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There is nothing wrong with living a healthy lifestyle and achieve ideal body. However, it becomes a problem when you do not do sports other than fitness. For example, say no to friends you play basketball at weekends for fear of damaging the muscle.

The importance of cardio exercise

Many people believe that cardio exercise is not important, especially if you're in a phase of building muscle. However, proper cardio exercise can train your body to burn more fat. The end result is a muscle that is drier and ideal body is more defined. For those who are building muscle mass, we still recommend for cardio exercise as much as two to three times per week, 30 minutes in each session.

Lazy run on the treadmill? The time to the field. Team sports such as football and basketball is actually the kind of sport like HIIT which also have the benefit of fat burning. In addition, football can also build muscle mass, you know. Studies conducted at the University of Copenhagen found that futsal routine can increase lean body mass by 1.7 Kg. Some of the other sports that also builds muscle mass can you see here

So, there's nothing wrong intersperse your weight training routine with cardio exercise. Moreover, when the "sport" is played basketball at the end of the week. Besides killing boredom, who knows your agility in a slam dunk can captivate your dream girl on the basketball court.

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Do you want to form an ideal body but-lazy exercise in the gym or pay a membership fee? Or you are among those who are skeptical will efficacy of non-gym exercise in ideal body shape? If yes, you must read our article below.

Athletic body, gym free

If you want a big muscular body like a bodybuilder, with great regret we inform you that you are obliged regularly to the gym in order to get your ideal body. However, if you want an athletic body, dry, and sturdy, you can get it without the gym. Especially if you like to exercise swimming, football, or basketball. Want to know why?

1. The Sport. Sports such as swimming, soccer, and basketball including high intensity cardio exercise. And, cardio is the kind of sport that can burn excess fat in the body, especially when the sport has a high intensity in a given interval (HIIT). That is, they often do sports are more likely to have a lean body.

2. The Training. If you had been a member of the football team or basketball, or at least have seen them practice, you certainly know that their training is not just a duel basketball / football. Often, they are trained technique (dribbling, shooting) or physical training with the shuttle run, push-ups, pull-ups, and the like. Well, physical exercise also causes the growth of not less optimal muscle by lifting weights in the gym. Push ups, for example, equivalent to bench press in the chest muscles. Other movements in sports also can train the muscles in the body, as described in this article.

3. the Nutrition. This section ya that is often overlooked by your sports enthusiast. Those who like basketball / football is likely to lazy to maintain optimal nutritional intake, unlike the fitness enthusiasts. However, no matter the sport, nutrition and adequate protein is still needed to support the recovery and muscle building. You can start with the consumption of milk, instead of sports drinks after sports. In addition to restoring fluid and electrolyte as well as sports drinks, milk also contains protein which is good for your muscles. More can be read here.

Hopefully this article answered your doubts to still get into shape without a gym, yes. Keep practice and be invincible!

