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t’s like having the honour of being knighted, except the dresses for bridesmaids sword cuts your purse strings.According to the wedding site TheKnot.when adding all potential costs.Julianne Taskey, a 31-year-old Toronto resident who works in fundraising has been in six wedding parties;to fulfill her bridal party duties.It’s someone’s special day so how do you put a price tag on it.How do you say, ‘No?Take just one of her events.for a pedicure and manicure.for the bachelorette party.The rooms, the cabs, the drinks, strippers, the bridesmaids tank tops.Going to people’s weddings could deepen your relationshipDebauchery isn’t cheap.That’s because the 31-year-old Toronto resident doesn’t drink much.He’s been invited to about five weddings in the last few years and the bachelor parties are the costliest part.The rest goes to the ladies.Guedez gives at weddings is worth it, he adds.Going to people’s weddings could deepen your relationships.Michael O Farrell, a 31-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Gatineau, Que.flew to Las Vegas for his cousin’s bachelor party.for three nights, he says.You re a bunch of guys.on drinks and bottle service?There s definitely peer pressure and the guilt trip.no one wants to take charge and if you do decide to, you re loading up your credit card.He will also buy a new suit to wear to weddings.Blame Facebook for being a catalogue of our formal wear for everyone to see.from Toronto company, Rent frock Repeat, to wear to a black-tie wedding.I’ve been invited to a Jack and Jill where I wasn’t invited to the wedding.It’s so tackyYou cannot put a dollar amount to attending a wedding, Mr.It s a once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride and groom.Getting an invitation is a sign that you re important in their lives.If you get invited, it s not proper to say ‘No.and not sent a gift (which according to my mom, is the rudest thing in the world).to being in someone’s wedding party.or Jack and Jill parties where guests pay a cover and buy raffle tickets to help raise money affordable bridesmaid dresses for someone else’s wedding.says Kirsten Ellison, a 28-year-old student at the University of Calgary.She has three weddings to attend this summer in Ontario and one bachelorette in Las Vegas.spa party) ahead of one wedding and the hotels.I know of people who ve taken a second mortgage on their house to have a wedding.It s important for the couple to have those who are close to them, family and friends, to be there and be supportive.At the same time, it has spun out of control and gone beyond the celebration of two people getting together.com/lisleongHow do you handle the cost of being a wedding guest?What was the most extravagant wedding that you’ve ever been a part of?Share your best (and worst) anecdotes at Facebook.com and we’ll publish a collection of your stories online on Friday.parents are spurning the shots.The Canadian Medical Association’s board of directors has endorsed a resolution calling on all provinces and territories to require proof children registering for daycare or school have received up-to-date immunizations, unless there is a medical reason they cannot be inoculated.including children whose parents are religiously or philosophically opposed to the needles.Under Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act, children who don’t have proof of immunization, or a valid exemption, can be suspended from school.and I’d still immunize him againSchool district removes 143 students without proof of vaccination from classes and that’s just the beginningThe doctors’ resolution, which will go before the CMA’s general council meeting in August for voting, is silent on the issue of non-medical exemptions.But recent measles outbreaks in the U.have spurred some American legislators to make it harder for parents to shun vaccinations, while a leading ethicist says that parents who choose not to vaccinate should be held legally liable if their child infects another child who then gets sick or dies.has come under intense focus following recent measles outbreaks in parts of Canada, including an bridesmaid dresses online outbreak in B.linked to a Dutch Reform congregation whose pastor has said vaccines interfere with God’s will.A measles outbreak that began at a Disneyland theme park in Orange County, California, last year eventually spread to at least half a dozen other states, sickening more than 150 people.In Canada, immunization rates for key diseases are below target in many regions, according to a recent C.Howe Institute report.rejecting vaccines out of misplaced fears and deep suspicions of science and Big Pharma.In addition to calling for proof of vaccination, the CMA board endorsed a multi-year plan to increase immunization rates.Simpson said requiring parents to provide proof of their child’s immunization against designated diseases alone isn’t sufficient, noting that even Ontario, with its mandated model, misses national targets.there was a kid with polio in every neighbourhood at any given time.Measles is more than a nuisance disease, he added.In rare cases, it can kill.Vaccine rates in some pockets of the country, Simpson said, are dropping below those necessary for herd immunity, meaning the number of children needed to be vaccinated to stop