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Graphite electrodes are used mainly in electric arc furnace steel production. They are presently the only products available that have the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in this demanding environment. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes. HP Graphite electrode has good electrical properties and chemical stability. What’s more, graphite electrode has advantages of high mechanical strength, low impurity content and good vibration resistance. Graphite electrodes are good conductors of heat and electricity. Graphite electrode is widely used in steelmaking electric furnace, refining furnaces, production of ferroalloy, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum , submerged arc furnaces and other smelting furnaces that produce high temperatures by electric arc. According to the different of service power and electricity , using different refractory raw materials and production technology, graphite electrodes can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrodes, high power graphite electrode, ultra-high power graphite electrodes. Our graphite electrode is made from the domestic first petroleum coke and high quality needle coke and widely used in the electric furnaces refractories for production of alloy steels, metal and other refractory nonmetallic materials, etc. The HP graphite electrodes include regular power, high power graphite electrode, super high power, ultra high power and square electrode. The range of diameters covers from 200mm to 700mm. Article Source: HP Graphite electrode Company name: Wanhao Refractory Website:

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