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Different types of tea do not only offer different tastes, but also various health benefits. There are types of teas that are good for bones and teeth, some are especially recommended for weight loss. The benefits of each type of tea, among others, as follows, as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (8 / / 3/2011). 1. White tea for skin care The highest antioxidant content can be found in White Tea made from buds of tea plants. In addition to preventing the effects of premature aging, high antioxidants in White Tea also prevent wrinkles because it can protect 2 proteins that maintain skin elasticity of elastin and collagen. 2. Rooibos tea to cope with less blood Symptoms of exhaustion due to lack of blood can be overcome with tea rooibos, South African herbal tea made from bushes. This type of tea contains the most tennin, flavonoids that can increase the absorption of iron from food. 3. Oolong tea to prevent cavities This type of herbal tea from China contains the most catechins, antimicrobial compounds that can prevent caries or cavities. Another type of tea that has the most antimicrobial properties closer to Oolong Tea is Black Tea. 4. Chamomile tea to keep blood pressure According to a study in Japan, consumption of Chamomile Tea without sugar every day can prevent the risk of diabetes complications. One of them is an increase in blood pressure that can trigger nerve damage and visual impairment. 5. Black Tea for bone strength Compared to other types of tea, Black Tea or also called Cuppa Tea has the most diverse benefits. In addition to the most powerful relieve stress and cholesterol levels, Black Tea is also good for bones because it is rich in manganese and fluoride minerals. 6. Green Tea for body slimming Research in Japan proves, drink a cup of Green Tea every day can increase the metabolism of food in the body. This type of tea contains most epigallocatechin gallate, a compound that can shed fat and bad cholesterol. 7. Peppermint tea for indigestion Abdominal pain and diarrhea that accompanies irritable bowel syndrome can be relieved with peppermint oil contained in Peppermint Tea. A cup of Peppermint tea that tastes similar to menthol balsam can reduce the contraction of abdominal muscles that increase due to irritation in the intestine. visit my blog now fat burning exercises for women

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