the spread of a virus.move away from the blame-and-shame approach and toward, ‘how can we give you (parents) the information and the reassurance you need?Simpson said the CMA board has no position, for or against, religious or conscientious objection.for discussion at general council.The intent and the spirit from the board was that this isn’t for us to comment on.exemption from vaccination requirements, while last week Vermont’s governor signed into law a bill preventing parents from opting out of vaccinations on philosophical grounds.Arthur Caplan, director of ethics at the New York University Langone Medical Center, said that parents have a duty not only to protect their own child, but other vulnerable children in the classroom who can’t be vaccinated because of a medical condition.the question becomes, should
es said.work really, really hard to make sure that President sequin cocktail dresses Obama is re-elected next year no matter who the Republican candidate is.Gingrich’s campaign nearly sputtered to a halt last summer, but he has recently soared to the top of the polls in the Republican contest to choose a nominee to face Obama in the 2012 election.Gingrich is known for his socially conservative views and has said he opposes gay marriage.Gingrich-Jones, a director at the Humans Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group, said he did not attend her wedding.RelatedDavid Frum: Gingrich is weapon of mass destruction aimed at his own partyKelly McParland: Newt Gingrich’s surge leaves GOP wondering what it wished forGingrich s familial past, which includes multiple marriages and instances of alleged infidelity, has become a target in the race for the Republican candidacy.ostensibly in contrast to Gingrich.The attacks against Gingrich have even extended to his fashion sense.Women’s Wear Daily gave the paunchy former speaker of the House of Representatives a C-minus in its man of the week feature Thursday, saying there’s almost nothing right about his casual shirt-and-slacks outfit.The black belt separating the pastel blue short-sleeve dress shirt from the beige pleated slacks accentuates his less-than-svelte middle, it said, deconstructing a photo of the cocktail dresses for juniors politician holding a hand over his heart.Trying to be helpful, the WWD website suggested that a dark V-neck sweater would minimize his girth without compromising his accessibility while darker color trousers would be always slimming.a reference to frumpy but wealthy retirees in Florida.do nothing to clear his name from sexual harrassment allegations that led him to drop out of the race.Rishma Dunlop is the author of Lover Through Departure: New and Selected Poems, newly released by Mansfield Press.Love, Second Time Around: The Zoomer BrideDavid has asked me to marry him.He is 61, has a heart condition, and mortality seems ever-present in my consciousness, while I’m waiting for my divorce to be settled.I think of the husband of my youth, of the marriage bed where we conceived our lovely two daughters.I think of the cradle my father made for his granddaughter, of the intimacy of objects, worn and made beautiful by use and memory.Thinking of marriage a second time leads me to amusing contemplations.I’m struck by the popularity of reality shows about wedding planners and shows like Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Bridezilla, and Say Yes to the Dress.I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of these shows in casual wedding dresses a love-hate cringe-worthy fashion, astonished by the Kim Kardashian debacle, and the caricatures of bridesmaids in Hollywood chick flicks.After the royal wedding of Kate and William, it seems that the spectacle of the wedding ritual looms large in public consciousness.The business of weddings is the big lucrative industry of fashion mavens like Vera Wang and life-style gurus like Martha Stewart.And what will the poet, writer, academic wear to her wedding, the second time around?Sometime soon, after David and I have moved to a larger place, our wedding will mark a new beginning for both of us.By then, I hope that my daughters will have forgiven me for falling in love with a man who is not their father and perhaps they will help me say yes to a dress.We plan on traveling more together.We’ve been to the Netherlands, to Italy, on road trips in Canada and abroad, all with an easy companionship.Cities, hotels and the road have shaped us, and we’ve laughed a lot through our adventures, like the day we checked into the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam.The solicitous porter carted our luggage through a maze of canal houses, now a modern Starwood hotel, when affordable wedding dresses an ominous buzzing noise erupted from my suitcase.The porter, alarmed, reached into the side pocket and pulled out, not a weapon of destruction, but a pink plastic vibrator.We looked at each other, stone-faced at first, and then broke out into peals of laughter.Questions of travel always return us homeward.Memory is a form of sonar, a boomerang of remembrances that trace the shape of our lives.Recently, I brought home a bouquet of Esperanza roses, fat creamy blooms, with pink and green tinged edges.I carried their abundance, these roses, through the streets of our city, on the subway and the bus.In a Proustian sense, roses