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It took many hours to the eye would fall asleep? This incident not only can make you feel uneasy, but it can cut the time to sleep that ultimately have an impact on health. Because the sleep is not limited to the routine, but if done with quality, sleep provides a lot of value plus. A study conducted by scientists at the University of Luebeck found, people who sleep enough at night, three times more likely to think creatively, to remember something, solve problems, and perform other activities related to the ability of the brain. In addition, sleep is enough to make the hormone levels in the body into balance, so as to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer. So, do not underestimate the difficulty sleeping during this encounter. Some ways you can try to get sleepy within 5 minutes: Dinner is easily digested Big food portions and weight will burden the digestive thus making it difficult to get to sleep soundly. Although eating a lot can make you sleepy, but to reach the stage of quality sleep, your body needs more time. When already, wait at least 2 hours before moving to a proper sleep, so that digestion had a chance to finish the job. If hunger comes as close to bedtime, the fruit can be chitterlings which will not be difficult for you to sleep. Avoid heavy talks with partner Heavy conversation can make the brain work extra so you prone to fatigue and even frustrating if you do not also find a solution. Of course, this will keep you awake and sleeplessness. Although able to sleep too, is likely to become a bigger nightmare, so as to find a peaceful sleep will be quite difficult. It is better to discuss with your spouse at any other time, or at least a few hours before bedtime, such as at dinner. So, instead of talking about problems that occurred today, invite your partner to talk about things that are fun to be thankful. This talk will bring body and mind into a peaceful atmosphere so it is easier to rest. reading books The book is meant here is in the form of a real book, not the book is in tablet or smartphone. Because the blue waves described gadget will actually make it difficult to sleep and awake. So, immediately prepare favorite novel, use a reading lamp with soft lighting, sitting on the bed. Let your eyes sleepy by itself, then start to slowly fall asleep, do not push to keep reading even if you have come to the part of the most intriguing. Read a book before bed was quite effective to make someone drowsy within 5-10 minutes. Creating to-do-list Perhaps many are asking, why should be done before bedtime? In addition to being a reminder of what you need to do tomorrow, make a list of activities on a piece of paper can also make you more quickly fell asleep. It's time to put down the paper and pencil on the table room. Start writing while sitting with legs relaxed conditions. Because when you write anything in the next day activities, indirectly you instruct the brain to rest in peace in order to be ready to confront the many activities. Change phone settings to airplane mode Ring, notification, and the desire to continue to update social media, will make your mind demanding to stay awake while the body is tired. So, turn off the phone at bedtime judged to be the most powerful ways to make your fast asleep wanna try diet and fitness program, try this beta switch:

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