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The gamer's anger over the microtransaction and loot box system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 may still not have subsided.

However, instead of focusing on fixing the issue and bringing about changes to the system so that Battlefront 2 can be a more viable game, EA just made things worse by issuing statements that seem to blame the Star Wars franchise.

According to Extreme Tech, the controversial revelation was made by CFO EA Blake Jorgensen at the 21st Credit Suisse technology conference. At the event Jorgensen said EA did not want to damage the original Star Wars feel.

"We just want to focus and do not want to spoil the nuances of Star Wars," Jorgensen said. "Star Wars is an incredible franchise built over decades, and we certainly do not want to spoil it by adding cosmetic features in the game."

Jorgensen seems to want to refute the protests of gamers who ask why EA does not use the cosmetic system as a base microtransaction like that done by some other game.

Unlike the Star Card in Battlefront 2 that can make the characters in the game more powerful, cosmetics only change the appearance of the characters in the game so the game can appear more balanced since not everyone has the money to buy a loot box in the microtransaction system.

However, Jorgensen is like denying the application of cosmetics in Battlefront 2. According to him, the application of cosmetics will damage the feel of Star Wars. Jorgensen even gave examples of how Darth Vader using a white or pink outfit from a cosmetic system can destroy the feel of Star Wars in the game.

"Darth Vader will certainly look strange if you use a white robe, not only that, he will also look even bizarre if using a pink robe," explained Jorgensen.

Jorgensen's argument is very strange because in-game cosmetics are not limited to changing the color of robes or weapons. Using a cosmetic system, Darth Vader could have changed his appearance to Anakin Skywalker shortly after he became Sith.

what you can achieve from using this kind gpu

In addition, EA can also sell display cosmetics to change the color of Lightsaber used by the Jedi. In the world of Star Wars itself Lightsaber has many color variants, ranging from the red that is usually used by Sith, green, blue, purple, white, black, until the gold color.

Jorgensen statement this time sounds like showing if the EA is deliberately presenting a microtransaction system that forces players to be smooth to buy a loot box sold.

Not only that, this statement also indirectly shows EA blaming the Star Wars franchise that makes them unable to apply the cosmetic system inside Battlefront 2.

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