are my madeleines, their scent a form of joy I have wanted since I was a young girl.The Esperanzas bloom in a glass vase, as we cook supper together.Home is in the rituals.Love, second time around, teaches me that after grief, we are unmoored.But just when we think we’re done, desire restores us.After midnight, David is sleeping, his breath filling the loft.I think of my beloved’s body, the beloved’s body as home.I lay my head on his chest, waiting, listening, calling his name, coming home.George’s Play, 504 Church St.I wore this to wedding dresses 2016 the senior’s home.Standing in her bedroom, she gives it a shake and the tiny ribbons that trim the collar and hem wave like underwater tendrils.For the old people, you know, the 92- or 94-year-olds.Vintage, maybe, like some of her spectacular clothing, but certainly not old.on Wednesday, and Toronto’s gay community marked the milestone with a gala and a tribute show.she says when we walked by the statue of Alexander Wood).She still makes her rounds of the Village and shares stories from when she was with The Great Imposters, a travelling drag queen troupe.For a photo slideshow of Michelle through the ages, click here.In her anecdotes, she always describes what she was wearing.Here’s your heel, lady.Or the time she attended the Halloween party at St.and a mob outside pelted her with eggs.I went home and changed.Put on a red wig and came back out again.She walks around her room, in between rolling racks of dresses and shelves stacked with shoe boxes.She frets about the mess, uncomfortable having visitors to her apartment on Alexander Street.In the living room, two photos of Russell Alldread, the man under t
l their baby to the world from the balcony of Party Dresses Buckingham Palace for the first time?Unusually, no bets are being taken from British punters on how big the crowd might be.But it is a certainty that the turnout will be enormous.will be a second coming of age for the 31-year-old prince.The Duke of Cambridge’s first coming of age was that brutal day in 1997 when as a 15-year-old he joined his brother, Harry, his father, Charles, his grandfather, Philip and his maternal uncle, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, in the long, grim walk from the Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey to attend his mother’s state funeral.Like hundreds of thousands of others, I had camped out overnight to catch a glimpse of Diana’s horse-drawn cortege as it passed through Whitehall.Despite all the crowds there wishing him all the best that sunny September morning, and a television audience that in Britain alone was said to number 38 million people, William was not only bereft, he looked bewildered and unhappy with the very public life into which he had been born.RelatedKate Middleton baby has 9-1 odds to be named Victoria, 200-1 odds to be named BarackIs Kate baby watch centred on the wrong hospital?Rumours of royal ruse grow as media waitThe best royal baby merchandise!Steve Murray tells you what you wish you were able to buyPlace your bets: U.bookies offer ‘royal baby specials’ as shops stock up on memorabiliaThat is why it is such a pleasure to see him today.By all accounts he is grounded, calm and happy with his lot as he prepares to open a new chapter with a young woman whom he apparently dotes on and who seems better suited to manage the turbulent life in a fish bowl than his mercurial late mother was.I have spent some time recently in Egypt, where the size of the protests for and against the governments of the moment have been greatly exaggerated by the media.There have been absurd estimates of 30 million men and women protesting simultaneously across short cocktail dresses that country.Even the crowds in Cairo’s Tahrir Square have been grossly exaggerated.Where I have estimated no more than 20,000 demonstrators, I hear on CNN or the BBC that 200,000 people were present.When half a million Cairenes have shown up, the world has been told that several million people are there.The biggest crowd that I have ever been part of was Indira Gandhi’s funeral in November 1984.Perhaps three or four million people, many in dazzling ethnic dress, crowded a dusty, rolling landscape that was entirely blanketed by humanity for as far as the eye could see.It has been predicted that that many South Africans will turn out soon in Pretoria to honour and celebrate Nelson Mandela when his long life finally ends.But these funerals were exceptional, one-off events.Whether it be for a funeral, a coronation, a wedding or a jubilee, nobody has been able to regularly pull a huge crowd the way the House of Windsor can.Nor has anybody felt a need to inflate their numbers.I first heard of this phenomenon long before I witnessed it.My mother told compelling stories of VE-Day when as a Wren serving as a codebreaker in the Royal Canadian Naval Service in London she and hundreds of thousands of others descended on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the allied victory over Hitler with King George VI, his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.I was reminded of the enduring bond between the royal family and their subjects, and the pomp and pageantry that goes with it, when Charles married at St.Paul’s Cathedral and then buried Diana at the abbey, when Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was