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Some people like to consume peanuts. Despite its small form, but peanuts contain high goodness as well as a source of protein. There are many benefits of peanuts for our health: 1. Helps maintain cholesterol levels Peanuts are high in mono unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce bad cholesterol from the body to prevent the risk of heart disease. 2. Prevent Wrinkles Peanuts turned out to be good for the skin, especially in preventing wrinkles. Peanuts contain vitamin E, which can help reduce lines and wrinkles on the skin. Not only that, riboflavin and vitamin B content of the beans will also make skin more radiant. 3. Helps reduce blood sugar levels For those of us who have diabetes, peanuts can be food should be consumed every day. Peanuts are rich in manganese which helps absorb calcium and fats, thereby regulating blood sugar levels. 4. Reduce Depression Peanuts also contain tryptophan, which helps to release special chemicals to reduce the signs of depression. It is also included in enhancing mood or mood. 5. Sources of high energy When we feel tired or weak, try eating peanuts because it can provide instant energy for the body. Nuts are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Not only that, peanuts can lose weight because they follow a high carbohydrate and fat than other nuts. 6. Helps prevent various cancers Peanuts are also a source of p-coumaric acid that helps reduce the risk of stomach cancer and for women peanuts can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 40%. 7. Helps hair growth Omega3 fatty acids contained in nuts will help grow healthy hair. The content of vitamin E was also able to reduce thinning hair and improves blood circulation in the scalp area. 8. Reduce the risk of gallstones Both peanut in its natural form or in the form of jam, it would be good to reduce the risk of gallstones in the body to prevent infections gallbladder and liver up to 50%. Now we already know the benefits of peanuts to health. Do not forget to eat peanuts these days. visit my tacfit commando fitness blog now:
You must familiar with the adage 'you are what you eat "or you are what you eat. a lot of your eating patterns show who you are. If you really care about the health of the body, ye shall certainly not hesitate to adopt a healthy diet in your daily life. Sure, there are people who stay slim despite eating a lot. But, you do not have a genetic advantage that kind can really enjoy the food without having to suppress hunger because dieting. Do not let the matter of eating food. Let your body stay slim without additional fat, here are some healthy eating tips you ought to do! Some tips on healthy eating is worth you apply to your body does not store extra fat, whether you're doing a diet program or when dieting. 1. Eat only one type of food is not the answer. Food consumption in order to produce a glut Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function optimally. Hence, dieting by eating one type of food that is not healthy. After all, you can actually slimmer through a nutritionally balanced meal. The key is simple, really. You only need to apply sequential diet while consuming the nutrients that are important for your body. It's useful to keep you full longer and stop you from overeating when you do not abstain from any food. 1. Dietary fiber (from vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits) 2. Protein (meat, fish, etc.) 3. Carbohydrates (rice, noodles, bread, etc.) Start your food by eating foods rich in fiber such as vegetables or fruit enriched with protein from meat. A bowl of soup is a good example, because food is a source of fiber and protein plus warm sauce, making you feel full longer. By order of the meal as above, naturally you will limit food intake without feeling hungry. 2. Do not hesitate to enjoy the time with longer chew your food Eat without feeling rushed is very helpful to keep your appetite. Chew your food at least 30 times that level of glucose and increased histamine in your body effectively and be able to banish your food craving. According to research, people who eat fast are more susceptible to obesity, you know. Besides chewing food longer, eat while doing other things aka multitasking does not help make you leaner. So, enjoy your food as possible so, do not just passing. 3. Never ignore mealtime your diet if you want optimal results Diet is not the same as not eating. If you diet by not eating - such as skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner - your weight may be downloaded quickly, but just be ready with your weight go up again after it stopped applying the diet. Diet by not eating makes you into a state of starvation that can reduce your muscles, so that your metabolism rate will decrease. It's easy cause you to get fat again after stopping the diet. To be successful in your diet, eat with the number and the normal meal hours while reducing calorie intake in two ways above. You also should not eat late at night after bedtime. 4. Foods with low GI is the right choice so that your weight remained friends Foods that have a Glycemic Index (Glycemic Index / GI) foods not only helpful for people with diabetes do. You can benefit through your diet with foods low in GI. Low GI foods help keep blood sugar and insulin, thus indirectly carbohydrate is converted into fat. This is due to low GI foods are absorbed more slowly, making you full longer. click here to get the Turbulence Training Review, training online fitness pluss nutrition guide plan for the better body
One important part in sport is part of the heating is done in the beginning. If you miss it, the possibility of injury is greater. Here, are a few facts about the warming you need to know. After reading it, no more thinking to skip the warm when exercising yes, especially when lifting weights. 1. While warming up, the temperature will rise to the muscles are warm and more flexible so that they can relax and be able to contract better. 2. The elasticity of the muscles will increase and reduce the strain on the joints so as to minimize injury. 3. Quoted Boldsky, heating makes the blood vessels dilate so that blood flow to be smooth and heart remain healthy throughout the sport. 4. Heating and cooling will work well if the body in warm, so it can work properly during exercise. 5. Warm up before exercise makes a lot of oxygen into the muscles thus increasing endurance. 6. For weight training and running, heating make the range of motion becomes easier thus improving the performance of the body. 7. Heating gives good effect on the hormone where the sport is not a lot of wear energy. 8. Heating like to mentally prepare for a big thing or an intense session. Heating helps prepare the limb before you do sports activities. visit my blog about Turbulence Training Review here now

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