is the min yield strength. J0, J2 and K2 standard for the impact degree and energy in 0 temperature. “W” means that the mainly different in their carbon and phosphorus contents and availability. Sheet plate steel metal grade AS235J0W coil plateUsage/Application.S235J0W, the steel is especially intended for use in heavily loaded parts of welded structures such as, bridges, flood gates, storage tanks, water supply tanks, etc., for service at ambient and low temperatures. Changxing has a production line, which is base on oil & gas applied ceramic proppant, and also with 3 factories focusing on all kinds of refractory materials used for iron, Ceramic Fiber Felt and steel casting, cement, glass petrochemical and ceramics industries. With abundant sources and professional techniques, Changxing Refractory would like to build a reliable and efficient platform for customers all over the world.
Mould fluxes is a kind of refractory material that is put on the molten steel level to be thermal insulation,anti oxidation and absorption of non-metallic inclusions in the process of continuous casting. If you need any fire brick for sale,welcome to contact us anytime.Changxing offers many kinds of refractory products for you. The basic function of mould fluxes: Protecting the mould steel liquid from the two oxidation of air; Having good spreadability and insulation performance, prevent molten steel solidification or crus; Well absorbing the floating non metallic inclusion;Controlling the speed and uniformity of heat transmission from billet to crystallizer to reduce the thermal stress; Having good lubrication function for billet. The product of our company is designed and produced according to parameter of continuous caster and detailed production situation, which has good melting property and steady quality, and is suitable for different casting conditions. It can ensure the clean and smooth surface of casting block, and also can ensue that there is no shell and flux strip in mold, with even whip mark an without defect on he surface of casting block.There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Such as ceramic fiber felt, fire brick for sale , refractory nozzle.When you need any refractory products ,welcome to view our factory to know more.Changxing Refractory is a Chinese leading refractory and oil fracturing proppant manufacturer & supplier with a wide range industries in high temperature field. Article source:
LF refining furnace slag contains CaO, Al2O3, SiO2 and other oxides, there are very few LF refining furnace slag as a raw material for production, are used in glass and fuel industries.There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as china fire brick, refractory raw mateials .Welcome to know our factory more.LF refining furnace slag is rich in Al2O3 is also used as raw material for the extraction of alumina, LF refining furnace slag generally w (Al2O3) of 20% to 40%, and low-grade bauxite quite.? The aluminum in the LF refining steel slag is present in the form of a 12CaO ? 7Al2O3 mineral phase with high activity. It is easier to react with the acid and alkali, and it is easier to extract the alumina compared with the traditional aluminum-containing minerals. The study of using industrial waste acid acidification LF refining furnace slag to obtain aluminum containing Al3 + solution preparation of aluminum chemical products, and then extract alumina, raw material costs and operating costs lower than similar levels, with good economic benefits. The above traditional application methods of low added value, the use of small, and can not really play LF refining furnace slag as the value of production resources. LF refining furnace slag and metallurgical production of the main components of the raw materials used in similar components, the LF refining furnace slag in the metallurgical production of resources in the re-use, can greatly improve the utilization of LF refining furnace slag, saving metallurgical raw materials. Therefore, LF refining furnace slag in the field of metallurgical recycling is the most cost-effective way.Do you need any refractory products? There have many kinds of refractory products on our factory ,such as fire brick for sale, clay insulating bricks, refractory nozzle,refractory raw materials. If you need any refractory products like clay insulating bricks, welcome to contact us anytime. Article source:
1. The choice of kiln refractory lining material (1) Insulation, furnace shell and the permanent layer refractory insulation layer can choose between aluminum silica refractory fiber felt layer on the inner wall of the furnace shell, then clay insulating brick masonry. Heat preservation brick can be single or double layer adopted according to the thickness of the lining design.? (2) The permanent layer and working layer: permanent layer typically USES clay brick masonry. Working layer is according to the size of the kiln, can use different materials such as clay, high aluminum, magnesium, aluminum, magnesium chrome brick, etc. We are in big volume of lime kiln adopts thermal stability good burn into basic brick, in a small volume of kiln, the use of the burning and not burn comprehensive basic brick masonry.? 2. Kiln lining building design? The design of the kiln lining to the heat preservation performance is good, heat storage principle. Kiln wall thickness is 600 ~ 850 mm, small volume lower limit, big volume to take close to upper limit. Kiln wall thickness, heat preservation performance is poor, high heat loss, energy consumption is high. General lime kiln wall structure since the furnace shell, in turn, is 40 ~ 70 mm fiber felt, 115 ~ 265 mm light clay brick, clay brick, 230 mm, 230 mm layer brick work. If you need any refractory lining material ,welcome to view our factory any time. The news source :

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