feted again and again on her 100th birthday and during last spring’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations when heavy rain did not dampen the ardour of millions of Britons who lined the Thames to watch Queen Elizabeth II’s slow procession down the Thames by royal barge.It is into that grand tradition that Plus Size Cocktail Dresses Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is to be born.for the Executive Summary email briefing to get the news delivered straight to your inbox first thing in the morning.Markets: By the numbersGlobal markets Tuesday closeBritain s FTSE 1006,513.Japan s Nikkei14,472.China s Shanghai1,965.Hong Kong s Hang Seng20,683.The International Monetary Fund is upgrading Canada’s growth expectations for this year to 1.but warns overall global conditions remain uneven, weak and perilous.The two-tenths of a percentage point upward revision for Canada follows a first quarter that topped expectations by coming in a relatively strong 2.But the IMF believes it will all come out in the wash.It predicts Canada’s growth rate will rise to only 2.next year, two-tenths less than its previous forecast issued in April.The latest report from the Washington-based organization gives little encouragement to those who have long been calling for the recovery from the crippling 2008-09 great recession to take root.Canadian PressBlackBerry CEO Heins urges patience at AGMBlackBerry Ltd.Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins asked investors for patience at the company’s annual meeting Tuesday, following a surprise quarterly loss last month that raised concerns about its turnaround.The company only introduced its new line of BlackBerry 10 devices about five months ago, and early sales aren’t an indication of its long-term prospects, he said at the meeting, held in BlackBerry’s hometown of Waterloo, Ontario.The new flagship Z10 phone missed estimates in its first full quarter on sale, contributing to a 28 percent stock plunge on June 28.This isn’t just the launch of a new product but a whole new platform.While many will judge us on the basis of one quarter of a single product, we are not a devices-only product.Financial PostCanadian housing market defies skepticsCanadian housing starts were stronger than expected in June and May figures were revised higher, according to data released on Tuesday, the latest report to show the property market rebounding from last year’
f the way the show and era treated homosexuality (a Satin Bridesmaid Dresses topic that merits its own featurette, but doesn’t get one).Matthew has bought a sage green AC Six roadster with a dickie seat which will change their lives in many ways.Bruce is back to weigh in, as does Dan Stevens, about what it means that people, even nobles, were now able to drive themselves, moving themselves towards a brave new regime.rouging their knees and drinking like fishes.These elements will alter the ecosystem up until the last moments of the season’s shocker finale, when it all comes crashing down.Perhaps it shall henceforth be called Downer Abbey.Downton Abbey Season 3 is out on DVD and Blu-ray Jan.Some people post one thing, then find another.I’ve been in that case.Some people just don’t want to see something end up in a landfill.My predicament was two small children in the house and the Madonna book, which at the time of publishing was considered soft core pornography but is probably more like a bus shelter ad based on today’s morality standards.I threw it up on eBay and was besieged by offers.wrote one potential buyer, who wanted me to end the auction immediately and sell it to him.I shipped it to him for free, not wanting to meet the gentleman.There are a few cautions you need to consider, when you are selling to people on the Internet.While there have been some infamous cases, Kijiji Canada has about 4.million active listings at any time and a miniscule amount of crime resulting from trade.Molenda recommends having a friend at your home if the goods in question are too hard to carry to a neutral location which is the safest place to conduct a transaction.In the coming months, I hope to declutter my house, make some money and write about it.What can I get for my wife’s wedding dress?She’ll probably never let me sell it.But maybe I can pry loose some of her collectible punk rock singles from her Mohawk days?Are any of my vinyl heavy metal albums from days when I had shoulder length Bridesmaid Dresses On Sale hair worth something?Old kids hockey equipment?The once viewed second season of The Wire on DVD?I’m going to try and sell whatever I can.It’s all pure profit.I have nothing to lose and every item gives me a chance to go down memory lane.One of the things we should be doing is offering sound financial advice.Planners are often able to negotiate with vendors for extras or to waive certain rental fees, for example (although you could do that yourself if you know what to ask).Off-season varies depending on the venue, but often refers to January to March.or on a Friday or Sunday.you could put toward your honeymoon.Once you have a budget, if you want to add something, you must subtract from elsewhere (for example, I want these bobble heads, so I will cut my dentist and my boss from the guestlist).Consider renting your bridal gown.If you buy it