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The popular game of the 2000s, Ragnarok, will return to the mobile platform and ready to pamper its fans! Ragnarok again present greet his fans, this time can be played on your smartphone and tablets, anytime and anywhere! Ragnarok's latest game Ragnarok Valkyrie is a MMORPG mobile game that can be played on the Android platform. This game was developed by NeoCyon, a Korean game developer. Ragnarok still uses his trademark character, the 2D graphics characters with a funny and cute form. The players can be adventurous in the city of Rune Midgard. In the Village system, you RO The Mania can adventure and interact with millions of other players from different worlds. Basic class provided in this game there are 5, namely: -Acolyte -Swordman -Mage -Thief -Archer Of the five Classes, you can also develop it into the second Class consisting of Knight, Priest, Assassin, Magician, and Hunter. Battle RaganrokRagnarok Valkyrie has a very varied fighting place, such as Single Battle, Abyss Battle and Valkyrie's Shrine or group battles. Inside the War of Emperium, players can fight together to drop a castle and take all the advantages of the castle. You can also fight boss monsters in certain arenas in the World Boss. in Gaming World blog see how to choose cheap gpu War Ragnarok The players' items can also be forged or forged to +15, and not only that, your weapons can also be upgraded, from grade 1 to grade 4. If you need a certain item but do not have it, or want to give an item to a friend, then you can trade it in Trading System. In this game you can have mercenaries or troops, and you can upgrade all your mercenaries with certain material to look for in the game. Gacha Ragnarok Test your luck in Drawing Mercenaries! Here you can get random mercenaries from the weakest to the greatest and rare! You can also make them fight in the Mercenary Battle, set your own 2 VS 2 fight from your mercenaries! You can have your own mounts, and with Ride mode then your movement speed will increase! Not only that, you can also keep Pet in this game you know! By keeping the pet, your pet will increase the ability of the character.
If you include gamers who follow the development of the game industry in Indonesia, then you do not seem familiar with the name Fallen Legion. RPG Indonesia Mintsphere concoction of this one is indeed the first local game that managed to penetrate the Playstation 4 market. The quality itself no longer need to doubt. Although carrying the concept of gameplay is simple and repetitive, but the Vanillaware-style visual approach through hand drawing for existing characters and environments offers its own charm. The good news? Not only for Playstation 4, Indonesian gamers who do not have Sony's console can be a bit happy. Why? Because Fallen Legion will definitely go to PC!

Distributed through Valve's digital portal - Steam, the publisher - YummyYummyTummy itself gives the title "Fallen Legion +" for this PC version release. There is no different content than the PS4 or PS Vita versions, only the word "+" indicates that it is a bundle of two titles - Sins of an Empire and Flames of Rebellion each of which offers a different character's perspective, even though it is linked by one same line. Store page for this game is available, but unfortunately, there is still no detail about the price at all. More cool, Indonesian translation is also certainly present in this PC version.

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Minimum Requirements

    OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core i3-4170
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
    Storage: 2 GB available space

Recommended Requirements

    OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7
    Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
    Storage: 2 GB available space

Fallen Legion PC version itself is scheduled to be released on January 6, 2018. Interested?
The gamer's anger over the microtransaction and loot box system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 may still not have subsided.

However, instead of focusing on fixing the issue and bringing about changes to the system so that Battlefront 2 can be a more viable game, EA just made things worse by issuing statements that seem to blame the Star Wars franchise.

According to Extreme Tech, the controversial revelation was made by CFO EA Blake Jorgensen at the 21st Credit Suisse technology conference. At the event Jorgensen said EA did not want to damage the original Star Wars feel.

"We just want to focus and do not want to spoil the nuances of Star Wars," Jorgensen said. "Star Wars is an incredible franchise built over decades, and we certainly do not want to spoil it by adding cosmetic features in the game."

Jorgensen seems to want to refute the protests of gamers who ask why EA does not use the cosmetic system as a base microtransaction like that done by some other game.

