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Pull Up. Among all tests conducted Pull Up which takes most sedikit.Kurangnya exercise induced hands do not have the strength to pull the body upwards. Beware !! when completed the movement Pull Up then jump and land smoothly, resulting in a sprained foot and injuries. A good training for supporting Push Up is as follows a. Early preparation: 1) Ditto the above. 2) Pole pull up. ( View image ). b. Final preparations: 1) Prepare the place. Using a flat spot, but when to exercise should position of the feet were higher than our bodies ± high above the knee. 2) supine body position by hand and placed in a position plaited behind the head (it can not be separated). 3) Position legs bent and feet flat on the floor. c. implementation: 1) Preparation of the bottom, back and hands touching the floor in a position woven back of the head and touch the floor. 2) Lift the body using abdominal strength, at the above position kissing head left and right knee alternately, left and right elbow touch is in the middle between the knees. Inhale on the way up and at the time down waste of breath. 3) Do it repeatedly with a value of 100 is 18 times per minute. 4) To Increase the count can be way above the foot position and head down. visit my blog about tacfit warrior here

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