at full price, try selling it on Kijiji or a bridal forum afterwards.Forget the guest favours.Instead of Jordan Almonds, have the emcee announce that you’ve made a donation in their names to your favourite charity.And skip the wedding cake.It’s a pretty item but it’s no longer used for dessert.As a wedding planner, I wrap up 80% of every wedding cake that I see to take home to throw in their freezer.that’s a lot of money to spend on an item that doesn’t get used.Consider inviting fewer guests.A small wedding at a restaurant will save you money.for 50 people, you can have premium champagne, premium wine, oysters and charcuterie; you can serve them a beautiful meal.Make your own invitations, your own bouquets, your own centrepieces.Arrange your own flowers and reuse your bouquets as centrepieces for the head table.Watch a tutorial on YouTube.Buying vases from a dollar store versus renting them from a florist is a much cheaper option.in-house AV supplier or dance floors for example.If they’ve done an elaborate set-up on a Friday, you could get a discounted rate to use it on Saturday.says Matt Black at One King Bridesmaid Dresses Online West.Kavanagh who is getting married in June.I have a girlfriend who’s a fabulous baker and she’s going to make all of our cupcakes.We have a good friend who is in a band and is a deejay.Don’t want to spend on a deejay?Set your iPod on shuffle.Hire music students.Also consider a photography student to capture your day.It’s like plastic surgery.Do you really want to find the cheapest plastic surgeon?But a professional photographer will cost you.Now, anyone who can pick up a good camera suddenly can call themselves a wedding photographer.Ten per cent of Canadian brides were planning on having a destination wedding in 2012, according to the Weddingbells survey.If you have a lot of guests and need to book early to ensure rooms, be prepared to pay a little more than if you booked last minute.If you’re willing to book a month off and take a chance of where you’re going to do it, you’ll certainly save money;Ashley Smith death video viewed by jurySee portions of the video the jury sawWARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS DISTURBING CONTENTFor the first time, the video depicting the asphyxiation of teenager Ashley Smith in a federal prison has been played in full in public.Until Monday, when a five-member jury watched the 75-minute video at the coroner’s inquest examining Ashley’s Oct.death at Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women, only limited excerpts had been played, and only in court proceedings and a CBC documentary.It is the first 15 minutes or so which are most shocking because what they document are the young woman’s dying, as the pauses between her laboured breaths grew ever-long until they finally stopped.The camera was then being operated by Valentino (Rudy) Burnett, a correctional officer who was temporarily working at Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women.RelatedAshley Smith inquest jurors visit death cell during tour of prisonChristie Blatchford: Kafkaesque rules gave Ashley Smith ’s guardians almost no tools to save herChristie Blatchford: Psychiatrists thought Ashley Smith suffered ‘borde
because they have a lot on their plates right now.certainly women's special occasion dresses on sale a seersucker or khaki suit if you insist going that formal.That said, the al fresco party venue dictates summery attire without a jacket, such as khaki or linen pants and a white or pastel linen shirt with sleeves folded back to your elbows.I also vote for a flower in your lapel, imparting a casual formality.Depending on how hot it is, I also like the idea of a fitted linen vest instead of a blazer.Then there is the Latino continental-sharp look of the guayabera, a short- or long-sleeved tunic shirt with two vertical rows of tiny pleats sewn tightly together, along with two or four patch pockets.is polished enough for the ceremony and perfect for dancing at the reception.Some men love wearing cream-colored oxford bucks in the summer.I also think that sandals or woven huaraches are also ideal for the beach.Or spanking white low-top tennis shoes or slip-ons.Or even some leather flip flops.Finish your debonair look with a Panama hat.For the ladies, choose a long pretty summer dress including those with a bustier top or more covered with eyelet lace bodice and loose short sleeves.perfect for an outdoor wedding.The beach calls for pretty flat or low-heeled sandals instead of stilettos.When it comes to royal weddings, one dress simply won t do, which is why Beatrice Borromeo made a stunning outfit change at her second set of nuptials on August 1.She wore three different dresses at her civil ceremony last week, and now the Italian aristocrat, who married Princess Caroline of Monaco s son Pierre Casiraghi for the second time, opted for two show-stopping gowns.At last week s ceremony the bride looked beautiful in a pale pink Valentino gown, but for the religious affair on her family-owned Borromean Islands in Italy, Beatrice chose even more spectacular dresses.The 29-year-old once again turned to her home country and chose Italian designer Giorgio Armani for her big day.gown to her wedding with Pierre Casiraghi held earlier today in northern Italy.collection, wowing in the lace creation.The