Unlike the Star Card in Battlefront 2 that can make the characters in the game more powerful, cosmetics only change the appearance of the characters in the game so the game can appear more balanced since not everyone has the money to buy a loot box in the microtransaction system.

However, Jorgensen is like denying the application of cosmetics in Battlefront 2. According to him, the application of cosmetics will damage the feel of Star Wars. Jorgensen even gave examples of how Darth Vader using a white or pink outfit from a cosmetic system can destroy the feel of Star Wars in the game.

"Darth Vader will certainly look strange if you use a white robe, not only that, he will also look even bizarre if using a pink robe," explained Jorgensen.

Jorgensen's argument is very strange because in-game cosmetics are not limited to changing the color of robes or weapons. Using a cosmetic system, Darth Vader could have changed his appearance to Anakin Skywalker shortly after he became Sith.

what you can achieve from using this kind gpu

In addition, EA can also sell display cosmetics to change the color of Lightsaber used by the Jedi. In the world of Star Wars itself Lightsaber has many color variants, ranging from the red that is usually used by Sith, green, blue, purple, white, black, until the gold color.

Jorgensen statement this time sounds like showing if the EA is deliberately presenting a microtransaction system that forces players to be smooth to buy a loot box sold.

Not only that, this statement also indirectly shows EA blaming the Star Wars franchise that makes them unable to apply the cosmetic system inside Battlefront 2.
There are various reasons why cyst sufferers should avoid beverages in packaging especially on plastic packaging. In addition to the chemical content may be a preservative or dye and sweetener contained in it. Another thing that is not less dangerous is also the chemical content in plastic containers that if contaminating the contents of the drink and consumed by the patient then this can endanger the patient's body condition in its recovery. (Read also: Danger of sparkling drinks - The danger of eating rice with instant noodles - The danger of eating instant noodles) Complex Cooked Foods The cyst sufferers should avoid as much as possible the various types of foods that are processed in a complicated way and produce heavier and harder food types to be consumed and digested by the body. Such as various foods that are processed by frying using cooking oil or also through the process of burning should be taboo first. It would be very fitting if the cyst sufferers eat a simple type of healthy food and avoid the process of excessive cooking. Type of food that is boiled or in-team without having to be cooked in many ways is the most appropriate food to be consumed by patients with cysts. Because this is very good for the recovery process is faster without having to match with type of food that is less supportive of the recovery process or even can worsen the condition of patients such as food loaded with oil or burnt food that is identical with the issue of carcinogenic so not good for the body also when consumed . (Read: Consume fried dangers - Trans fats in foods - Examples of saturated fats in foods) Vegetable Tauge Although bean sprouts are known as food for fertility but unfortunately the cyst sufferers are advised to avoid the consumption of bean sprouts because this type of vegetables contain compounds trigger cyst forming. So if the patient does not avoid consumption of this type of vegetables it will be very worried that the cyst condition will be worse and healed cultivated will increasingly experience deterioration. It should be the side of the food should really be considered carefully for maximum results. (Read: How to increase the hormone progesterone) Both types of vegetables, although rich in fiber is also avoided from the consumption menu of patients with cysts. Because the compound content in the chicory and kale are both can interfere with the effectiveness of the performance of the drug substances that are being consumed by patients to hasten healing. Whether it's herbal medicine or medical drugs both these vegetables have a bad effect on the work force of these drugs. So for the sake of the level of efficacy of treatment, the two types of vegetables like mustard greens and kale should be avoided first. (Also read: see how to create foods to burning the fat ) That is some list of types of food abstinence cysts and of course the legitimate green beans are consumed by the cyst sufferers in order to get immune in the recovery of the disease . So hopefully useful and still loving to always maintain body health.
