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Finding a mysterious easter egg in a video game has always been a preoccupation. Not a few developers who tossed content that be a reference for other products, which sometimes led to admiration and laughter itself. You can find so many conversations iconic references from old movies and video games in the previous Fallout series, or how Rockstar agrees well as denying the existence of an easter egg itself in GTA: San Andreas. He was always a challenge that takes extra effort to simply enjoy. But as far as the existence of easter egg over the years, none will be able to beat the complexity of the content offered in the latest DICE Battlefield 4. Easter egg that is enough to make your brain-death in an instant. Latest DLC Battlefield 4 - Dragon Valley turned out to contain an easter egg that is so complex in it. The first clue in the form of a flashing light turns ended so morse code in a foreign language that will bring you into a more complicated puzzle. Find a series of switches that are scattered on the same map, solve puzzles in different maps, enter a certain code back, all to get an exclusive camo from DICE. The process is so complex that it is almost impossible you can do it without even thinking about it. You could see such sequences that must be taken from the latest video released by renowned Youtube user - Jackfrags. You will of course immediately thought, "If all the code already available on Youtube, would not you just enter the code instantly and no longer need to go through all these complicated things?", This is where the charm of easter eggs on this one. Jackfrags also mention that the puzzle for each user will be different from one another, from the first to the lantern code final code should be inputted to get a "reward" final. So basically, if you're interested, you have to go through all the process from the beginning again because each user will have their own unique code. How about you? Interested to go through all this complicated process to get exclusive camo in Battlefield 4? well visit my Cheap graphics card for gaming now:
Last weekend Netmarble Games announces a major update of its superior mobile RPG, Seven Knights. Update this time presents a new plot that has been eagerly awaited, the area of ​​the 8th named Moonlit Isle. This adventure area controlled by the boss who has the highest level in the game. Area 8th Moonlit Isle consists of 15 stages with three themes, Bloom Vil, Trial Path, and the Celestial Gate. In addition, this update also presents a storyline about the heroes who pursue Dellons and their feud with the Lunar Guardian, Dellons support troops. Additional new area is expected to encourage players to challenge Ace, one of the Four Lords. Ace hostile to the seventh hero and have complete control of Moonlit Isle, an area which has a higher degree of difficulty than the previous area, Ace, leader Moonlit Isle, conquered weakness in fencing and become the greatest generals, as well as inherited Leader's Sword which is the family's valuables. Ace and his long sword may issue an amazing variety of skills, such as the ability to reduce the entire enemy defense, as well as eliminating items that are useful for the opponent. Not only that, Netmarble add various weapon and shield that has been adapted to the concept Moonlit Isle. Equipped with seven additional characters that have oriental characteristics, namely Lina, Daisy, Jin, Rey, Katty, and Coco. Beginning with this update, Netmarble will hold an event which took place from 3 to 17 December. Players who get Ace through summon Rare Hero during the event takes place will get a ticket summons element 4. Visit the low power video card blog here:

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