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Kettlebell is not a new item, but a classic sports tool whose popularity is increasingly sticking out. This is because kettlebell can be a versatile and effective tool for performing various movements in strength & conditioning exercises that involve all parts of your body. Unfortunately, you often do not use kettlebell properly, thus reducing its ability to train your body to its full potential. Well, so you better understand the benefits of this one tool, you should understand and try to master the basic movements kettlebell following. 1Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell swing Russian style, where you swing kettlebell up to shoulder level, a very effective movement when done with the correct shape. You not only train muscle strength, but also combine it with cardiovascular exercise in an efficient movement. With all its benefits, it is no wonder that this movement became one of the fundamental movements in kettlebell practice. Although it seems easy to do, kettlebell requires time, practice, and coaching so you can do it perfectly. If you want maximum results from this movement, feel free to learn how to do it right. 2Goblet Squat Squat is a fundamental movement pattern that can be done with various variations. One of them is a squat goblet. This movement is not just the movement of the foot, it trains the whole body and provides more mobility so you can do the movement with a heavier load. To train the leg muscles to the maximum, barbell squats are indeed good. But, the squat goblet makes you do it better. 3Turkish Get-Up Turkish get-up needs to be done slowly and in full control. You start this movement from lying on the floor with one hand stretched up in the grip of kettlebell, then standing and lying back to its original position in a specific sequence of moves. A flexible movement requires strength, flexibility, and caution. This can be obtained from kettlebell load in your hand. Turkish get-up helps train shoulder strength, hips, torso, and flexibility. 4Kettlebell Press Men's Best Weight Loss Program: Turbulence Training Workout After you can do the first three movements and get the flexibility and stability of the shoulder, kettlebell press is another movement you should learn. Although it looks like an overhead press, this movement is not just a shoulder movement, as you use the whole body to maximize the power of the press. Compared to dumbbell, kettlebell is more comfortable because of its unique shape and balanced grips allowing you to press on a natural field of motion against your shoulders. 5Clean Like kettlebell swing, clean is an explosive movement to train the body's strength thoroughly. The difference is at the end of kettlebell movement in the rack position, opposite to the swing position where kettlebell away horizontally in front of the chest. This movement takes time to be studied to perfection. But, when it is perfect, this movement is ideal for inclusion in complex kettlebell exercises. Moreover, you can combine it directly with the press movement. 6Snatch Kettlebell snatch is regarded as the final look of the strength of your whole body because this movement is quite demanding of physical ability and technique. But, it also provides the benefits of body strength & conditioning in total. This movement helps improve your performance to a higher level, builds explosive forces, and builds strong shoulders. To demonstrate snatch movements, you need good technique, explosive pelvic energy, and keathletisan. Avoid doing this movement before you master the swing pattern and explosive hip movements on the kettlebell swing. Well, now are you ready to grab a kettlebell at home and try the movements above?

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