Kettlebell is not a new item, but a classic sports tool whose popularity is increasingly sticking out. This is because kettlebell can be a versatile and effective tool for performing various movements in strength & conditioning exercises that involve all parts of your body. Unfortunately, you often do not use kettlebell properly, thus reducing its ability to train your body to its full potential. Well, so you better understand the benefits of this one tool, you should understand and try to master the basic movements kettlebell following. 1Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell swing Russian style, where you swing kettlebell up to shoulder level, a very effective movement when done with the correct shape. You not only train muscle strength, but also combine it with cardiovascular exercise in an efficient movement. With all its benefits, it is no wonder that this movement became one of the fundamental movements in kettlebell practice. Although it seems easy to do, kettlebell requires time, practice, and coaching so you can do it perfectly. If you want maximum results from this movement, feel free to learn how to do it right. 2Goblet Squat Squat is a fundamental movement pattern that can be done with various variations. One of them is a squat goblet. This movement is not just the movement of the foot, it trains the whole body and provides more mobility so you can do the movement with a heavier load. To train the leg muscles to the maximum, barbell squats are indeed good. But, the squat goblet makes you do it better. 3Turkish Get-Up Turkish get-up needs to be done slowly and in full control. You start this movement from lying on the floor with one hand stretched up in the grip of kettlebell, then standing and lying back to its original position in a specific sequence of moves. A flexible movement requires strength, flexibility, and caution. This can be obtained from kettlebell load in your hand. Turkish get-up helps train shoulder strength, hips, torso, and flexibility. 4Kettlebell Press Men's Best Weight Loss Program: Turbulence Training Workout After you can do the first three movements and get the flexibility and stability of the shoulder, kettlebell press is another movement you should learn. Although it looks like an overhead press, this movement is not just a shoulder movement, as you use the whole body to maximize the power of the press. Compared to dumbbell, kettlebell is more comfortable because of its unique shape and balanced grips allowing you to press on a natural field of motion against your shoulders. 5Clean Like kettlebell swing, clean is an explosive movement to train the body's strength thoroughly. The difference is at the end of kettlebell movement in the rack position, opposite to the swing position where kettlebell away horizontally in front of the chest. This movement takes time to be studied to perfection. But, when it is perfect, this movement is ideal for inclusion in complex kettlebell exercises. Moreover, you can combine it directly with the press movement. 6Snatch Kettlebell snatch is regarded as the final look of the strength of your whole body because this movement is quite demanding of physical ability and technique. But, it also provides the benefits of body strength & conditioning in total. This movement helps improve your performance to a higher level, builds explosive forces, and builds strong shoulders. To demonstrate snatch movements, you need good technique, explosive pelvic energy, and keathletisan. Avoid doing this movement before you master the swing pattern and explosive hip movements on the kettlebell swing. Well, now are you ready to grab a kettlebell at home and try the movements above?
What does it mean to have a slim body but always sick? This rhetorical question should be used as an ingredient for those who are overweight and are on a strict diet. In reducing fat accumulated in the body, should not only think about quantity, but also the quality. So do not just think about how many kilograms of fat should be removed from the body for a period of time, but also think about the best way to do it to avoid the disease. The amount of fat content in a person's body, determined through BMI (Body Mass Index) with a high proportional calculation and weight. A person who has a BMI between 25-29.9 is categorized as overweight. If BMI is above 30 or even more, then it is categorized as obese. Noteworthy is; The greater the BMI the greater the risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and various cancers. How to Lower BMI A powerful way to lower BMI is by reducing calories that enter the body and increasing hours for exercise. The success of this decline in BMI is not determined by how long it takes to reduce how many calories of fat in the body. However, it is determined by the selection of the right diet and also healthy. Keep the body slim with men's best weight loss program Behavior and daily habits also take part in the diet that is being implemented. In addition, exercise does play an important role in lowering calories in the body. Sports Benefits Exercise builds strong muscles, though not weight loss though. You will look better and healthier after exercise. