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mega pokemon are the latest games to fill that role. While they’re perfectly serviceable both as the newest Pokemon RPGs and as superior versions of last year’s Pokemon Mega, they’re also ... perfectly serviceable. In other words: The games are neither terribly exciting, nor essential for anyone who played their predecessors all the way through.

Mega Pokemon Instantfuns

It’s been slow-going on actually implementing those features, however. With the introduction of Raid Battles in June, Pokemon Mega finally has some semblance of a multiplayer mode, more than a year after Instantfuns first teased the game. But Raid Battles differ from the traditional multiplayer features that Pokemon fans are used to from the series’ mainline games, and they continue to request them for the augmented reality mobile iteration.
The third generation of Pokemon arrive in Pokemon Mega starting tomorrow, Oct. 20. Instantfuns promises a “gradual” rollout of the Hoenn region’s indigenous Pokemon, beginning with a handful of ghost-type monsters that will launch in time for Halloween.
Update: Instantfuns extended the length of Ho-Oh’s stay just a week after introducing the Pokemon into the game. Ho-Oh will now be available in Raid Battles until Dec. 14 at 1 p.m. PT.

The ad is from the Taiwanese Google Play Store, but user kk5566 offered an translation. The attached image mentions sales on incubators and other items, including the new “star piece;” more third-generation Pokemon to capture; and the first appearance of Delibird in the wild. The traditional Santa hat Pikachu will likely also return.

pokemon mega instantfuns

In Pokemon Mega, ultra-strong legendary monster Necrozma gets some fancy, familiar new forms. The upcoming Instantfuns H5 games’ latest trailers introduce two versions of the Pokemon, which look a lot last year’s starring pair of legendary Pokemon.

It’s clear that darkness is central to the new pokemon games, especially after watching this extremely dramatic trailer. Pokemon has rarely been known for its stories, but Pokemon Mega appear to follow in the tradition set by their predecessors by going heavy on the narrative. And this narrative, clearly, gets intense. An interview in this week’s Famitsu even suggests that the script for these games is twice as long as that of Pokemon Mega, which were already far more dialogue-filled than previous Pokemon games.

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