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Chocolate has always been one of the favorite foods of women. Besides the delicious taste, chocolate is also believed efficacious for healthy. Now, following the latest news, it will make fans very happy for chocolate. According to researchers in the UK, a bar of chocolate can serve as an extra antioxidant substances. In other words, chocolate efficacious ageless skin alias prevent aging. These findings, has been recognized by a number of clinical and medical researchers working in the field of health and beauty of the skin. Laboratory of Cambridge University released a product called Esthechoc chocolate bar. Esthechoc product has been tested clinically. Esthechoc combines proprietary, namely the polyphenolic substances as one of the biggest sources of antioxidants, or also known as astazanthin. The researchers claim that the chocolate products can improve skin circulation, as well as supporting the circulation of the flow of oxygen from the blood to the skin to the brain. This step is just one part of a skin detoxification, as well as how intensely nourish the skin. "We invite people aged 50 to 60 years to try the chocolate efficacy. So far, we see the skin inflammatory process has begun to decline when regularly consumed. As a result, their skin conditions such as back to the age of 20 or 30 years. It is a psychological improvisation skin, "said Ivan Petyaev, lead researcher at Cambridge University and founder Esthechoc as reported by The Telegraph. In one box of chocolate weighing 7.5 grams, each bar of chocolate contains 38 calories which is also suitable for vegans. Chocolate can make the young also contains milk. However, as much as 72 percent of the chocolate contains cocoa ingredients that have been approved by nutritionists. But, it enough antiokasidan substances to prevent aging of the skin? According to Keri Gans, a registered dietitian, high-quality chocolate already includes the entire substance that can cope with the symptoms of skin aging required. "Naturally, chocolate does contain flavanols which are antioxidants. Eating chocolate will nourish the skin optimally. Dark chocolate brown is the best-quality chocolate and for the intake of real skin, "said Gans. click here to see the review of the beauty of food blog
Dry skin, even until the resulting scales, and accompanied by itching, are the hallmark of atopic dermatitis. The disease is more susceptible suffered by those whose skin is sensitive and easily irritated. Atopic dermatitis is more widely affects children aged less than 5 years. However, adults can also experience it. "Atopic dermatitis or eczema is the inflammation of the laymen call on shaped skin rash that occurs in people whose skin is sensitive. The disease can be chronic or intermittent," Patients with atopic dermatitis have very dry skin due to low production of ceramide, especially ceramide type 1 in the "cement" skin. These conditions will make of that the protective function of the skin is reduced. "If the protective function of the skin is reduced, the water is out and foreign matter from the outside easy to get in. This will cause an inflammatory reaction," he said. Rachel explained, dermatitis can be caused by genetic factors are compounded by external factors. "The disease is easy to relapse due to frequent use of antiseptic soap, deodorant products, or detergents, which makes the skin become more dry," he said. Therefore, they are prone to suffer from this skin disease are the ones who often touch with water and soap or detergent, such as nurses, nannies, and so on. "But there are also people who dermatitis relapse when under stress. Because the skin is itchy, it will be carded on, and this can make the skin gets itchy, so continue to do so until the skin of eczema," said Rachel. The use of corticosteroid drugs or antihistamines can indeed relieve symptoms, especially itching. However, the use of corticosteroids smeared often improper use, even excessively so cause side effects. "The side effects can be immune to skin or skin color so uneven," said a doctor who practiced at hospitals Mother's Menteng Rachel is advised to modify your lifestyle to prevent recurrence of dermatitis. "So that no more dry skin, use a moisturizer frequently," he said. Moist skin will be maintained for health, skin barrier function is maintained. In the market there are a variety of moisturizing products, but for people who have a dermatitis disorder, are advised to choose a product that contains no fragrance and has anti-inflammatory properties. well visit my beauty blog now:
Circus movement was not only a professional can do. We can also practice doing the movements challenging the guts of it. If the body's circus art also teaches us to recognize ourselves, to overcome fear, to learn to catch his breath. Marina Martam is a professional circus actors. Since the beginning of 2000, he studied the movements of circus at Club Med resorts that exist around the world. In the resort circus performed by securing more than required. Since 2005, he began teaching the class circus art. Participants of this class mostly men. Because, it takes courage to ride the hammock or hoop hanging from the high ceiling. "For the high roof required a minimum height of five meters. Since wearing a low roof, the more classes followed by women," says Marina who teaches classes in studio art circus Balance . By expert, Marina up the hoop and perform a series of movements difficult. Done in action, he was panting. "There are elements of cardio exercise is also in a class of this circus," he said. When the motion, it takes control of the body and good breath. For him, this challenging exercise is a way to polish up so much the better. "To add one style only, supposing I need to travel to strengthen certain body parts and polish the others," he said. Once able to conquer certain difficult movements, she felt the pleasure of the incomparable and more and more challenged to conquer other difficult movements. Darmastuti Asti, one of the founders of the studio Balance admitted difficulty when it comes to climbing hoop circus art class. "But the main difficulty when he took this class for me is to overcome fear. Fear makes the body locked and difficult to move. As soon no longer be afraid, everything feels easy," said Asti. According to Marina, we should throw away that fear away. "We always put the main security. Classes should be all the more enjoyable. At the end of the class they can also penetrate the progress of what has been learned during the class," he added. well click here to visit the Tacfit Commando blog

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