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At the beginning of 2017 , the average price of 500mm per ton of graphite electrode was only RMB 129,000 / ton , more than ten times higher . Analysts pointed out that the tide was far from over . The two characteristics of HP graphite electrode have been determined , and the price increase basically will be continued . 1. Supply end : long production cycle The production cycle of graphite electrode needs to be three months and can not stop in the middle . The current heating season has a significant impact on graphite electrode enterprises . In December , many carbon factories in Hebei province have stopped production and limited production and lost a lot of capacity . At present , most of the graphite electrode manufacturers in Henan and Hebei are still in the shutdown state . According to the agency , capacity expansion is expected to be difficult before the end of the heating season on March 15 next year ; New capacity is expected to increase capacity of more than 100,000 tons of graphite electrode in June next year . Therefore , the short - term view of graphite electrodes will have a greater chance of maintaining the market in the first half . 2.Demand end: the development of electric furnace steel is the trend of the times. Electric furnace steel is a big consumer of HP graphite electrode consumption, and the 70% demand of graphite electrode comes from electric furnace steel. And the fastest way to expand capacity is on the furnace steel making. On the other hand, the state also expressed support for the development of electric furnace steel industry. Luo Tiejun, inspector of the refractory raw material industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that the state is advocating enterprises in the "226" cities to transfer steel production capacity to the southwest, northwest and southeast coastal areas in the form of electric furnace steel. A few days ago, the chairman admitted that the next two years China's new production capacity of electric furnace steel can reach 80 million tons. 3.In addition, restocking demand is also expected to push graphite electrodes to continue rising prices. In terms of inventories, after a fall in October and November, stocks of graphite electrode in traders and steel mills were basically empty, and inventories in the industrial chain are now at very low levels. According to graphite electrode enterprises, apart from the Fujian steel plants to maintain a two-month stock, domestic large and medium-sized steel plants this wave of procurement has basically completed pre-season stock. In the near future, the possibility of price stability before the Spring Festival is greater. After the big probability of Spring Festival to early March, with the steel factory inventory replenishment and the northern region heating season before the end of the steel factory stock in advance. This will again lead to concentrated demand, when the market price of HP graphite electrodes is expected to rise again as the supply of spot inventory of graphite electrodes is insufficient. Article Source: HP Graphite Electrode Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd Email: Website:
HP Graphite electrodes are used mainly in electric arc furnace steel production. They are presently the only products available that have the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in this demanding environment. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes. GrafTech International introduced UCAR Grade AGX ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrodes and Grade AGX supersize graphite electrodes, 700 to 750 mm in diameter. Now GrafTech International offers unique Grade ALX pinless graphite electrodes to address the issues of stub losses and poor bottom joint performance, Grade LFX premium quality electrodes designed and engineered specifically for the ladle furnaces and non-steel applications. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes. The HP graphite electrodes carry the electricity that heats electric arc furnaces, the vast majority steel furnaces. They are made from petroleum coke after it is mixed with petroleum pitch, extruded and shaped, then baked to sinter it, and then graphitized by heating it above the temperature (3000 °C) that converts carbon to graphite. They can vary in size up to 11 ft. long and 30 in. in diameter. There have many refractory news and refractory products information on web. You can read more refractory products and know more refractory materials information. Because our website has many kinds of refractory products and industry news. what's more ,you can know more kinds of refractory information from our website. Article Source: HP Graphite Electrode Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd Email: Website:

Graphite electrode is an indispensable material used in the electric arc furnace steel making, for its excellent electrical conductivity and remarkable anti-thermal shock capability. We supply HP graphite electrode for the iron and steel sector. We specialize in providing graphite electrodes of 18 inch diameter and smaller, but larger diameters up to 28" are also available. Carbon electrode sizing ranges from 36" to 55" diameter. Our product line includes:


High temperature strength 
Good thermal and electrical conductivity 
Low thermal expansion 
Appropriate machinability 
These features make graphite electrode the most suitable material to melt scraps, DRI, etc.

We supply graphite electrodes for the iron and steel sector. Our main refractory product include: 
Graphite and carbon sidewall blocks for aluminum smelting 
Graphite electrodes for the steel and iron industry 
UHP Graphite Electrodes 
HP Graphite Electrode
General Power Graphite Electrode

We’re among the HP graphite electrode suppliers in the nation and can provide you with the raw materials you need at prices you can afford. We offer excellent customer service whether you order graphite electrodes and refractory fire brick.

Article Source: HP Graphite Electrode
Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd 

HP Graphite Electrode

High power graphite electrodes refer to the graphite electrode that allows the use of a current density of 18 ~ 25A / cm2.
Graphite electrode has good electrical properties and chemical stability. What’s more, graphite electrode has advantages of high mechanical strength, low impurity content and good vibration resistance. Graphite electrodes are good conductors of heat and electricity. Graphite electrode is widely used in steelmaking electric furnace, refining furnaces, production of ferroalloy, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum , submerged arc furnaces and other smelting furnaces that produce high temperatures by electric arc.
According to the different of service power and electricity , using different raw materials and production technology, graphite electrodes can be divided into ordinary power (RP) graphite electrodes, HP graphite electrodes, ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrodes.?


High power graphite electrode is mainly used in high-power electric furnace and ladle furnace.

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Article Source:HP Graphite Electrode
Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd 

HP Graphite Electrode

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