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So easy to distinguish cystic acne and the common acne, you must understand its characteristics. Different from regular acne, cystic acne harder and ongoing pain when pressed. Cystic acne is different from acne in general. Usually the larger the physical form of common acne. In fact, acne is hard and painful when pressed. In addition, if you press it with a very strong then inflicted pain will be felt sustained. Typically also, you can see small white bumps that form seeds acne breakouts in one's body. The distribution is 2 times faster than the acne in general, you must keep more than usual. Acne stone will also spread quickly to the entire surface of the other face down to the neck. Especially when your face is dirty and seldom wash your face with facial wash. do not need to be asked again, how quickly this acne penetrated up to the neck. Not only pain, acne usually is never disappear completely. There will be holes left as the former. In addition, the acne that is usually also will cause scars. If the common acne scar black spots and pockmarked. Then cystic acne will leave a hole as traces. Therefore, it takes the appropriate response to quell it. Now is the time to know what the causes of cystic acne. When he wants to remove it, it will be very helpful. By knowing the causes of cystic acne, you can easily do prevention. So that the front bulge acne is no longer perched on the face and neck. psychological factors Are you a lot of work, mind, and often stress? This is a frequent cause of cystic acne. Stress causes the frequent occurrence of emphasis in the area of ​​the face unnoticed. What happens is that the facial muscles tightened. This causes the oil gland production increase. Furthermore, the pores clogged oil and dirt, and Voila! This arises the cystic acne. If you do not want attacked the cystic acne, better refresh the mind. Do not think too much about things that are there so that it becomes a burden. Give a light massage also in advance so that the muscles no longer tense. When you need to refresh your face with a mask of fruit so that the facial skin gets adequate nutrition. Genetic factors Do you have oily facial skin? If yes, the skin is usually oily face is a factor that is genetically inherited. This usually happens when you also have siblings or even parents with similar skin types. In fact, some of them also have problems with cystic acne. Be careful, because the skin is oily face a growing field of the acne hard on this one. To anticipate, you can reduce the intake of foods that have a high oil content. Wash your face two times a day is also better, so that the amount of oil on the face can be reduced. Hormonal factors Hormones can also be the cause of cystic acne. Hormonal changes can stimulate the production of excess oil. It is then able to close the pores. Coupled with dirt coming, then the elements completed the cause of cystic acne. For women who are married, you should avoid the use of birth control pills. Because this pill can cause changes in hormones and trigger the cystic acne. click here to find how to eliminate acne permanently
Acne is often perceived as annoying and intrusive. Not only spoils the appearance, but acne is also often creates a feeling sore. Some foods are believed to help prevent acne potent, like tuna and salmon. The fish are included in the category of cold water fish apparently able to help overcome acne. Kind include salmon, tuna, and mackerel are rich in omega 3 fatty acids they contain healthy fats are known to eliminate acne. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids from fish is also able to maintain heart health and improve brain function. According to data from the Skin Therapy, omega 3 fatty acids can help minimize the inflammation of the skin and reduce the symptoms of acne. Dr. Nicholas Perricone, dermatologist and author of books on skin and acne also recommend the tuna, salmon and mackerel to frequently consumed. According to Dr. Nicholas, foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are high should be one of the daily menu. Especially for those who often have problems of acne on the skin, three types of fish eating a healthful course will assist in restoring the skin caused by acne and also prevents acne comes back. So, wanna know about how to to get no more acne, visit this link

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