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The popular game of the 2000s, Ragnarok, will return to the mobile platform and ready to pamper its fans! Ragnarok again present greet his fans, this time can be played on your smartphone and tablets, anytime and anywhere! Ragnarok's latest game Ragnarok Valkyrie is a MMORPG mobile game that can be played on the Android platform. This game was developed by NeoCyon, a Korean game developer. Ragnarok still uses his trademark character, the 2D graphics characters with a funny and cute form. The players can be adventurous in the city of Rune Midgard. In the Village system, you RO The Mania can adventure and interact with millions of other players from different worlds. Basic class provided in this game there are 5, namely: -Acolyte -Swordman -Mage -Thief -Archer Of the five Classes, you can also develop it into the second Class consisting of Knight, Priest, Assassin, Magician, and Hunter. Battle RaganrokRagnarok Valkyrie has a very varied fighting place, such as Single Battle, Abyss Battle and Valkyrie's Shrine or group battles. Inside the War of Emperium, players can fight together to drop a castle and take all the advantages of the castle. You can also fight boss monsters in certain arenas in the World Boss. in Gaming World blog see how to choose cheap gpu War Ragnarok The players' items can also be forged or forged to +15, and not only that, your weapons can also be upgraded, from grade 1 to grade 4. If you need a certain item but do not have it, or want to give an item to a friend, then you can trade it in Trading System. In this game you can have mercenaries or troops, and you can upgrade all your mercenaries with certain material to look for in the game. Gacha Ragnarok Test your luck in Drawing Mercenaries! Here you can get random mercenaries from the weakest to the greatest and rare! You can also make them fight in the Mercenary Battle, set your own 2 VS 2 fight from your mercenaries! You can have your own mounts, and with Ride mode then your movement speed will increase! Not only that, you can also keep Pet in this game you know! By keeping the pet, your pet will increase the ability of the character.

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