bride special occasion dresses and groom were celebrating their second wedding on Lake Maggiore Photo: RexThe castle, which houses a museum, botanical gardens, two towers and no less than five historical halls, is normally open to the public but on the weekend of Pierre and Beatrice s wedding, it was closed for the couple s reception.Pierre and Beatrice have been together for seven years Photo: RexThe blushing bride, who has been with Pierre for seven years after meeting him at university, beamed from ear to ear as she was helped off the boat by her gallant prince.by Elizabeth Mitchell, BRIDESCourtesy of CNP MontroseWedding photos are pretty much the sole reason you signed up for that hot yoga class and decided to give up carbs for the next six months.After all, you want to look amazing in those snapshots!But how do you ensure you actually put your best face forward?Well, you can start by doing these seven things.Don't sweat the small stuffIn other words, just let it go!New York-based wedding photographer Christian Oth says that when he shoots a genuinely happy couple that doesn't sweat the small details he gets far superior pictures than when photographing someone who is very self-conscious.Fortunately, weddings are happy events with a lot of preparations and excitement leading up to it, but once you're there on the day, enjoy it," he urges.Live it, be in the moment and stop worrying.The camera will pick up that happiness, that genuine smile, the emotions.Practice your fake laughSpeaking of being genuinely happy, a fake laugh can help cheer you up for real!I find it often leads to a real laugh, and there is nothing more beautiful," reveals fine art wedding photographer KT Merry.If laughing in front of the camera makes you a bit nervous, she suggests practicing (snap some selfies!and it will only get easier.Remember to touch upPlanning on doing a first look?Then it might be a good idea to have your hair and makeup artist stick around for touch-ups later on.This will ensure you're party dresses for special occasion photo ready during the day and also allow for any adjustments as your hair and makeup wear off throughout the night," notes Merry.Go for fake lashesIf you want your peepers to look extra pretty, Merry recommends wearing fake eyelashes.They'll certainly photograph better than the real thing.With that said, I find individual lashes have a much more natural look and shoot the best," she explains.Get your leg position rightJust because you're wearing a long dress doesn't mean your legs should be locked!When wearing a gown you may feel that your leg position isn't important since the photographer can't see them, however it does affect the rest of your body," warns Merry.To give your entire body a more relaxed look, she advises standing as though you're wearing a short dress with a knee slightly bent and a little to the side.Ditch the idea of a perfect picBecause nothing's really perfect, right?Don't overthink your pose.Instead, focus on how you feel and your emotions, and let that come forth in the photo," instructs Charleston-based wedding photographer Billy Hyer of Hyer Images.When you concentrate on the emotions of the day, as opposed to getting the perfect shot, your body language will be more genuine.And that genuineness is what makes a truly great photo.Find a photographer you likeWhether it's business or romantic, chemistry is the key to success in pretty much any relationship.As Hyer puts it, "The more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the more you will be yourself, and your images will certainly display this as a result.Customers of a Raleigh bridal shop that closed without warning now have some relief.When the owner of La Belle Mariee filed for bankruptcy protection on July 27, it appeared as though dozens of brides would not get their dresses.But now they have them thanks to a store manager who says she just wanted to help.Last week, Tiffany Ragston told 5 On Your Side that she would

applicable federal#0# state, and local laws.Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entrant it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Giveaway or violating these Official Rules.PUBLICITY AND RELEASE FORMS: Sponsor reserves the right to use the Giveaway for publicity purposes in any media, and to use the name, likeness, and hometown name and/or prize information of prize winners as part of that publicity, without any compensation or prior review, unless prohibited by law.Each prize winner will be required to submit a declaration and a liability/publicity release and confirmation that the prize winner has followed the rules of the Giveaway,in the form supplied by Sponsor (the "Declaration and Release"), and signed by the prize winner.The Declaration and Release must be signed and returned within seven (7) days of notification.Prize won by an eligible entrant who is a minor in his/her state of residence will be awarded to minor's parent or legal guardian who must sign and return all required documents.In the event the Affidavit and Release is not returned within this period, an alternate winner may be selected for such prize.Any prize notification or prize returned to Sponsor as undeliverable will result in the awarding of that prize to an alternate winner (who will be

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