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Regular exercise in the gym did not ensure that you get an athletic body and fit in no time. Moreover, when the management of your time in the gym less than optimal. See our article this week, and try to check whether one or more of the following frequently do. 1. Go to the gym not to exercise. You may often see people like this: come to the gym with dressing exercise, but spent his time staring at the girls in yoga class, busy chatting-or selfie-with smart phones each, even gossiping at the gym. The more time allocated to other things, the less time spent on exercise. As a result, do not expect the body fit and athletic will be yours in the near future. 2. It's hard to move on. No, not move on with the former, unless the memory of him makes it difficult to lift the barbell. What we mean to move on associated with the pattern of your workout at the gym. If you firmly firm run treadmill at a rate of 7 mph, or loyal load 20 kg bench press for more than 3 months, your body has adapted perfectly. In effect, the exercise you do will not be optimal, unless you add a running speed or load forces. Oh, yes. This also applies to those of you who love the same dead weight training and cardio considers only for obese people, and vice versa. 3. Spot Reduction only. Pursuing sixpack only with sit ups? Most likely you will be disappointed, especially if you do not burn the excess fat in your body first. You are more likely to get a six pack if prior percent body fat until ideal, just starting to train the muscles of the body, including the stomach. 4. Doing it wrong-and too embarassed to ask. No matter the weight training and cardio, correct movement should be a priority. One movement, then the calories you do not burn completely, your muscle building is not perfect, even the risk of injury increases. Therefore, make sure you research the right moves in the exercise, or ask the right people. Especially if you are new to fitness, personal trainer may be the right step to inculcate basic exercise properly. Oh yes, it's better to ask a certified personal trainer as compared to the "elders" gym. We believe, active man like you must have good time management, including when exercising in the gym. If not, this list could be a cheat sheet to exercise a more optimal and maximum impact. visit the recommended fitness blog Workout Finishers Review: Addictive Methods to Burn Fat
Honey to maintain health or moisturizing the skin, it is already commonplace. However, honey for sports? It turned out to be! Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees. Because of its sweet taste, sometimes even sweeter than sugar, honey is often used to sweeten food or drinks warm. However, honey is more than just a sweetener, as many nations believed that honey can heal. Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, although the amount is very small. Surely this makes the honey more superior than sugar that contains no nutrients other than carbohydrates. In addition to the nutritional, honey also contains a variety of antioxidants that are good for the immune system. Consumption of antioxidants which can considerably lower the risk of heart disease, and honey can be a supplementary source of antioxidants in addition to fruits and vegetables. Levels of antioxidants in honey can be estimated from its color: the more intense, the higher the antioxidant content in it. Then, true honey can be useful for sports? In theory can, as a source of energy for the body to exercise is sugar, and it is also the one major nutrients in honey. The sugar in honey is slowly converted into energy, which can be a source of long lasting energy. Clinical trials showed that those who supplemented with honey can be cycled further than those who supplemented with glucose. Therefore, drinking water sweetened with honey to taste may be better effect than when the electrolyte beverage consumed prior to exercise. However, honey is still high in sugar and sugar consumption is too high can cause severe disease later in life. As always, too much of a good thing can hurt, so it's time to be wise. thanks for reading and see my blog Bodyweight Burn Review - 21 Minutes Weight Loss System
Natural diet is one way in which a lot of people to live healthy lives. Eating a nutritious natural food ingredients would be done to keep your body fit and not contaminated with hazardous chemical substances. In addition to eating healthy foods, it would be nice if you balance the natural diet with regular exercise. The easiest exercise to do is run.

Benefits of running for fitness is certainly no doubt about it. In addition to a highly-efficient and can be customized with your free time, benefits the other run is a chance for you to perform physical activity outdoors. Certainly a bit boring when we have to always do physical activity at home or in the gym. Therefore, running will provide an opportunity for you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful scenery.

By running, the body does not just burn off energy, but also make the body more relaxed. This relaxes sensations arise from the secretion of endorphins during a run. These endorphins trigger positive feelings and euphoria so that the body will be active and feel more relaxed. Track-and-field is one sport that requires coordination of almost all body muscles. So it is not surprising that you will feel fitter and excited when to make a run as one of the activities regularly carried out.

In order to feel not boring, try to choose a different route while doing the activity ran. You can also invite friends or family members to participate in activities run regularly. Because healthy is not necessarily expensive, and health is everyone's right.

