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Despite the risk of weight gain skyrocket, fatty foods remain loved by many people. Efforts to reduce food consumption leads to failure. A study found out why this happens, that is because fatty foods can make addicted like drugs. Abstinence from eating fatty foods can lead to feelings like addicted and depression, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity. This may explain why stop consuming junk food or other fatty foods is very difficult and make dietary efforts so failed. "Food-modified chemicals are associated with depression, and dietary changes can cause tobacco symptoms and increased sensitivity to stress, creating a vicious circle of food," said researcher Stephanie Fulton. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Montreal against mice. Some rats were given a diet rich in fat, while other rats were given low-fat foods. Rats that get fat rich foods widen the waist circumference by 11 percent, but not yet become obese. The food turned out to affect the brain and behavior of the mice. Rats that eat a lot of fat more often show signs of anxiety than rats who eat less fat. Mats that eat lots of fat also have more CREB content, the molecules that make up dopamine, memory and stress. Changes in the brains of these mice cause an increased risk of depression and negative behavior. Broadly speaking, the symptoms experienced by these mice resemble the symptoms of addicted such as users. This change occurs even before mice are obese. "This finding challenges our understanding of the relationship between food, body and mind," Fulton concluded. well with 14 diet plan you can get best quick weight loss program

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