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You know, diving mayo diet turned out to be tantamount to self-deception? Nutritionists Dr Tan Shot Yen gives the explanation. "By adopting a diet mayo, someone is tantamount to deceive themselves. For, out of the body is not fat, but water. This is the reason, why the weight down is only temporary," said Dr Tan. Diet mayo interpreted as a short-term diet, do not consume salt for 13 days. Dieters are also advised to eat boiled food. Dr Tan explained, the salt has a function as a binder of water in the body. That is, a person will feel weak if the body lacks salt. "The principle of physics that salt attracts water. So, if the salt in the body is reduced, so the water came out a lot because there is no barrier," said Dr Tan who open a practice in Dr Tan Wellbeing Clinics and Remainlay Special Need's Health, told Wednesday . However, there are some people who are advised to reduce salt consumption. For example, patients with hypertension and renal impairment. However, applying a low salt diet should not be arbitrary. "We do not say this is a low-salt diet. However, salt intake should be regulated in accordance with the patient's condition. It would be dangerous if carelessly on a diet of salt," he said. well click here to see the review of my favorite and recommended fitness program, 3 week diet system, thanks for reading..
Actually losing weight it is very easy. Eating in front of the mirror, it can encourage us to eat more healthily. Researchers found that people who consume unhealthy foods such as chocolate cake, looking at his own reflection in the mirror, it will taste good food is less tasty and satisfying. Experts say, the key is in fact someone feel uncomfortable seeing themselves eating unhealthy foods. They then realize they should eat healthy foods. As a result, the scientists advise us to eat in front of the mirror to reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods. Researchers also found that healthy foods taste remains the same with or without a mirror. Principal investigator, Dr Ata Jami from the University of Central Florida said, "The view in the mirror tells us more than the appearance of visual. it lets us look objectively and help us assess ourselves and behavior as we judge others." Scientists conducted a taste test of the 185 students at the university. Students were asked to choose between chocolate cake and fruit salad. They then evaluated the taste in the room with a mirror or a room without mirrors. Those who choose to report the chocolate cake, it does not feel in a room with mirrors. Those who ate the cake was in the room with no mirrors report good taste. Meanwhile, the presence of the mirror does not have an impact on the taste of the fruit salad. Mirror found suppress research participants to compare and adjust the behavior to the standards of social truth. When someone not in accordance with the standard, they would not look into the mirror. Instead, feeling uneasy about the increasing mismatch standards. Therefore, the existence of mirror creates discomfort and decrease the flavor tasted of unhealthy foods. However, the present invention only in the case when a person choose the food they eat. By choosing certain foods, they feel responsible for the food choices. However, eating healthy foods does not produce discomfort. As a result, the mirror does not change the taste of healthy food. The study concluded that, should mirror placed in the dining room. By doing so, we become able to watch yourself while eating. The hope, by watching yourself eat, we become more often apply a healthy diet. This research has been published in the journal of the Association for Consumer Research. Well, click here to see the review of my recommended fitness program designed for women, The Beta Switch.

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