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New Jordans 2016, In the previous section, we have to introduce the Jordan CP3.VIII AE in actual combat in the specific performance. As Paul in the playoffs during the main push boots, lighter weight is compared to the ordinary version of the biggest evolution. Today, we brought to the stadium, the Clippers is another star player Griffin's playoff shoes Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO. Compared to the CP3 series, although Super.Fly is not Griffin's signature shoes, but its Air Jordan shoes on behalf of the technology is enough to draw it to become today's leading brand of Jordan Brand's high-end Team shoes, and Griffin in the season After the outbreak of a strong outbreak is let Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO by the high degree of concern. If Super.Fly 3 PO in the actual performance is excellent, I will not hesitate to give a positive answer. But to discuss whether it comfortable enough, it is a benevolent issue of the problem. As already mentioned, Super.Fly 3 PO upper toughness is very strong, and the upper and lower space is not large, resulting in bending stage before the palm of the foot surface there will be a very obvious sense of oppression. And in the evaluation process, I also deliberately let another colleague also put Super.Fly 3 PO, a few rounds down, he also made the foot comfort poor point of view. Of course, if your feet are very low, maybe Super.Fly 3 PO this structure will be very suitable for you. Super.Fly series since its inception in 2012, New Air Jordan Shoes has always been synonymous with high-tech and high-performance shoes. In its first-generation products, Lunarlon and Hyperfuse to protect the level of modern shoes should be. And to Super.Fly 2, from the Air Jordan XX8's FlightPlate technology in which the bottom position, and PO version of the concept of the playoffs shoes was born. As for Super.Fly 3 in last year, like Air Jordan XX9, it also optimized the FlightPlate, Slam Dunk version of the launch is to make this dual-positioned in the actual product has a more cultural topic . In the playoffs, and finally to its playoff version of Super.Fly 3 PO shoes reload! Super.Fly 3 PO white and blue color, although not as bright as the Clippers red and blue, but the fresh style is also suitable for this increasingly hot season now, it is time to play! Great forefoot experience! This is my biggest experience in passing through Super.Fly 3 PO. Thanks to FlightPlate and Zoom Air this group has been running for two years in the end combination, Super.Fly 3 PO in the end of the reactivity has done quite well. Although trapped in the upper height, even if the forefoot has a good sense of the venue, its overall flexibility in the CP3.VIII AE or can not be compared with the defender shoes, but as a pair of main all-around, there is emphasis on the inside Product, Super.Fly 3 PO reactivity is absolutely sufficient. Jordans 2017, From the visual point of view, Super.Fly 3 PO's body is not large, but when you really get this pair of shoes, especially then wear it in the feet, you will find it's thin upper, in the light Foot feeling at the same time, but also to expand the body of the shoe space. Even if the heel parts of the filling can be provided to the Achilles tendon parts are very comfortable lock, but the shoe body, especially the forefoot position or have a larger lateral space. Package can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and very embarrassing point is that, due to the upper material is thin, the front of the shoe in the bending of the oppression of the foot surface is more obvious, which makes Super.Fly 3 PO in the package of the overall Feeling is more than the width of the upper and lower bound to some excessive. Although not a signature shoe, but Super.Fly both in publicity or in the performance of the track, have been a lot of fans as Griffin's "quasi-signature shoes," naturally determine the location of the need to protect it More outstanding performance. In the actual wear, Super.Fly 3 PO of the upper has a very good strength, and Super.Fly 3 the same shoelace system in movement can achieve excellent locking of the feet. Coupled with a high degree of moderate upper, Super.Fly 3 PO protection can definitely meet the vast majority of players needed to wear. But just as Griffin in the playoffs to show all-around skill, Super.Fly 3 PO is not the traditional sense of clumsy thick inside shoes Women Jordans 2017 Full palm water ripple grip is self-evident, double-layer texture design and the use of translucent rubber is to Super.Fly 3 PO also have better than the general high-end shoes wear resistance. Just according to the author's own experience, translucent rubber in the venue when the water tends to lose grip, we must ensure that the venue before playing dry. Only this step in this evaluation, very lucky not to be tested. However, as a pair of playoff version of the shoes, in addition to changes in appearance and the upper thinner, Super.Fly 3 PO compared to Super.Fly 3 and not too obvious upgrade. If you like its shape or are in the playoffs to kill the Quartet Griffin, Super.Fly 3 PO is certainly a good choice. But if you need is a pair of purely used to fight all kinds of golf course of the all-around boots, Super.Fly 3 PO sufficient, but its predecessors Super.Fly 3 has entered the discount cycle, cost-effective to be higher.

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