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There are various reasons why cyst sufferers should avoid beverages in packaging especially on plastic packaging. In addition to the chemical content may be a preservative or dye and sweetener contained in it. Another thing that is not less dangerous is also the chemical content in plastic containers that if contaminating the contents of the drink and consumed by the patient then this can endanger the patient's body condition in its recovery. (Read also: Danger of sparkling drinks - The danger of eating rice with instant noodles - The danger of eating instant noodles) Complex Cooked Foods The cyst sufferers should avoid as much as possible the various types of foods that are processed in a complicated way and produce heavier and harder food types to be consumed and digested by the body. Such as various foods that are processed by frying using cooking oil or also through the process of burning should be taboo first. It would be very fitting if the cyst sufferers eat a simple type of healthy food and avoid the process of excessive cooking. Type of food that is boiled or in-team without having to be cooked in many ways is the most appropriate food to be consumed by patients with cysts. Because this is very good for the recovery process is faster without having to match with type of food that is less supportive of the recovery process or even can worsen the condition of patients such as food loaded with oil or burnt food that is identical with the issue of carcinogenic so not good for the body also when consumed . (Read: Consume fried dangers - Trans fats in foods - Examples of saturated fats in foods) Vegetable Tauge Although bean sprouts are known as food for fertility but unfortunately the cyst sufferers are advised to avoid the consumption of bean sprouts because this type of vegetables contain compounds trigger cyst forming. So if the patient does not avoid consumption of this type of vegetables it will be very worried that the cyst condition will be worse and healed cultivated will increasingly experience deterioration. It should be the side of the food should really be considered carefully for maximum results. (Read: How to increase the hormone progesterone) Both types of vegetables, although rich in fiber is also avoided from the consumption menu of patients with cysts. Because the compound content in the chicory and kale are both can interfere with the effectiveness of the performance of the drug substances that are being consumed by patients to hasten healing. Whether it's herbal medicine or medical drugs both these vegetables have a bad effect on the work force of these drugs. So for the sake of the level of efficacy of treatment, the two types of vegetables like mustard greens and kale should be avoided first. (Also read: see how to create foods to burning the fat ) That is some list of types of food abstinence cysts and of course the legitimate green beans are consumed by the cyst sufferers in order to get immune in the recovery of the disease . So hopefully useful and still loving to always maintain body health.

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