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The saying goes, once you can ride a bike, you never forget it -once learned, never forgotten! Therefore, Bro, let us optimize the benefits we can get from the sport pedaling this one! Maybe this time we only know a small part the benefits of cycling. In general, we know that cycling is healthy. However, how far the bike can bring us to a healthy life? Apparently, Bro, cycling proved to be one way to lose weight and maintain endurance. Not only burn a lot of calories in a short time, the activities of this pedal can also strengthen muscles and make our bodies become more relaxed. In addition, cycling can be done abuzz with family, colleagues, and friends. This makes the sport more enjoyable, is not it? Cycling for 30 minutes can help you burn enough calories and strengthen your body's defenses. When you are cycling in a long time, the heart and lungs you will grow. It is very good for your cardio workout, you know! Cardio workout itself very well as a way to lose weight. To start the cycling routine, and you'll have to know the type of bike that is suitable for you, and for what you're cycling. After deciding the right combination to start cycling slowly within a short distance, you need to quickly and far. For example, you can go around your residential complex, as well as join in the activities Car Free Day. After a while, you can improve mileage and your cycling speed gradually to achieve the body shape you want. Happy cycling! well visit the Bodyweight Burn Review to see how to train your body
Protruding belly synonymous with unhealthy lifestyles. If you have the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages, sleeping after eating, and do not exercise regularly, you will find it difficult to shrink the stomach distended you have. In addition, the risk of disease from coming into your body is even greater, ranging from stroke, high blood pressure, hepatitis, and even diabetes. A research has shown that a protruding belly to do with the intensity of sleep. The less time you sleep, the more difficult the effort you have to do to shrink the bloated stomach. Conversely, enough sleep turned out to be part of how to shrink bloated stomach. You know, Bro? Another study says that people who sleep for 6-7 hours a day, have 5% less fat than those who slept for less than 5 hours or more than 8 hours per day. This study was conducted on people with exercise program and eating the same, you know. Enough sleep is not a way to shrink the stomach distended most important, but still important! A healthy diet and regular exercise still plays an important role. In addition, other positive impacts derived from enough sleep is the reduced risk of diseases in such as stroke, liver, hepatitis, or high blood pressure. Enough sleep also increase the level of happiness, Bro. visit my blog now reviews old school new body
The appearance of acne, especially in parts of the body that looks like a face definitely be a hassle, either for men or women. Generally, to cope with acne also used various acne removal medication or ointment. However, if the acne-busting drug is felt not too effectively get rid of acne, there are some ingredients that are easily found in the home and can be used to get rid of acne. Banana peel Banana peel is rich in nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium. Not only that, a banana skin can also increase blood sugar and energy in the body. Well, to treat acne, a combination of banana peel and honey is rubbed on the acne is the best home remedy for acne and reduce acne scars on the face. Red onion Anti-inflammatory properties of the onion can help relieve the pain and pain in the body. With the content of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, red onion can also cure the infection. For acne is missing, you can try applying onion juice that has been mixed with lemon juice to your acne. Natural sulfur and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic will get rid of acne. Black pepper Black pepper can be used as a drug to treat acne. How, by making black pepper as a natural mask. As scrub, black pepper can eliminate the remnants of dead skin cells, smooth road oxygen in the skin, and nourish the skin as well as being an antibacterial for the cause of acne. Orange peel Orange peel can balance oil production in the skin, making the skin smooth and soft. Dry orange peel also acts as a natural exfoliator that can remove dead skin cells and blackheads with a soft and natural, thus making the skin more shine. In addition, orange peel also helps eliminate dark spots and blemishes on the skin. Because the cleanup does not give effect to inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, orange peel is also very good for acne. Turmeric Yellow dye substances (curcumin) in turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory), antiseptic and drying, all of which can help treat acne. If you want to direct consumption, grab a glass of warm milk and mix one teaspoon of turmeric into it. Stir until the color of the milk turns yellow. Once a day, preferably before bedtime. This will improve the immune system, the body will consequently better able to fight bacterial infections, so quickly cure acne. Turmeric can also be applied to the skin as a topical (applied to the skin) to treat and prevent acne. The trick, apply turmeric powder mixed with water or a cream turmeric for acne prone area once or twice daily after cleansing the skin. well visit my blog Acne No More Review - Your Weapon to Eliminate Acne
Appearance of large pores are rarely regarded as a serious skin problem by many people. Moreover, these problems can be tricked by the use of concealer or foundation. Whereas a large pore is the root of other skin problems, such as excess oil production, dullness, the emergence of blackheads and pimples, to the texture of an orange peel. According to dr. Gloria Novelita, Sp.KK many patients are not aware of large pores as skin problems. They usually present with oily skin or acne. To that end, he stressed the importance of overcoming this case in order to avoid further skin problems. "It's hard to shift easily indeed resolve to see large pores in the tropical climate. Due to hot and humid, the face tends to be oily. If the production of too much oil, the pores will be widened because of sebum clogged," said Gloria in the launch of Garnier Sakura White Serum Cream The Glass House, Ritz Carlton But that does not mean the problem can not be prevented and treated. Gloria suggested that they are porous, immediately choose the appropriate facial cleansers problems. Find the formula is mild and generally based serum for oily skin. If you can use a moisturizer with an active ingredient which is also enlightening because usually the problems it causes skin darkening. "If there can be a sunscreen to be practical because we live in a tropical country so that the multi-layered taste to be uncomfortable. For cleanser, select containing AHA so but can reduce the oil at the same time for exfoliation because piles of dead skin will further enlarge the pores," advises Gloria. Aside from the outside, this problem can also be addressed from within. Namely by reducing the consumption of full cream milk and high-calorie food because it can cause acne. Acne itself is a close relationship with large pores. Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables. well visit the Mike walden's treatment program acne no more book review

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