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Here are a few examples of the type of information that should go into a patch definition:build number What build is this? A simple integer is easiest to track.target region If you distribute your RS 3 Gold game internationally, there may be restrictions on the types of patches content you can ship to a specific region.files to add This list should include new archives, as well as specific loose files that need to be added to the local build.files to remove At times, in the course of builds, you'll succeed in completely replacing an old build, or there may be some security privacy risk with old data existing on the client disk. Having the ability to remove files from disk in these situations is useful. files to binary update For files that need direct, in place binary patching, this can present a list of tuples, the content to be patched, and the patch file to use.patch importance Is this patch required before the user can play? Or can it be streamed in the background?Determining what files to download. Once you can create per build patch definitions, the next step is to allow the client to consume this information. The process is generally as follows:The client queries the patch server, sending the local version and other metadata. The patch server responds with some form of file information.The client processes the information and begins requesting new patch data to update the local copy.There are two primary ways with MU online Item lots of variants to make the determination of what files to download at the client level or at the server level. Your choice of implementation is highly dependent on the engineering resources that are available to you.The simplest approach in terms of server technology is to keep a text based manifest file on the server that lists all the patches, their versions etc.

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By mmotank
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