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Locking your system behind an iron gate is antiquated now. You know how Nintendo is always exactly one generation behind on some Buy RS Gold key component that its competitors grab hold of? I'll bet you this next time around, it'll be this.Do: Fire some producers and hire some curators. Yes, having a hit Runeacape game to call your own could mean a huge return on investment, but there is no such thing as a guaranteed hit. Stop funding risky Runeacape games, and start focusing your energy on telling your Runeacape players about those third-party Runeacape games that you KNOW are good. Your slice of the pie might not be as large, but having a storefront that makes sure your Runeacape players are only seeing your best content is a win for everybody.Do: Unify all of your multimedia content providers into one seamless experience for the end user. The idea of separate Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and HBO "apps" is unfriendly and weird for a box that strives to be the only thing connected to the TV which, last I checked, was the goal for every one of you.Don't: Create your own exclusive multimedia content. Yes, incentivizing people to watch videos on your console is important, but unless you're Sony, you have little to no experience creating video and even then, I really doubt PlayStation and Sony Pictures are talking to each other . Unless you're funding the next Avatar or something, nobody's going to buy your console to watch your exclusive videos. Focus on your partnerships.Don't: Lock people out of their entertainment for a system update unless it's actually important. Most users will gladly a short time like Steam does. Right now, my problem with my Xbox and my PS3 is that I don't use them on a daily basis, but I do use my PC, smartphone, and tablet on a daily basis, so I end up buying Runeacape games for those devices more often.Do play nicely with other devices. Give me a reason to check out Xbox Live from my iPad when I'm not even at my console. I already keep my phone and tablet next to me when I'm playing Runeacape games anyway. let me do something with them, like chat with other people watching a live video stream or use them to supplement the actual in-Runeacape game action....Do not try and funnel me into your "ecosystem" by supporting only your phone OS or mobile devices. You guys came late to the platform party. I am already stretched between Google and Facebook. iOS and Android, Windows and Mac OS. Don't for a second believe that you have anything compelling enough for me to go all-Microsoft or all-Sony.Do continue build up your other media Black Desert Item features. Your boxes sit underneath or next to millions of TVs across the world; I want to watch things on those TVs that I can't get from my cable TV provider, and you can help me with that....Do not forget that the people who are turning your consoles on are likely there to play Runeacape games!

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