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To prevent molten steel of the ladle nozzle from freezing, filling sand need to be filled into ladle nozzle, our company produce two kinds of filling sand: silicious and chromium based. Our chromium nozzle filling sand is made by using chrome ore as main material, conditioning agent as auxiliary material, which is kind of molten liquid flow material.There have fire clay bricks,refractory nozzle ,refractory raw materials and other refractory products, As filling sand used at ladle nozzle lower position, it is requested to be sintered at low temperature in order to avoid of flowing up when pouring molten liquid into ladle. On the other hand, it is also important character that the thickness of sintered layer which facing liquid side, can’t be too much during the high temperature and long-time refining process, otherwise, the auto tapping rate will be reduced to some content, which definitely affects normal and continuous steel making operation. Silicious and magnesial filling sand obviously can’t meet the requirement of auto tapping rate under high temperature and long-time refining process, so chromium filling sand was developed under this circumstance. Compared with the above mentioned filling sand, chromium filling sand possess higher tapping rate and more safe. Changxing Refractory is a Chinese leading refractory and oil fracturing proppant manufacturer & supplier with a wide range industries in high temperature field. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle,refractory materials. From a refractory bricks manufacturing factory, Changxing has become a professional manufacturer with various refractory materials and oil fracturing proppant both in domestic and international market during 30+ years, whose customers covers North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc. The artilce source:
Based on silicon oxide (quartz powder, diatomaceous earth etc.), calcium oxide (also use slaked lime, carbide slag etc.) and reinforcing fibers (such as asbestos, glass fibers etc.), through mixing, heating, molding, autoclave curing, drying and other processes, calcium silicate insulation material is made to be a new type of insulation material.There also have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as china refractory brick, refractory nozzle, refractory raw materials ,calcium silicate products etc. There has four kinds different types: 1. Asbestos calcium silicate: Its reinforced fiber is asbestos fiber.? 2. Non-asbestos calcium silicate: Its main performances are good thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and linear shrinkage etc., better than asbestos calcium silicate. It is good to reduce the loss of construction and installation.? 3. Lightweight calcium silicate: Its thermal conductivity, flexural strength and other properties are better than asbestos calcium silicate, in particular for 50% light density, available temperature also increase from 650 ℃ to 1000 ℃.? 4. High-strength calcium silicate: It is made by hydration reaction between siliceous material and calcareous material, Tuobei Mullite stone as the main crystalline material. With adding adhesive and reinforcing material, its strength will be improved.If you need any china refractory brick, welcome to view our factory to know futher information. article source:
Slide gate refractory part is a central part of the slide gate, is a key component in direct contact with the control of molten steel, its physical and chemical properties is a key factor in determining whether the normal use of the sliding gate.There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as Clay Insulating Bricks, refractory nozzle ,refractory products, refractory materials. Welcome to view our website to know information. 1.Ladle well block is of low hot crushing strength. When using air pick to chance upper nozzle well block, the well block would be easy to breakdown. The inner diameter would get larger, and gap between well block and upper nozzle may get bigger. The molten steel would easy to get into the gaps, and leak would easy to happen. 2.Ladle well block is of weak thermal resistance. During working period, like casting and hot repair, the temperature difference would be very big, and the well block would easy to break down. If can not be found in time, molten steel would leak through the gap between upper nozzle well block and nozzle. 3. Ladle sliding gate plate is of weak erosion resistance. When doing half hole casting, the lower plate would bear higher erosion strength, and easy to appear groove. After closed the plate, molten steel would leave in the groove and get cold there, in which way the two plates can not work smoothly. 4. If the low sliding gate plate break down, gap would easy to appear when casting, and molten steel would leave through it. If terrible, the sliding gate plate would easy to break into pieces because of molten steel pressure. 5. Sliding gate plate mortar can not bear erosion well, in which way gaps would appear and cause leak. If can not be found in time, this would cause leak between upper nozzle well block and well block, upper nozzle and upper slide gate plate. Article source :
Ceramic fiber paper is made by wet forming process, using selected Alumina silicate ceramic fiber cotton as main raw material, improving slag removal and drying process based on traditional techniques. Which is characterized by non-asbestos, fiber distribution, color white, non-hierarchical, few slag balls (four centrifugal cleaning), bulk density based on flexible adjustment, high-intensity (including reinforcing fibers), flexibility, and strong machining. It is used for high temperature environment, insulation, thermal insulation, sealing, electrical insulation, sound absorption, filtration, etc. Technology of ceramic fiber products makes fiber distribution very uniform, paper thickness and density can be strictly controlled. Ceramic fiber paper is made of some bonding agent, which is scientific and strictly selected and added to alumina silicate refractory fiber. The bonding agent will be burnt out during usage. When you need any refractory products ,welcome to view our website to know more.Woudld you like to know more kinds of refractory products in our website? There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as Clay Insulating Bricks, refractory fire brick ,refractory nozzle.Welcome to view our factory anytime. article source:
Submerged entry nozzle casting powder had been adapted in continues casting for more than 30 years. Casting powder is a very efficient technology which had made a great help for stablishing CCM technology, extending melting steel type, improving steel billet quality and capacity. In other word, without casting powder, CCM technology can not reach current level.Therefore, casting powder is an important part of modern CCM technology. Every country is investing a great labor and money in developing casting powder to satisfy CCM production requirement, which improve the developing of CCM technology.There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Totally speaking, function of casting powder in continues casting progress is as following, 1.Making continues casting stable, ensure that the continues casting can move on smoothly. 2.Improving steel billet surface and under-surface steel quality. Function of casting powder in mould is as following, 1.Casting powder can create an insulation layer on steel level, which can help to keep temperature of the melton steel. 2.Protecting the melton steel from secondary oxidation. 3.Casting powder can absorb floating inclusion in melton steel. 4.Casting powder has a good function of floating. 5.Casting powder can help to control the heat conducting. There also have many kinds of refractory products in our factory,such as clay insulating bricks, fire brick ,refractory raw materials,refractory nozzle, etc.When you need any refractory products,welcome to view our website to know more kinds of refractory products. article source: