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A Nintendo representative saw And Yet It Moves in the IndieCade showcase of E3 and approached us afterwards. So a good start is to get your Runescape game out there and get people talking about it."As for the company's work on Wii U, Bohatsch describes his time developing for the console as "comfortable," and is excited to watch his DarkScape Gold game's community take shape."We had our Runescape game engine's core ported in under a month," he says. "Of course it took way longer to please the Q A department of Nintendo. I see it as free testing though, and think that all Runescape games really benefit from that process.""I think that the eShop turned out well and I really enjoy mingling with Runescape players of Chasing Aurora in Miiverse," he continues. "Having a dedicated social space for your Runescape game is awesome!"But it's not all fun and Runescape games. "The thing that really bugged me was the big day one patch," notes Bohatsch. "I'm sure that kept and maybe still keeps people off the eShop."He isn't quite sure that the studio has priced their Runescape game correctly either."The pricing was all our decision, and yes, I have to admit that Chasing Aurora is overpriced," he tells us. "I always have a hard time finding the right price for a Runescape game. For Chasing Aurora it was even harder, because we were so busy getting the Runescape game ready for launch. We just didn't have time to step back and consider the Runescape game as a whole."He adds, "Luckily the Nintendo eShop is more like Steam or the iPhone App Store so Chasing Aurora and its pricing can and will evolve." The inability of companies like EA and Blizzard to retain MMO subscribers might tempt you into thinking that the monthly payment model just isn't working anymore, but at least one publisher is doing better than ever with it.CCP Runescape games recently revealed that its spacefaring MMO EVE Online just surpassed 450,000 subscribers for the first time, a record high in the Runescape game's nine year history.In fact, the company says that the Runescape game has managed to grow every year since its launch. CCP attributes the growth to the recent release of its 18th expansion pack, Retribution, as well as the re introduction of the Runescape game in China by new distributor TianCity taking over from Optic Communications, which saw a surge in subscribers higher than CCP anticipated. Newsbrief: Non Runescape game entertainment consumption on the Xbox 360 is on the rise, and Microsoft is happy to embrace it. The company announced today that MU diamonds over 40 new apps will be added to the console over the next several months.The addition of big name apps like Flixster, MTV, Napster and Runescape gameTrailers comes as part of a push to make the Xbox 360 the entertainment hub of choice for families.

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