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, even if you are overweight. In order for your exercise routine to be effective, it is best to do so first consult your personal physician. Consult what kind of sport if it suits the condition of the body. If you already have the right sport, do at least 30 minutes every day of the week. Exercise enough to maintain heart health and burn calories. The longer you exercise, the more fat you can burn. Having a habit of walking especially in the morning is also very good for health. Changing Habits Changing habits is not an easy thing to do, especially changing everything at once in the same time. But if for a virtue, be willing to take pains to replace old habits with new, healthier habits. Here are some habits that can be used as a benchmark for healthy living, fit and juah of fat: Get used to breakfast before going on the move. If you want to eat with a large portion, do at lunch. Eat with a low-calorie salad menu, soup and a glass of water. Prioritize to eat vegetables every meal. Do not get used to drinking drinks containing sugar or soda. If you are forced to drink soda, choose a diet soda. Reduce drinking alcohol. When eating, eat slowly so you can measure the actual portion of your body. Be more active in everyday life, do not just keep silent. Replace your sugar with low calorie sugar diet. Ask for support from your relatives or friends so that your new, healthier habits can be accomplished smoothly. For you lovers of sweet foods that contain lots of sugar and want to replace your penchant this, need to pay attention to what types of foods should be shunned. Pastry, donut, cake, biscuit, pie. All kinds of chips. Cheese. Cooking oil, butter. Cream and ice cream. Fried rice, hot dogs and bread containing meat. Soda and fruit juice yag containing sugar. Should not use any kind of medicines in your diet. If forced to use it, consult with your doctor first and use as directed by your doctor. Natural diets, such as replacing a more healthy diet and exercise routine better and healthier than a diet that uses drugs.
Pain, stiffness, burning, redness and swelling at the base of the big toes, heels, knees, ankles, hands and elbows are characterized by gout. Identify 5 causes to avoid gout. Gout is a disease caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals in the connective tissue, the space between the two bones or within the bone itself. This buildup of crystals causes inflammation of arthritis that triggers swelling, redness, burning, pain and stiffness in joints. The accumulated uric acid is a substance that results from the breakdown of purines, this substance is part of all human tissue and is found in various foods. This uric acid should be dissolved in the blood and pass through the kidney until finally removed through the urine. But if the production of uric acid in the body increases and the kidneys are not strong enough to remove uric acid, then this condition triggers the occurrence of hyperuricemia (elevated levels of uric acid in the blood). As quoted from, Thursday (05/27/2010) there are factors that cause gout: Overweight. This is because there are more tissues that can break or switch to trigger increased production of uric acid. Too much to drink alcohol, thus disrupting uric acid travel to get out of the body. The presence of interference in one of the enzymes that help solve purine compounds that make a person got rheumatic if food foods containing purines. Take certain medications such as salicylates, cyclosporine, levodopa or diuretic drugs. Genetic possibility plays a role, though not too big. Because it is estimated that about 18 percent of people with gout have a history of the disease. If the body is vulnerable to gout then what to do: Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, because the fluid can help remove excess uric acid from the body. Avoid foods containing lots of purines such as beer, alcohol, anchovies, sardines, fish eggs, yeast, liver, kidney, beans (peas, melinjo), meat extracts, broths, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach and cauliflower. Weight loss by exercising regularly. Do not go on an extreme diet, as this can also increase uric acid levels in the blood. Tell your doctor all medications and vitamins that are consumed to prevent an increased risk of hyperuricemia from drugs taken. Gout is often called uric acid, but the disease is different from rheumatism. Because gout is associated with impaired metabolic expenditure of uric acid levels in clogged blood into crystals. While rheumatism is a joint disease due to an autoimmune disorder that lasts long. well please visit fat burning workouts for women
