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I admit I haven't used all of the high end players but I have used Ronaldo,Messi and Suarez in the FUT draft. After some trading and pack luck, yesterday I managed to pick up an Ibra and he blows all those players out of the water in terms of value for money. fut16coin can't think of a player who's attributes who suits the new games mechanics better than Ibra. Pace-8/10- Undoubtedly pace is less effective this year. He's obviously no Walcott, but his pace feels better than his stats suggest, id say an 82-83 in game. Combined with his strength and dribbling, unless your game relies solely on pace and running in straight lines than his pace is easily more than enough this year. Shooting: 9/10 The guy has a traction engine for a foot. With 88 long shots and 93 shot power he scores from all sort of weird and wonderful angles and ranges. He has the range of Legolas and the power of Gimli. As ever with 90 finishing he is also lethal in the box. Heading seems a lot more effective this year so he really adds a new dimension to your team, if your struggling to break teams down. Passing: 9/10 I actually played him in CF in a 443(5) so his passing got extensively tested. His 84 short passing and 83 vision is great for this position, he is great at holding off defenders, turning quickly and releasing your wingers. Coupled with his long shot ability and medium/low WR, he is custom made for the false 9 this year. Dribbling: 9.5/10 This is what really sets him apart this year. Ball control seems to be extremely important and I've noticed a lot of players mis-control even the simplest of passes. However not Ibra the ball sticks to him like glue and his dribbling is silky smooth. Compared to Ibra, Suarez felt quite wooden to me. For such a big lad his 86 agility is unreal as well. You would think he'd turn like the titanic but he turns quicker and more elegantly than Natalie Portman in the Black Swan. Defending- 6/10 I didn't really defend with him too much, but his strength means he can dispose any deep lying midfielders or defenders who loiter on the ball too long. Strength- 10/10 This guy has been bulking not sulking during the summer and he never missed a legs day with fifa coins. The strongest player I've used on the game. He will dispatch of any weaklings around him and will even cause trouble to even the strongest defenders. It's also worth noting that with the upgrade to Pastore, Verratti and Di Maria now at PSG, he is a lot easier to fit into teams this year as well. I wouldn't be scared to play him on 7-8 Chem either I really didn't notice any difference.

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