Different types of tea do not only offer different tastes, but also various health benefits. There are types of teas that are good for bones and teeth, some are especially recommended for weight loss. The benefits of each type of tea, among others, as follows, as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (8 / / 3/2011). 1. White tea for skin care The highest antioxidant content can be found in White Tea made from buds of tea plants. In addition to preventing the effects of premature aging, high antioxidants in White Tea also prevent wrinkles because it can protect 2 proteins that maintain skin elasticity of elastin and collagen. 2. Rooibos tea to cope with less blood Symptoms of exhaustion due to lack of blood can be overcome with tea rooibos, South African herbal tea made from bushes. This type of tea contains the most tennin, flavonoids that can increase the absorption of iron from food. 3. Oolong tea to prevent cavities This type of herbal tea from China contains the most catechins, antimicrobial compounds that can prevent caries or cavities. Another type of tea that has the most antimicrobial properties closer to Oolong Tea is Black Tea. 4. Chamomile tea to keep blood pressure According to a study in Japan, consumption of Chamomile Tea without sugar every day can prevent the risk of diabetes complications. One of them is an increase in blood pressure that can trigger nerve damage and visual impairment. 5. Black Tea for bone strength Compared to other types of tea, Black Tea or also called Cuppa Tea has the most diverse benefits. In addition to the most powerful relieve stress and cholesterol levels, Black Tea is also good for bones because it is rich in manganese and fluoride minerals. 6. Green Tea for body slimming Research in Japan proves, drink a cup of Green Tea every day can increase the metabolism of food in the body. This type of tea contains most epigallocatechin gallate, a compound that can shed fat and bad cholesterol. 7. Peppermint tea for indigestion Abdominal pain and diarrhea that accompanies irritable bowel syndrome can be relieved with peppermint oil contained in Peppermint Tea. A cup of Peppermint tea that tastes similar to menthol balsam can reduce the contraction of abdominal muscles that increase due to irritation in the intestine. visit my blog now fat burning exercises for women
Preventing weight gain to cause obesity is possible, especially by controlling food intake. The study found there are 5 foods that can and can not make you fat. Anything? A study conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that reducing the intake of certain foods, sleeping 6 to 8 hours every night, exercise enough and turn off the television, can help reduce weight. Researchers also found five foods that are strongly linked to weight and five other foods related to the weight loss average. "The message here is that the type and quality of food and drink is very important," said Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH, associate professor of medicine and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, as reported by WebMD, Saturday (24/6/2011). In this study, researchers studied 120,000 participants for 4 years. Mozaffarian said the new study shows how some of the lifestyle factors, including the diet associated with long-term weight. The results of the study found that there are 5 types of foods that increase most weight and vice versa 5 foods that most can not raise the weight, namely: The Best Weight Loss Program: The 3 Week Diet Plan System The most weight gain foods Potato chips Processed other potatoes Sweet drinks Red meat not processed Processed meats Most foods can not raise the weight Vegetables Grains Fruits Nuts Yogurt The results of the study have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Some foods and drinks are known to help lower blood sugar levels. Apparently milk and apples can be a good choice as a healthy diet to help lower blood sugar levels. Milk and apple both have a predicate as a healthy food that contains many important nutrients such as high-quality protein, fiber, potassium and calcium. This makes both good for preventing chronic illness, one of them for those who have high blood sugar levels. A healthy diet can prevent prediabetes from developing diabetes and complications, one of which includes fruits such as apples and dairy products in the form of a glass of milk to control blood sugar, as quoted from Mayo Clinic, Wednesday (18/01/2012). Shortly after consuming carbohydrates in milk and apples causes blood sugar levels to rise. The body breaks down carbohydrates from food into glucose or sugar and releases it into the bloodstream. Given a glass of milk contains 12 grams of carbohydrates, while one small apple contains 15 grams. Milk and apple include foods with low glycemic index values, hence they cause a slower increase and are at low blood sugar levels. If someone has high blood sugar levels, then consuming milk and apples is a better choice than other snacks that contain high glycemic levels such as dried fruit or soft drinks. For several weeks, consistently choosing milk and apples can lower high blood sugar levels and help control weight. This is because a small apple has only 60 calories and a cup of skim milk has 100 calories. High blood sugar levels and uncontrolled will lead to complications of diabetes such as heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and leg injuries that can require amputation. don't forget to visit quick weight loss program
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